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  1. how about rework agression skill like this Death knight - provocation Every time using the skill decrease incoming damage by 3% on the character max 15% and increase incoming demage against the enemy by 7% Barbarian - taunt Every using the skill barbarian get positive effect increased maximum hit point by 5% max 20% and decreasing enemy physical and magical demage by 15% Paladin - persuasion when using the aggression skill paladin get positive buff. that increase healing effect stack 5. After get five stack the buff disappear and paladin get shield equal 20% max HP Warden already gud No need anything for now
  2. Gud bye horror events. Waiting for snow event. Anyway. I Only tried Dg horror one times and at Dg 12 haha ๐Ÿ˜‚. No one inv me dg 30. And no one want join my pt too. . Oh but world events is fun since I got many free chest. And quest is easy Enuf I like it. Hehe ๐Ÿ˜‹ .
  3. Wew thanks bracelet is cool. I feel my char became strong. I like this update
  4. Yeah I agree with this probably after new player reach lvl 16-20 they're quite or stuck haha ๐Ÿ˜ especially when no one help pass quest dungeon. Like bg, Rg and termite. very frustrating. Yeah it's probably help old and new player. If get extra skill point. Let's waiting expert player here
  5. I see I'm wrong ๐Ÿ˜†. But who want spam on easy-heroic at Rg and termit for equipment. Probably only mystic when event like book etc. And those guys solo, using 2 char or using party on mystic only if not for quest yellow maybe ๐Ÿค”, and again searching party is bit hard somehow especially when we talking about low lvl 26 below Because solo spam I can't do it also. I tried help someone pass dg Rg at normal with my seeker. My seeker lv 29 anyway not 30 typo. Bro it's embrassing I spam many potion. I also using free cat minion My gear lv 28 cloac only anyway ๐Ÿ˜. And it's 2 stam ๐Ÿ˜Œ. Normal garden only me lv29 and bd lv19. I got nothing from normal dg Rg too. My seeker mana always empty too. I want spam dg using my dk and ranger lv 20. I want to farming something since lv up. Is so long. And for farming I using lv 13 on dg map 1 anyway hahaha ๐Ÿ˜‚ add my seeker to ur friend list anyway
  6. Sorry out of topic. Fix something like this too if u guys have times. This from quest before kill kevin on house of decay on isle of forsaken
  7. Do you mean ponti and strap? If yes. I have lv 27 shaman, 29 lock, 20 dk can't kill em alone. My druid lv 32, seeker lv 30, and warden lv 18 can't do solo em either ๐Ÿ˜. Really I just too weak and nob I know. Every day I never do those quest kill ponti and strap cus if no one inv or join my party I can't solo ๐Ÿ˜Œ. Also lv 24 not drop again right ๐Ÿค”? on those boss
  8. I still hope they make another solo dg again at irselnorth. That will help A lot for player who stay at lvl 22 below, lazy, weak and struggle player, because we need room for farming place. If dungeon at map 1 is really essential and necessary. Why not make another at irselnorth Indeed I agreed too. This game should based party based game. Not solo quest or dg. But the fact that many people do anything solo. It's hard to search party Raid dungeons, that isn't bad. For strong player with guild 10+. I do agree with this too, but again I hope they will make solo dg like map 1 at irselnorth.
  9. I think u should add solo dungeon like at map 1 (lv6, lv9 and 12). at irselnorth too lv 15, 18 and 21. Also why quest blue should disappeared ( not all) after reach lv21+. Well quest on ayvondil especially at t3 (anzu lri/marakosh) and t4 (Pelion/tomlugu) is gud enuf to search gold and quest still fun too. But if u strong enuf to quest solo or have party. And somehow it's hard to search party. Its hard if u not op or have party or maybe multi using two char. Man I'm crying here because I'm nub player. My shaman weak, my warlock weak also. I just quest t1 and t2 on ayvondil. And swamp if no one inv or join me to quest together at t3/t4. People suggest me to join guild. It's still same. Well if have solo dg at those lv at irselnorth. Maybe ๐Ÿ˜ it will help some weak people like me too maybe ๐Ÿค” and berengar tower need party too. Hard also ๐Ÿคช especially mythic I can't solo. Easy-heroic I got nothing too.
  10. IM here just want to say thanks. i love ranger trap now
  11. I see since dev will make huge rebalance
  12. I think dev should only make overload can stack not OP. Also do someting about mage chain. I'm using chain only to active relic CD. It bit useless indeed. The other is fine for now actually
  13. Well blessings already good. Bomb need rework chu....
  14. Well I'm user lock pve. Lock already good with full vamp for now. But I wish dev can rework lock skill called grimoire the reason is this skill can't stack with skill charmer called weakness. And also skill bloody tribute. This skill disappear after enemy using skill and extrack only little enemy mana at 4/4 it waste I wish dev rework this skill too
  15. Wew Rogue is scary than seeker actually when targeting one single target. monster or player. And also templar has 2 dmg too without expert skill and Grace give templar 22% both magic and psy increase. And heal templar is helpfull hahaha
  16. If u guys want rebalace heroes please trap ranger. Make it not disapear when charater dies or crossing My reason is always like this : - when see paladin dies harad Banner not disapear not only paladin shaman too. - dog charmer and elemental druid is painful too. Seeing charmer put dog and just crossing and the dog not disaper like ranger bomb when crossing (only beast trap not disaper) also when i kill charmer the dog still remain attaking me - chieftain meteor also. Just putting that aoe fire and crossing the skill not disapear and dk Kiss of death too. That hurt me because when set trap ranger is so long. When IM crossing the trap just disapear - also when already set trap sometimes i get 1 shot dead by Rogue. Just Rogue. And my trap all my trap Ive already set just disapear i want cry when that happen. And wonder why Just that lets say this tread cry about trap ranger part 3 anyway not only ranger. Trap Hunter shouldnt disapear when charaxter die or crossing that hurt wew
  17. hihi i understand now . anyway stack in one place or not still too long set up trap
  18. hy dev first i want to say thanks update 10.0.0 is awesome. daily reward is superb and beast trap ranger with periodic demage and block enemy ability using skill is make me happy when im try at test server back to topic im here want to cry about ranger trap again. first i want to know why explosive trap and slowing trap should disapear when character die or crossing. why not make it like beast trap just stay there. when character die or crossing second. i can put slowing trap more than 1. in 1 pleace the dmg can stack why explosive trap cant ? last. is bomb ranger op ? bom ranger set up is too long.
  19. i love foraken name : Deadliest Warrior race : forsaken Usable Weapons and Armors : two-handed sword, two haned-mace. two=handed axe and spear, heavy armor and leather 5 Skills : 1 path of warrior a blow that deals increased psycal dmg to enemy 2 glory of warrior blow that dead psycal dmg to enemy and all enemy around 1 yard 3 garaan blessing increase charcter magic and psical deff 4 wrath of warrior jumpt to specified area and push surrounding enemy 5 cursed warrior every time charcter walking leave atking zone that deal periodic magic dmg to enemy skill with constand energy consuption well only this for now lel anyawy new map fosaken is beautiful and love forsaken story i make this char inspired by story at house of decay and house of wrath well only skill name though im struggle about skill effect jajaja
  20. what is this mean. remove quest easy-hard bg, garden and termite if yes im so happy
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