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The Beast ūüźÖ - Noname - US-Sapphire


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The Beast¬†ūüźÖ


1. Introduction

2. Base, Expert Skill, Talents and Relics Setup

3. Weapons, Gears and Books

4. PvP, Arena and Wars Tips and Tricks

5. PvE, Dungeons and Raids Tips and Tricks

6. Recommended items and minions

7. Summary


1. Introduction:1614831738_1200630.png.0b98219464d8dc1fc6268ba2795f20c1.png.1b917fb3b61325e0fe342591ed150cd1.png











Sentinel side always lacked the hero that can tame minions or pets thus Beast Master was introduced the newly born class not many yet play or know how to play so follow this guide carefully and you can become also a Beast urself, he's known for his moon sided pet but combined together they form a formidable threat to enemies all over Arinar.

Most used expert skill Proximity to Nature ProximitytoNature.png.c4b43eed28ffb9943fbdd3c0397f3f81.png

Least used expert skill Return to the Roots ReturntotheRoots.png.adf98aa7fc4310cb8ab20bb2182c1d82.png

2.png.9258c35117f34b668b68a27fd77325cd.pngFirstborn passive: +2% max hp +4% physical and magical damage

1.png.a4a8362eb08f4d299e912b88e08379e9.pngCan equip staves  3.png.3ca2603b2ad7c8b3ad2b8c76d89e7743.pngCan equip two-handed axes

4.png.6310e00703b31dba8c0d3fa835efefb4.pngCan equip spears 5.png.ef7b83995e0f8d76903fafef5dddfaff.pngCan equip two-handed swords

6.png.f417cb3d13d31caf71a86bbebab5039f.pngCan equip two-handed maces

7.png.aabeac9c026905283010f5fc7b9b2525.pngCan equip Cloth armor 8.png.2b5325bec8763f267875c96c6bfa84b5.pngCan equip Light armor


Best of both worlds Beast Master can be a support or a damage dealer with his Moon partner, achieving highest magic damage possible and while having pro damage stats, he can support his party and team mates with his aoe heal skill Proximity to Nature and has a wide crowd control skill Forest Symbol that roots enemies to the ground, now we will dive deep into the more important stuff.



1. Evades battles while Moon engages in most fights

2. AoE Heal + buff

3. AoE Root

4. Teleport unlimited across the map using Talent 88.png.5ca38a869201c4362a15ad9e89baaf5c.png

5. Unlike Druid, Templar, Charmer, his minion doesn't disappear if not killed

6. 2 possible damage output (Player + Moon)

7. Strong vs non damage dealer classes

8. Can be a damage dealer himself or a support

9. Stronger in small fights



1. No AoE damage except for 6.png.0b6c6fc3c1b7ca6e1bed8d7d77a260bf.png

2. If Beast Master dies, Moon will die also unlike Druid, Templar, Charmer they stay alive even if caster died

3. Limited distance for Moon attack radius

4. Weak vs high damage dealer classes

5. Not easy to play, many skills to be casted

6. Weaker in big fights


Strong against: a.png.8ff5d71b257d76edb701901c4fdfcda0.pngc.png.a33e418edef8a69ea284151af847b0dc.pngd.png.bb3699292f98d33bf5bd4e48373d61e2.pnge.png.bcb6100fe420ad850783b9477b0c9655.pngf.png.85903521f2578796ca5ad1effab11751.pngh.png.c162c002f00cddf7a6108003d773b417.pngi.png.20efecd6c1b553ff3298ef4b869a94f4.pngj.png.966dadac6ac6114ed50aec63a4120cdd.pngn.png.137f6fe9a774b6d3765ac0cf0886c118.pngp.png.2ad0c8458f41bba506e5e9f83211e7db.pngq.png.d166e97a0f3b265bb9892aef08086429.pngr.png.c117ab6b75a7d4b8733a174ed0526c10.pngs.png.bb4b5871b45ccf65e955bfcc9762b058.png


Weak against: b.png.fa2bd4cdda79427a68e154c89cdf60f9.pngg.png.732e8f1b1efb8507423be7cb3f2b2576.pngk.png.63b20645b24be0088ecb90160906d56d.pngl.png.29496f6a300db2a119789ac176622a30.pngm.png.d7db520c04b6759e45d6ef2fa504b3d3.pngo.png.72d74d86eea0d1ffe2376aefdb69f31f.png


2. Base, Expert Skill, Talents and Relics Setup: 9.png.3d01634ad28d5991859464a32248a57f.png

Pure PvP 

Arena, 1v1, War, GvG and anything related to versus players


Base skills:


1.png.9723e185e95d860d3f57734a79f51966.png Moon Touch 1/5

Magic based damage spell that also increases Moon damage by 5-15% from 1-5 level

Tip1: Use it while Moon attacking your target

Tip2: use it whenever it possible to activate your relics, 3rd relic essential in pvp to make you cast your Moon Touch more than once back to back

Tip3: +5% dmg from Talent 1/1 11.png.2ac85662e18a2a361c020e0b8607d6bc.png

Relics: 1.png.dc18cd617a20d2af08d1a3e620b8edd0.png 2.png.9d931571ec639d5ffa575c2e2abc5abc.png 3.png.2b07e18eacf713dab8d53b54c566b66a.png 4.png.7b090b658591c021fe7964fc509eca18.png 


2.png.a77f9dfe88ed584b5f626382a7697b4c.png Beast Awakening 5/5

Summons Moon monster that has the following stats of the player: (at lvl5)

130% of his base hp

130% of his physical/magic defence

110% of his physical damage | 75% of his magic damage

Receives all stats from player except for: a.png.6cc2df59974aab2cc3f9eb487b251aaf.png b.png.6c7e42dff985a30377e88707f48e8ddc.png c.png.c34a3062ede5ee618acf380728e6cb06.png

Tip1: use it 5 seconds before engaging in a pvp battle, to make your relics effect last enough when meeting enemies

Tip2: don't use % items that increases your hp, the hp of Moon is dependent on your base hp

Tip3: whenever u want escape thru monsters or enemies make sure they hit u, and u keep running, Moon will auto attack anyone who hits you

Relics: 111.png.7171e00bb6114ea7167cc138360430c6.png22.png.6eb8af0ec32941a15122145bc5ea09a4.png33.png.6cccde1440afc03b8d6e1828cc522f83.png44.png.176db6801151303d681f31964ca6fb53.png     2gif.gif.77aea5cb1184567769ec7477dd07e016.gif


3.png.d1354f071f234060a31b3d3773effc06.png Order to Attack 1/5

Force Moon to attack any target u desire faster + increase damage for 1st hit, Moon will keep attack the target for up to 10sec at lvl1 up to 12 yards from yourself

Tip1: use it to redirect you attack on low hp enemies to finish them off

Tip2: use it to stop enemies from running away

Tip3: use it and run away up to 12yards before moon returns to you 1gif.gif.f5796ce6fb7fb0a4ab443be8b6c5ef5d.gif

Relics: 11.png.1176236331e44f7fc29c813af0d55a4b.png22.png.6eb8af0ec32941a15122145bc5ea09a4.png333.png.78d87172325bde52cac13ea285fbba71.png444.png.42f01cc7860cb3dc676c2e1204409f1e.png


4.png.c66a6112e53dc79ca2c6e5e763bdf34c.png Healing 3/5

If Moon is active it will heal him, if Moon not active it will heal yourself

Its 2 types of heals 1st instant based on the % of max hp 2nd is based on % of your magic power ( 4 tics, once each 3sec for 12sec)

Tip1: Use it constantly whenever your Moon is in battle with enemies and his hp is below 80%

Tip2: Use it constantly to activate the 3 relics that gives you heal boost

Relics: 11.png.1176236331e44f7fc29c813af0d55a4b.png2222.png.d99d3d1a1dadbe1463c267055b393a08.png3333.png.ab8841676d72e59630bad83bd5a37c5f.png4444.png.950dd48f68dd2ce80fc20eef965ca558.png


5.png.7bb7256b366b5757146f76eb2108b924.png Chain Lightning 5/5

One of the best chain stun + damage to enemies, at lvl5 dealing 95% of physical or 160% of magic depending on which is higher with 5.5sec stun, if successful will retarget at 2yards with a -10% damage up to 6 enemies or 10 monsters

Tip1: engage your fight with this spell to have advantage on your enemies

Tip2: 5.5sec stun without relics effect or talent, but if lucky it can reach up to 9-10sec wi

Tip3: multiple target debuff relic effect on enemies, multiple chance buff relic effect on self

Tip4: increase +1sec stun duration with Talent 3/3 55.png.2dd91f4905dd629b581db379715e75f6.png

Tip5: 50% chance to deal the stun debuff on the chained enemies -15% stun time per additional target with Talent 1/1 555.png.e1a08444e5c68f5fb82d3fcf947f8e2f.png

Relics: 11111.png.a77081a68a9bdc047b068906afc6a912.png22222.png.ba1a7a297a984692affde05948c6526d.png44444.png.124a73e86b59750bf8694ff160bc2abe.png33333.png.62e35adac4256d08167921c7e49684a7.png     4gif.gif.daca1fee0824bd1d7320abcfc2dc6444.gif


make sure you use only 10 skill points on base skills leave other points for expert skills


Expert skills:


1.png.518e9d99f6baac3786502be4589dd9e6.png Bestial Rampage 4/4 ( buff on Moon )

Increase dmg, speed and gives u heal each time Moon deals damage

Tip1: use it only when Moon is attacking a target

Tip2: use it whenever its ready


2.png.3d3f6ea6df95e1e74b5f950079d0f17c.png Soul Connection 1/4 ( passive )

Not useful to level it but its a good passive skill to have, decreases dmg received depending on Moon missing hp + heals you each time Moon recovers a % of his hp


3.png.ba2282b4de90f40c5e29a1877bc9d945.png Forest Symbol 1/4 ( debuff on enemies | root )

Multi root your enemies with a single click! stop your enemies from escaping and reduce their attack speed by abit

Tip1: use it whenever enemies trying to run away

Tip2: use it to get distance between yourself and your enemies to get higher chance of survival let your Moon do the dirty work

Tip3: increase duration +1sec with Talent 1/1 33.png.27aa5e646326abfa728402a05fded29a.png     5gif.gif.2e217f98a23f02c7432c5250a7acff1d.gif


4.png.36b42a917e79465c32da3a9b36713d0a.png Double Concentration 1/4 ( buff on Moon )

Buff your Moon with Double Concentration whenever he deals a successful auto attack you will receive a:

4% of cd + 2% critic dmg + 2% critic heal up to x4 stacks (Max total buffs: 16%cd 8%critic dmg 8% critic heal)

if no Moon available you will just receive a 15% cd

Tip1: this skill is mostly for pve usage but it adds some buffs to yourself thus also your Moon so its useful to use it whenever possible


5.png.95488375a577f4b469587de7054ebaea.png Moonlight 1/4 ( debuff on enemies | slow + magic dmg )

Slow your enemies down from reaching or trying to escape from you + deal extra magic dmg each time Moon hits them

Tip1: 2nd most unused skill in a pvp scenario no time to use it much as other skills are more important

Tip2: u can max it out 4/4 for 1v1 but in an overall scenario in GvG and big battles not effective


6.png.0b6c6fc3c1b7ca6e1bed8d7d77a260bf.png Aura of the Forest 4/4 (  aoe magic dmg on Moon )

Most useful aoe damage skill you can have, either on yourself or your Moon, dealing up to 110% magic dmg each 2sec for 10sec + 4% per hit Moon receives up to x5 stacks + 15% extra from talent 66.png.beb6b6986809b1075bfc0e295ac96ec2.png (total max dmg: 145%/2sec)


7.png.3450ca385508008d3e9e384bf73eda52.png Blessing of the Moon 3/4 ( buff on yourself or ally )

Increases 13% Critical hit and 7% Penetration at lvl3 this is as much effective as lvl4 not much difference at lvl4 +2% critic +1% pene

Tip1: use it on yourself so Moon can also receive the buff from your stats

Tip2: your Moon will receive x2 buff if using Talent 77.png.ce3aac553ff9ac7d7afd67aba8e894b8.png

Tip3: at 3/4 u can cycle it and Moon will still receive the x2 buff even with the -8sec from talent


8.png.a8ed4110269ef5b354f3dd8e944ef601.png Return to the Roots 1/4 ( buff on Moon )

Probably the most unused skill for the Beast Master, this skill makes the Moon return to you with invincibility buff on him +25% movement speed

Tip1: use it when Moon is low hp and you cant heal it so it doesnt die ( delay its death )

Tip2: if no Moon active than use it to give yourself a boost of movement speed

Tip3: when u become pro and notice it also removes debuffs on the moon and yourself, good skill for pro arena fighters

Tip4: u can do cool stuff with it with Talent 88.png.5ca38a869201c4362a15ad9e89baaf5c.png using it while this Talent is active, jumps your character to Moon and gives him 100% resist for 6sec + increased movement speed, use this if enemies are trying to escape and they stun or disable Moon      6gif.gif.116babc20812f9c40b214ba2c2f49819.gif


9.png.72ec5aeec36b37b1c796e852366d93ec.png Proximity to Nature 4/4 ( aoe Heal )

1 of each 6 seconds aoe Heal 51% of your magic to 9 allies within 3 yards + heal Moon wherever its location is on map, also 25% physical/magical defence and gives you immunity to all attacks and prevents you from moving or attacking or casting spells or using any items

Tip1: most used heal skill in massive battles or even small battles

Tip2: u can keep your distance from your enemies while healing Moon   3gif.gif.a461bd92b02317c2d00095d492852825.gif

Tip3: +6% more heals with Talent 3/3 99.png.e732c9b8096bf1faed3549b9b07297d2.png


Pure PvE

Dungeons, Questing, Raid Bosses anything related to farming


Base skills:


1.png.9723e185e95d860d3f57734a79f51966.png Moon Touch 5/5

lvl5 needed in PvE for maximum output of damage overall

Tip1: use the skill as much as possible to activate the poison and multi relics

Relics: 1a.png.7fcea310b6a7be95d4ccb98fffde64e3.png2a.png.bcb47b5a5c8b7bc5b422b111f1457697.png3.png.2b07e18eacf713dab8d53b54c566b66a.png4a.png.abeba210b9fde1a91f3750214841ef0c.png


2.png.a77f9dfe88ed584b5f626382a7697b4c.png Beast Awakening 5/5

lvl5 is a must same in PvP to get the most of your Moon

Tip1: whenever u want escape thru monsters or enemies make sure they hit u, and u keep running, Moon will auto attack anyone who hits you

Tip2: if fighting a boss try get your relic 11a.png.430023d0e46e9f6ae215ce628f0c4a29.png active than let boss hit u 1st so he becomes -20%hp ( this is helpful vs high hp bosses, if anything above 700khp+ at lvl32 or else becomes waste of time to try activate ur relic 11a.png.430023d0e46e9f6ae215ce628f0c4a29.png )

Relics: 11a.png.430023d0e46e9f6ae215ce628f0c4a29.png22a.png.548ceb996d8345fd97afaa12db367537.png33.png.6cccde1440afc03b8d6e1828cc522f83.png44.png.176db6801151303d681f31964ca6fb53.png


3.png.d1354f071f234060a31b3d3773effc06.png Order to Attack 1/5 or 3/5

if you got high defence and hp and survivability than put it 3/5 if in not need the Healing to be 3/5 all depends on your stats and power of survival of your Moon 

Tip1: if fighting a boss try get your relic 11a.png.430023d0e46e9f6ae215ce628f0c4a29.png active than let boss hit u 1st so he becomes -20%hp, when u receive the buff on yourself you will need to off your Moon, or either make sure boss hits you with an aoe spell

Relics: 11a.png.430023d0e46e9f6ae215ce628f0c4a29.png33a.png.353699415eee85f42d442a9143f74af8.png33aa.png.937ea2a1f55b7bc644a34f25ea9627fa.png444.png.42f01cc7860cb3dc676c2e1204409f1e.png


4.png.c66a6112e53dc79ca2c6e5e763bdf34c.png Healing 3/5 or 1/5

Relics: 1111a.png.37c7b9a8dac9c073f33a52c64d43e5fb.png2222a.png.76d56d3ceed7e7e106300a050e3b6d80.png3333.png.ab8841676d72e59630bad83bd5a37c5f.png4444.png.950dd48f68dd2ce80fc20eef965ca558.png


5.png.7bb7256b366b5757146f76eb2108b924.png Chain Lightning 1/5

Tip1: use it whenever many ads near each other to get a chain damage

Relics: 11111.png.a77081a68a9bdc047b068906afc6a912.png11111a.png.9be303207c3b3e143bd1fd3ddff31659.png33333a.png.063110b651b508e6e22b53684aae9568.png33333.png.62e35adac4256d08167921c7e49684a7.png


make sure you use only 10 skill points on base skills leave other points for expert skills


Expert skills:


1.png.518e9d99f6baac3786502be4589dd9e6.png Bestial Rampage 4/4 ( buff on Moon )

level4 is a must for maximum buffs

Tip1: same as PvP


2.png.3d3f6ea6df95e1e74b5f950079d0f17c.png Soul Connection 1/4 ( passive )

same as PvP not much usefull but not bad to acquire it because its passive


3.png.ba2282b4de90f40c5e29a1877bc9d945.png Forest Symbol 1/4 ( debuff on enemies | root )

not needed in PvE much but useful if trying to escape mobs


4.png.36b42a917e79465c32da3a9b36713d0a.png Double Concentration 4/4 ( buff on Moon )

Buff your Moon with Double Concentration whenever he deals a successful auto attack you will receive a:

10% of cd + 4% critic dmg + 4% critic heal up to x4 stacks (Max total buffs: 40%cd 16%critic dmg 16% critic heal)

if no Moon available you will just receive a 35% cd

Tip1: in PvE you will need focus on your stats more than combat techniques that's why this skill is a must level4


5.png.95488375a577f4b469587de7054ebaea.png Moonlight 1/4 ( debuff on enemies | slow + magic dmg )

Slow your enemies down from reaching or trying to escape from you + deal extra magic dmg each time Moon hits them

Tip1: use it mostly vs bosses it will keep recycle each time Moon hits the boss


6.png.0b6c6fc3c1b7ca6e1bed8d7d77a260bf.png Aura of the Forest 1/4 (  aoe magic dmg on Moon )

not needed to be more than level1 in PvE better focus on buffs not aoe damage, its still effective at lvl1

Tip1: use it whenever Moon near bunch of monsters


7.png.3450ca385508008d3e9e384bf73eda52.png Blessing of the Moon 3/4 ( buff on yourself or ally )

Tip1: same as PvP


8.png.a8ed4110269ef5b354f3dd8e944ef601.png Return to the Roots 1/4 ( buff on Moon )

Tip1: same as PvP


9.png.72ec5aeec36b37b1c796e852366d93ec.png Proximity to Nature 3/4 ( aoe Heal )

Tip1: use it whenever you or Moon are below 60% hp

Tip2: same as PvP


3. Weapons, Gears and Books:4.png.6310e00703b31dba8c0d3fa835efefb4.png8.png.2b5325bec8763f267875c96c6bfa84b5.pngbook.png.30a6107d56f735f2772bab5fdf201085.png


Pure PvP 

Arena, 1v1, War, GvG and anything related to versus players


Summary: Magic | Stun | Resilience | Penetration | Resist




Support / Stun mode:

1.png.2573ec307a099fe800a85764aea499ff.png1a.png.fe71d034770843cf9bfd2e66c385c385.png  Crystal: Stun stun.png.8de1aa4911f8db9533d23a7940734e11.png | Rune: Retribution retribuition.png.cd56e652422a502651dd69ebf29cb1bf.png

(can be found in Horror event once per year or purchased from market or other players)


Damage Dealing / Heal mode:

2.png.5b45161811d38b84058b5472bcc2c449.png2a.png.f51f9ed548a15e3a432cdf9758a40644.png  Crystal: Magic magic.png.c22d6e4dfa2d9a339349be45794f684d.png | Rune: Retribution retribuition.png.cd56e652422a502651dd69ebf29cb1bf.png

(can be purchased thru Arena Supplier)

Location of Arena Supplier: any main town the higher the town the higher the level gear ap1.png.b02a3fbfd1858a5ac668793dd162761e.pngarenasupplier.png.9b61f1f97f4e2e3c12835e7948da3721.png


Gears: (maximize your base hp + magic + penetration ) 2 light 2 cloth

Normal: (affordable if your new to game you need gather AP) ap.png.3793f27639aa5848e212c529afc43bd0.png

Location: Arena Supplier 


8.png.2b5325bec8763f267875c96c6bfa84b5.png11.png.42647302be819ec8345374793b9925bf.png               11a.png.cd5cb0adab304ba9b3020e23e6a0684f.png  Crystal: Cooldown cd.png.ff4abbccde4dda9d306ee0c56ed08f02.png | Rune: Resist resist.png.c4a4c2cf9d28400ed998c6abe3c84976.png

7.png.aabeac9c026905283010f5fc7b9b2525.png22.png.f7eb5b8e68837004b6ca4fbbdf704ac9.png     22a.png.24ca44ff6a4e976201a13c60b0b0fd96.png  Crystal: Rage rage.png.e2887a163854280dab574eda8016d727.png  | Rune: Resilience resilience.png.ef455e87c17339137a22e26022aa5db1.png

7.png.aabeac9c026905283010f5fc7b9b2525.png33.png.334c8b7db1470014e0c093ae49d474bc.png           33a.png.f927c67b475ff9fe7cfe7c79f50b792f.png  Crystal: Penetration pene.png.4899311119bcfa44e640a7d28b68a4bc.png  | Rune: Resilience resilience.png.ef455e87c17339137a22e26022aa5db1.png

8.png.2b5325bec8763f267875c96c6bfa84b5.png44.png.597b9e9110ad3b89ba82b666202aad08.png          44a.png.341d9c10fadfc1d3a6439bfea9b05a88.png  Crystal: Stun stun.png.8de1aa4911f8db9533d23a7940734e11.png | Rune: Resilience resilience.png.ef455e87c17339137a22e26022aa5db1.png

7.png.aabeac9c026905283010f5fc7b9b2525.png5.png.53797b108c2b118632d075d03323e19f.png             5a.png.c50837ebd527e05829d329ae0f38c637.png  Crystal: Mana Regeneration mana.png.eb12991d4b6d2d5eff00761ce65004e5.png | Rune: Resilience resilience.png.ef455e87c17339137a22e26022aa5db1.png


*Accessories: Only Greatness available for arena, but if you didn't gather Imperials of Greatness yet, than use PvE Accessories, check PvE section below for more info*


Greatness: (winning special arena ranks or daily battles will receive Imperials of Greatness) imperialsofgreatness.png.ca28ce9b45c9f5ab5fe1562d06758f55.png

Location: next to Arena Supplier

8.png.2b5325bec8763f267875c96c6bfa84b5.png1.png.8e2a9664eb9f71e3ebc430aedc458a95.png        1a.png.cf0db2614c8f35e287b9581680b4b064.png  Crystal: Cooldown cd.png.ff4abbccde4dda9d306ee0c56ed08f02.png | Rune: Resist resist.png.c4a4c2cf9d28400ed998c6abe3c84976.png

7.png.aabeac9c026905283010f5fc7b9b2525.png2.png.05dd9f434a95465682bbaf86971ba7a8.png  2a.png.99cf5af12014c2c9810826ec62b16d21.png  Crystal: Rage rage.png.e2887a163854280dab574eda8016d727.png  | Rune: Resilience resilience.png.ef455e87c17339137a22e26022aa5db1.png

8.png.2b5325bec8763f267875c96c6bfa84b5.png3.png.c2491f1a5121b58448695f7a5e16eec3.png         3a.png.5028467b1665d217cec67bc1b2230a0f.png  Crystal: Penetration pene.png.4899311119bcfa44e640a7d28b68a4bc.png  | Rune: Resilience resilience.png.ef455e87c17339137a22e26022aa5db1.png

7.png.aabeac9c026905283010f5fc7b9b2525.png4.png.686aba26be7046bf75baa9085a1c3411.png         4a.png.0f12d9ec8298297f4ee69dddd078372c.png  Crystal: Stun stun.png.8de1aa4911f8db9533d23a7940734e11.png | Rune: Resilience resilience.png.ef455e87c17339137a22e26022aa5db1.png

7.png.aabeac9c026905283010f5fc7b9b2525.png55.png.292ce30242971989b86a704283fc30cb.png   55a.png.03e00e70d930d34421b9f5b045b9d2f6.png  Crystal: Mana Regeneration mana.png.eb12991d4b6d2d5eff00761ce65004e5.png | Rune: Resilience resilience.png.ef455e87c17339137a22e26022aa5db1.png

(available thru crafting process or buy thru other players)



ammy.png.5e001e91d1a19e2aca8c5a56e233e652.png   ammy1.png.12ba8f945786bae296a212c3d6cbc74c.png  Crystal: Critic critic.png.f564408ab5ca3ac6ed1637bc0c216fe2.png | Rune: Parry parry.png.018feacf599cde4a24db489c0ebec74a.png

cloack.png.77f925b026617052817fc6a0781d2afb.png     cloack1.png.8b637a59e5d1065e6d0a50df37aeaf4f.png  Crystal: Critic critic.png.f564408ab5ca3ac6ed1637bc0c216fe2.png | Rune: Fortitude hp.png.54758ec00e19b5adf337a916eae01338.png

ring.png.f81288b14ac5b59cc56d94d0dbaa4224.png     ring1.png.f76c7b7d8d6b707cc12191c93dcd5666.png  Crystal: Mana Regeneration mana.png.eb12991d4b6d2d5eff00761ce65004e5.png | Rune: Fortitude hp.png.54758ec00e19b5adf337a916eae01338.png


Pure PvE

Dungeons, Questing, Raid Bosses anything related to farming


Summary: Physical | High Stats



1.png.cdbb8a97590c020d084e31cc5f121131.png1a.png.0d45c9fbe717e7c44d484b49ff3c0930.png  Crystal: Physical phy.png.03f45910e93f10eeadff18d3cc2b287b.png | Rune: Retribution retribuition.png.cd56e652422a502651dd69ebf29cb1bf.png

(can be found in Spring event once per year or purchased from market or other players)



2.png.a493233e6a7ec70ba15a69a5b8fbb27f.png2a.png.349d1efb482a7933e397b2e3d10a78c6.png  Crystal: Bloodlust (Depth Fury) fury.png.5b3567ea814bcd642e36ed1e67aaa844.png | Rune: Retribution retribuition.png.cd56e652422a502651dd69ebf29cb1bf.png



Gears: 2 light 2 cloth

Normal: (affordable if your new to game either thru special events or dungeon or other players)


8.png.2b5325bec8763f267875c96c6bfa84b5.png1.png.71f56ab17515bad23ec711ab4958deaf.png       1a.png.8be8ab47cea5e3811864d501282bb7f7.png  Crystal: Cooldown cd.png.ff4abbccde4dda9d306ee0c56ed08f02.png | Rune: Physical Defense phydef.png.42d08fb0b2079da153063adaab99bcfe.png

7.png.aabeac9c026905283010f5fc7b9b2525.png2.png.f0d06078c1bce576e11cab471dcf6a6b.png           2a.png.5f4411fa67ae2f642cb4d91a51bf9b32.png  Crystal: Rage rage.png.e2887a163854280dab574eda8016d727.png  | Rune: Physical Defense phydef.png.42d08fb0b2079da153063adaab99bcfe.png

7.png.aabeac9c026905283010f5fc7b9b2525.png3.png.1097df50d8d024a73671482cd20bd6a8.png        3a.png.a4b03f67c3b9b4ccd6c63811ce17b96e.png  Crystal: Penetration pene.png.4899311119bcfa44e640a7d28b68a4bc.png  | Rune: Physical Defense phydef.png.42d08fb0b2079da153063adaab99bcfe.png

8.png.2b5325bec8763f267875c96c6bfa84b5.png4.png.b2fe5817f6648b12d4fc36b56627610a.png   4a.png.35dfc02d7b743da242d162eb69e17cd8.png  Crystal: Cooldown cd.png.ff4abbccde4dda9d306ee0c56ed08f02.png | Rune: Physical Defense phydef.png.42d08fb0b2079da153063adaab99bcfe.png

(Cheap and can be found in Sea Tramp dungeon Mythical map4 town5)

8.png.2b5325bec8763f267875c96c6bfa84b5.pngbelt1.png.4cffdcd9f85a364ec2c48ac53f53849a.png  belt1a.png.e76dccfcac1e3a843d28b520a2dcc413.png  Crystal: Mana Regeneration mana.png.eb12991d4b6d2d5eff00761ce65004e5.png | Rune: Fortitude hp.png.54758ec00e19b5adf337a916eae01338.png

(Belts from underwater special chest of map4 town5 or other players or market)


Mermen: (lvl32 set the highest most rare set of PvE found currently, can be found in mermen dungeon or other players)


8.png.2b5325bec8763f267875c96c6bfa84b5.png11.png.cdb4dc1b447d035a70050f5e189b718f.png         11a.png.797a6177ee32eda96561ef0bdedb6825.png  Crystal: Cooldown cd.png.ff4abbccde4dda9d306ee0c56ed08f02.png | Rune: Physical Defense phydef.png.42d08fb0b2079da153063adaab99bcfe.png

7.png.aabeac9c026905283010f5fc7b9b2525.png22.png.d48a09fed6021ed51a9498f50527a384.png    22a.png.721c81fa7e1f41931076a32197356600.png  Crystal: Rage rage.png.e2887a163854280dab574eda8016d727.png  | Rune: Physical Defense phydef.png.42d08fb0b2079da153063adaab99bcfe.png

7.png.aabeac9c026905283010f5fc7b9b2525.png33.png.94a81f1209ebcd1fbb6b3ef4afd492ee.png  33a.png.be9a28178fc1ddf34a62347b8d6b682c.png  Crystal: Penetration pene.png.4899311119bcfa44e640a7d28b68a4bc.png  | Rune: Physical Defense phydef.png.42d08fb0b2079da153063adaab99bcfe.png

8.png.2b5325bec8763f267875c96c6bfa84b5.png44.png.59ee6bcaaeeb4179d61d046246e7ff54.png  44a.png.2e76cb14774ad5d36780b7cf85b8e26e.png  Crystal: Attack Strength attackstrenght.png.3624a1498e5a15a41900574440268d52.png | Rune: Physical Defense phydef.png.42d08fb0b2079da153063adaab99bcfe.png


7.png.aabeac9c026905283010f5fc7b9b2525.pngbelt2.png.bb374de69d45a93d844ebc3c6b1c9022.png          belt2a.png.381fa20effe5bebb7fa72d266da73617.png  Crystal: Mana Regeneration mana.png.eb12991d4b6d2d5eff00761ce65004e5.png | Rune: Fortitude hp.png.54758ec00e19b5adf337a916eae01338.png

*More expensive than normal version* (Belts from underwater special chest of map4 town5 or other players or market)


Accessories: (From special events or crafting)

ammy.png.dc24d2f3955e34888f0f7083301862d6.png      ammy1.png.e3acd34e3d88a070f921272eca94050d.png  Crystal: Critic critic.png.f564408ab5ca3ac6ed1637bc0c216fe2.png | Rune: Pierce pierce.png.9b604cb15778fae5485f32f75348f469.png

cloack.png.dbfb00ce84c771169d4d7b88fe8ed0e2.png         cloack1.png.7e5fe4f66cb28bf491ef911c02525a89.png  Crystal: Critic critic.png.f564408ab5ca3ac6ed1637bc0c216fe2.png | Rune: Fortitude hp.png.54758ec00e19b5adf337a916eae01338.png

ring.png.db5f76f27695e6215a25e9c49c6a38dd.png  ring1.png.0dbe730a839ec62089518a2638611b07.png  Crystal: Mana Regeneration mana.png.eb12991d4b6d2d5eff00761ce65004e5.png | Rune: Fortitude hp.png.54758ec00e19b5adf337a916eae01338.png




Basic: cd.png.d4d37e174c5163d6c502ad77b517fbb3.png magdef.png.148242f3d2faf1601e16d6598188f1bf.png mana.png.cd8561efdbd2666d9201dd0549c54cc1.png pene.png.a3cd9d28546805f2635d838edbb4840f.png phydef.png.36bb1c8840335de1030d10a583b4a44e.png reflect.png.f53c7af3c897a2de1237f92b51e92f92.png fero.png.461c2bf20858119240ffeda5bf7616e5.png resi.png.7a4f8666c0ab6546f53a9a7fd43f6399.png



Pro: attack.png.1977ded4f80db4bc1aff4226923005c6.png  criticdmg.png.f9419673bd8545c5f743618600c96c72.png  hp.png.93231087e6daf186af6199f8cf83c79b.png  rage.png.c0b776935877d802aae95a1375291d1e.png  resist.png.fdc686231ac2c25328522f37844eaff8.png  stun.png.83169685f813a4d874867bd847805098.png  vamp.png.fc328a2e20778097a0f0bb8ad7567fde.png + Basic


Rich: criticheal.png.06e605bb8bf3145593e1036478795746.png  pierce.png.9cd0003909bf0c34076a918b2ed0c559.png  rampant.png.465cc3c0b5e7f35abbfcea24335195df.png  sap.png.d236a319e5bbfabb82cd6f028674fa0a.png  vamp1.png.759fb66fcfee94cac4cbb73e224645ba.png  water.png.994c363b51f93e692fe84fe4c3f5b5b1.png + Pro + Basic


More info on where and how these books work from this guide made by @Phosphatase (special thank to him, leave a like on his guide)




4. PvP, Arena and Wars Tips and Tricks: pvpicon.png.fc949d1771ce8c609294ab658e14e402.png

How to play Beast Master in a PvP situation: (check description of video for the original creator of the video, sub and like his video ty)




How to play Beast Master in GvG or War:


Start by making sure your Moon 2.png.a77f9dfe88ed584b5f626382a7697b4c.png is active, than initiate your 1st attack from a distance using 3.png.d1354f071f234060a31b3d3773effc06.png next use 3.png.ba2282b4de90f40c5e29a1877bc9d945.png to trap or disable some enemies make sure to use from safe distance, 5.png.7bb7256b366b5757146f76eb2108b924.png use it on group of 3+ enemies, if Moon hp is below 80% use 4.png.c66a6112e53dc79ca2c6e5e763bdf34c.png and if teammates taking much damage and need support use 9.png.72ec5aeec36b37b1c796e852366d93ec.png

Other spells to be used when available in order of importance to buff Moon: 6.png.0b6c6fc3c1b7ca6e1bed8d7d77a260bf.png> 1.png.518e9d99f6baac3786502be4589dd9e6.png >7.png.3450ca385508008d3e9e384bf73eda52.png>4.png.36b42a917e79465c32da3a9b36713d0a.png>1.png.9723e185e95d860d3f57734a79f51966.png>5.png.95488375a577f4b469587de7054ebaea.png>8.png.a8ed4110269ef5b354f3dd8e944ef601.png

If your Moon dies, try evade fighting and focus on supporting till you can reuse 2.png.a77f9dfe88ed584b5f626382a7697b4c.png

5. PvE, Dungeons and Raids Tips and Tricks: Untitled.png.57e521fc10b52f784705dd0d962522d9.png

Everything you need to know is inside this video tutorial step by step you will learn how to play beast master like a pro yourself, simplified and visualized




6. Recommended items and minions: pots.png.c5ef5756e2d8d5ba744908bbd3f8b741.pngminions.png.f370adf29d6a32c022044ef36c370cab.png


Tip1: There is huge amount of buffs and minions to choose from in Warspear so will recommend the most useful ones that will help you with your journey as a Beast Master

Tip2: You have to choose buffs and minions that enhances your stats, this will make Moon stats enhanced as well

Tip3: Most buffs and minions you will acquire them in your journey or thru market

Tip4: Depending on what setup your using Physical or Magical, choose wisely and correctly the buffs

Tip5: There is a max limit on each stat so we will go thru them once so if you notice you already got max, it will be useless to use a buff of same stat


                                                                      Max Stats

k.png.3b7dbc86a3a27065ead9b807ed0b7cb5.png                                                                               aa.png.47b92f08c7b18829b6c0207345105b62.png

a.png.ea0927cab4a4691aa0f19620789a78ba.png 80% or 25000                                                                          bb.png.e08d8b7011bbd6edb38308d613bf435e.png no limit

b.png.f74ef69a4b1d3d125133b67edb5280d1.png 80% or 25000                                                                            cc.png.313eda8f4663d0a516071692ab556021.png no limit

c.png.2668a387dadc7aa90543f0958a076ea0.png 60%                                                                                              dd.png.8ad654bb36332a50fa52e79227720ffc.png 50%+3%talent

d.png.37ab40dce06552363c6962d4391d5d24.png 60%                                                                                      ee.png.618d5f313818ffc5556d85f3a125e855.png no limit

e.png.0b8b61e6f1315a10a5a9851c4edf36f3.png 30%                                                                                               ff.png.c82ef6d015098c64c41c7b9cd4d5e5dd.png 50%

f.png.b29026b3791a0a17a3115d85dd9272a9.png 25%                                                                                               gg.png.fba6e41b79fa36aafe326586b60739b4.png 70%

g.png.5ed9c2a695f8c223094f0814bc274e35.png 100%                                                                              hh.png.207db454f4c0b2ed7da45a838dbc0d16.png 50%

h.png.852f2a80becd39948e83e6ebf33c004a.png 100%                                                                  ii.png.470fbfb2313228b5bf0e8b37d4e0d962.png 200%

i.png.5aa7c6bf42830f68617796aee0c39184.png 50%                                                                                          jj.png.9c4419eb1bf75442ba30cd8928712ad8.png 50%

j.png.f8a54e4b215b2699468708de14812d05.png 100%                                                                                  kk.png.7fb22b57e362afda3630f4e0275a719c.png 50%

l.png.8be97f9dc9531ef93621fdb5476a2634.png 50%                                                                                            ll.png.6483098b674692728bf6d15983b21cd7.png 50%

m.png.3af7a9dfb8f6e8511fe66fe0117d8faa.png 50%                                                                                             mm.png.8d648e26a2cf55f04fb85cd3c5459099.png 100%

n.png.e18173032bfef8631415704b34f557e5.png no limit                                                                           nn.png.8fa58ff15eba8ae8a9ee40a820cd09fc.png 50%

                                                                                                                          oo.png.32c510f77ad3935c6fd5e06439b824b8.png 50%


PvP Guild Events and Arena: 

Pots 5.png.7eed5428f7ec63427f1ab8e71029928e.png5a.png.2f8975f4209c780ec405bed428821e29.png  6.png.11c42526411a198bbb70f951bcef0313.png6a.png.fee4996d9d46fe6e123fa47347126db2.png  7.png.2b47c1244019cc2dd8c309ddff4aa121.png7a.png.d2c0c484674a7ff27721cc8af04854d6.png  9.png.53f34c2d18c77a758b63f84184a435ee.png9a.png.0fad9f54484b44bdb0f9df3f780075a0.png  10.png.2b48d6b776e7084c9c6df95e1fe8a44e.png10a.png.0151e56e1c13bb04d012c8dfc31c2fb4.png

Scrolls 11.png.7a01cab47f1f36f588567464b4c5b415.png11a.png.7787e37e0365bef578bea84f023f5181.png  22.png.34973688cb11200701cc9262a7c9a003.png22a.png.00cb6c8de0950fd431d3175569d50d12.png  44.png.af9a9cbcd1877d88890e61861bc8640f.png44a.png.8586f8bc7dbd118d4583ee69339d74b5.png  88.png.aa1e30cab8af365e9b46d800d6177031.png88a.png.c5ffe6a3f25760ad91c64cdbc867b7cb.png  99.png.cb9b3fdf7d93a11dc515265a798b26ca.png99a.png.b4582e3b9d5c1af78cc2c274aa2c73a2.png  1212.png.282a5a1150ba07346ba809bf4ade309a.png1212a.png.969d3ed179096d1f4f3a753d3c3e2e06.png  77.png.4005716c013621785a1d42390254b2b2.png77a.png.9df0cef49751969f5bb303d0659a3d08.png

Food 444.png.f9b67f5ce75e180f86708b01fb449fb2.png444a.png.687714bcc50a635eec2f51cedf9f9317.png  555.png.efbcf528848481e333a5ea2d8b28948a.png555a.png.ff8aa7424eeb990b0e59e4e676156c55.png


PvE Dungeon and Monsters: 

Pots 1.png.40ae0db1cb74a0ad464688f95d2aa738.png1a.png.6887c3959c870419f23de279493ac307.png  2.png.df9d77fef63cb131b70be3c383ebf860.png2a.png.bdf89b9da50cccfd4678fb1a8acca489.png  3.png.43f0f3fb964b829832922b967f912aac.png3a.png.3bbf96b91214e9cd6c8f3f84d50eed50.png  4.png.1f3282d2a717716fba8dfc60e653ea9d.png4a.png.e209bbe826a6e33b6f934b5f2e951c43.png  8.png.199c811ea8cec4d5e6790e7f9ae36d3a.png8a.png.0589645b00b338c2b1297b5f02250cd0.png

Scrolls 55.png.4a578f6be59317d912403edd389b3510.png55a.png.10a8efc04ec3a41f949392a1fa065375.png  1111.png.58206bb5c1a2b430e056875134eee7d3.png1111a.png.8ededdc613351c17ffc61cd4942d5320.png  1010.png.8b47d90b37307fd2fc3a87b271f1df8e.png1010a.png.0ed5fb83e4c5d627e56da8e75f07c742.png  1313.png.0d06ee57093540eac6f2974768ac0e83.png1313a.png.09556e01709c63a54720bbb70545e0f0.png

Food 444.png.f9b67f5ce75e180f86708b01fb449fb2.png444a.png.687714bcc50a635eec2f51cedf9f9317.png  555.png.efbcf528848481e333a5ea2d8b28948a.png555a.png.ff8aa7424eeb990b0e59e4e676156c55.png



Pots Any from PvP or PvE

Scrolls 33.png.237895868cb716d7e61a19ce7ab60834.png33a.png.10279967c11084d2d34fa9b3f71eeb27.png  1414.png.5330bd6dfcdb69e18e7e890daf7283ec.png1414a.png.71a51dd77c7cba9bd54ab9381903038c.png  66.png.c6e6a8d4bc2e25c15a982f3e3015a6ab.png66a.png.bde53aed5edf7b91021ecd646612b73e.png

Food 111.png.3d0fd0d76def9ea372046d1bf79bbd36.png111a.png.9a2178dc7f98c38c16eb63aff5243b59.png  222.png.3837bae36d95f048f5f4abb04c63b590.png222a.png.ae418ecf7f5f8eea04fa5b9a37b7f461.png  333.png.1e5399e5987ac45ed07367e3a987b2c4.png333a.png.f661aaba9c23dfcb1c88decd2de1baf6.png



Minions: (will mention the most important buffs only for more info on where and how, check this guide made by @PhoenixFire (special thank to him, leave a like on his guide)




PvP Guild Events and Arena: 

11.png.5da7f77df78b1adec06f5424d6daba61.png    never dies at 60% activates11a.png.2ff0cbcdc9700aeb78d7a2d54bcffd6f.png

22.png.2922e9bc0eedd21b32481fdba120f89f.png         4sec immobilization22a.png.e342a6d4c28a8cddfe8e5b6aea63e652.png

33.png.732fddbf5cee8d03ba79b6411d2f9f68.png    charge+3sec stun chance33a.png.44c99e81e1ecbbf9e70494fdcf7d596f.png

44.png.40fb57ea8f68b8205ce1ae6f151e27a1.png         +15%(passive)d.png.37ab40dce06552363c6962d4391d5d24.png +15%(passive)ll.png.6483098b674692728bf6d15983b21cd7.png


PvE Dungeon and Monsters: 

1.png.0fcc7328964c2813883d471a5b4f3f62.png               +15%(passive) ii.png.470fbfb2313228b5bf0e8b37d4e0d962.png  +20%(active)bb.png.e08d8b7011bbd6edb38308d613bf435e.png

2.png.f5ba73718d468cd8a1953d9fa292de77.png                  +7%(passive) bb.png.e08d8b7011bbd6edb38308d613bf435e.png  +10%(passive) cc.png.313eda8f4663d0a516071692ab556021.png

3.png.68802c3a105f5d4456038f24ac7bb163.png   +20%(active) bb.png.e08d8b7011bbd6edb38308d613bf435e.png  +25%(active) cc.png.313eda8f4663d0a516071692ab556021.png

5.png.96641fcecb3ff05038a3dc236c980892.png         +10%(active) bb.png.e08d8b7011bbd6edb38308d613bf435e.png  +15%(active) cc.png.313eda8f4663d0a516071692ab556021.png

4.png.32a3120a17e87090a58e1d8e21d4de3c.png  +20%(passive) ee.png.618d5f313818ffc5556d85f3a125e855.png  +100%(active)j.png.f8a54e4b215b2699468708de14812d05.png

icon_service_272.png Black Tiger                      +30%(active) ee.png.618d5f313818ffc5556d85f3a125e855.png  +30%(passive)1.png.d2493c20284cb678d0e7959b6a91ee1f.png  +25%(passive)2.png.04b5a38d809edf558537e327cc3d8c3d.png


7. Summary: 


Beast Master is class on its own, non can replace it from all classes from either factions, its the only class that was a companion  Moon 2.png.a77f9dfe88ed584b5f626382a7697b4c.png beside it that never dies unless killed or unsummoned.

U can focus either on supporting your team and your  Moon by going with full magic build or you can focus on physical build and let your  Moon deal massive pve and pvp damage to monsters and players alike.

Its not an easy class to be played its on the top5 of the hardest classes to play because of the different setup and skills he got and all must be used in battle to achieve victory.


I Recommend always checking the The Beast Guide¬†ūüźÖ and if you got any questions or guidance please contact me in game at:


Zeus lvl32 paladin


Noname lvl32 Beast Master


Elf side US-Sapphire server


This guide is up to date of 23/3/2023 ©

Edited by lallouss
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10 hours ago, lallouss said:

70% completado  :no-no-loco-conejo-emoticono:Me duele el cuello por la cantidad de fotos y videos editados

very good job congratulations! I play on the mc side thoughūüėÖūüėÖ

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On 3/17/2023 at 11:14 PM, lallouss said:

Weak against: b.png.fa2bd4cdda79427a68e154c89cdf60f9.pngg.png.732e8f1b1efb8507423be7cb3f2b2576.pngk.png.63b20645b24be0088ecb90160906d56d.pngl.png.29496f6a300db2a119789ac176622a30.pngm.png.d7db520c04b6759e45d6ef2fa504b3d3.pngo.png.72d74d86eea0d1ffe2376aefdb69f31f.png

Huh? Weak against rangers, hunters and reapers? I really don't have any difficulties against them. 

On 3/17/2023 at 11:14 PM, lallouss said:

6. Weaker in big fights

This isn't really true. Bms always the last class to die in big fights. Also they got the best aoe heal on elf side and aura + cat autos do insane aoe dmg too.

Great stuff otherwise:sk21_d1:

Edited by Zurp
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7 hours ago, Zurp said:

Huh? Weak against rangers, hunters and reapers? I really don't have any difficulties against them.

i was considering like if both has same power and same level of play, otherwise if your pro ya i think you can beat them, but if they are smart they would kill your cat with their dps, i have to give bm a weakness or else they gona nerf it :tired2:jejeje

7 hours ago, Zurp said:

6. Weaker in big fights

ya i meant, more useful smaller fights, but your right bm is not weak in big fights ill update it after contest and put: less useful in big fights and ty :no-no-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

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9 hours ago, Zurp said:

Huh? Weak against rangers, hunters and reapers? I really don't have any difficulties against them. 

This isn't really true. Bms always the last class to die in big fights. Also they got the best aoe heal on elf side and aura + cat autos do insane aoe dmg too.

Great stuff otherwise:sk21_d1:

I don't play a bm but I can see strats they can use to kill you. Mainly go invisible [seeker and Rogue] and attack the bm directly. Others can simply stun the beast and attack the bm directly or just rush it and beat the bm into submission 

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2 minutes ago, Drakoknight said:

I don't play a bm but I can see strats they can use to kill you. Mainly go invisible [seeker and Rogue] and attack the bm directly. Others can simply stun the beast and attack the bm directly or just rush it and beat the bm into submission 

ya exactly, dps classes have that advantage, in the end im sure a bm can beat a rogue if hes better than him but i meant it in general way like these classes have skill advantage over bm :love-food-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

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Always use 4/4 passive soul connection in pvp, it makes u more tanky, if u take 1000 dmg it reduces to less than 700 or 1700 down to 1100 for example

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11 minutes ago, MANIAC said:

Always use 4/4 passive soul connection in pvp, it makes u more tanky, if u take 1000 dmg it reduces to less than 700 or 1700 down to 1100 for example

ya thats for a 1v1 scenario mostly, in warspear we dont have many 1v1 these days back like in old days

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