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  1. well , still no fix for charmer wolves crit dmg :( (charmer wolves dont get crit dmg bonus from mermen , guild lvl 9 or shaman skill)
  2. This update is not going going to fix the charmer wolves wont get crit dmg increase buffs ? mermen cloth set and lvl 9 guild skill are useless for physic charmer ....
  3. but they can give an option for a player to change a server , even with paying mcoin . right ?
  4. because i spent lots of money and lots of time ? XD , im also hoping them merge SEA to another server tho , maybe US ?
  5. this is pretty good idea and i love it , but the problem is i think Aigrind already have his hands full to make a new class , balance skills etc.... and for entering dungeon i think its good idea to make myth that drops items with skills , only be opened for 4 hours after kill and make it hard like mermen , also they could increase the time that boss respawn , its 6 hour now , they can make it 24 hour .
  6. yeah i play on SEA too , we get really surprised if we see more than 20 mc in 1 location XD , finding item in this server is hardcore ... , you can not find anyone who sells mcoin items and when you find one after years of searching they sell each set of sign 35k XD , items are very very expensive . BUT unlike other servers customes are pretty cheap here XD like 100k custome in eu is 20k here ...
  7. easy to change your mind bro , charmer wolves dont get crit dmg boost from guild, mermen set , any crit dmg increase skill , this game is kinda broke
  8. when is guild discount , will you add lvl 10 to guild discount this year too ? or not ? when is new class ? XD recently warspear gave so many good updates now i look forward next update lol.
  9. http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/9.1.3-test/warspear.exe pc link http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/9.1.3-test/warspear-newsdk.apk android link
  10. Honestly i think this is fair dmg , its true that the skill deals 7200 if crit all dmgs (which you can crit all dmgs if you have the relic with rage ) BUT it will deal the magical dmg over 8 second (4800), and it will deal the physical bleeding over 12 sec , so first bleeding is in 12 sec , second bleeding in 14 , third in 16 and forth in 18 (2400 in total ) , so 7200 dmg over 18 sec(only if you have rage on you + relic all this 18 sec) , well i think the dmg is pretty fair.
  11. yeah they should atleast remove Rat minion passive on Mermen trial
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