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  1. So, some people may argue about that, but warlocks are currently the weakest of all. They're pretty good at pve, but at pvp not so much. Imagine a +10 bd with full lv30 pvp set Now imagine a lock with full lv30 pvp set Now TRY to imagine the lock winning in 1v1... it's pretty impossible I know, because the bd will resist half of the skills the lock will use, on top of that bd has resist skill, and not to mention all the other ways to get even more resistance. First of all it's a game based on teamwork, yet how in the world can someone get killed in an instant? Just think about it, warspear is made so when you have lots of dmg you can instantly kill almost anyone, there is no room for skill show off, it's all stats and stats, no time for a team mate to react and help you or whatever. It has to be possible for ANY to beat ANY with skill, not stats, ofc the gap can't be huge, but still must be reasonable. I can kill anyone I want if I buy 200k Mc and go +10, but I also dont judge you for being greedy. The main issue I actually wanted to talk about is that warlocks have one useless expert skill that requires the use of Hex, but in battle when there are so many people melee classes have the advantage always with all the burst dmg, attack speed and etc. Warlocks have such a huge CAST TIME it's impossible to defend yourself as such. First problem: the area effect skills are always displaced, and the reason isn't that idiotic statement that the devs always give which is "you need stable connection" CMON? I have 10gbps wifi and I'm playing on a PC with a 10gb Lan card, or when on the phone with the latest iPhone, but somehow my connection never suits warspear... Everyone is experiencing this, your servers lag as he'll too often and absolutely everything is unbalanced. This is MMORPG, with a similar gear power any class should be able to have a fair fight with any other. I am willing to suggest a way to achieve a gameplay where skill is important, not just stats. Warlocks must be a hard class play, but it also must be paying off if the player is good. It's possible, but you will lose all the people who only know how to press buttons in order.
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