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  1. im not an expert at priest skills but heres what i suggest for PvE: 5/5 healing touch and 5/5 shield and any other prefered skill 3/5: as for experts: 4/4 Valor aura and 4/4 gods help, and any prefered skill 4/4 if ur willing to lvl up to 32. hope this helped ;-;
  2. Both guilds are friends with each other. So no.
  3. Sentinels and legions both got no war buffs, both guilds got alot of pvp players, both guilds on castle buffs, Enjoy!
  4. It would make sense if they base the matchmaking on the number of players, should be fairly balanced for everyone, lol
  5. Indeed the Bd resist skill is broken, but with help of some in-game relics, it is possible to counter it but it isn't easy.
  6. Nice guild skills use from veterans
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