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  1. DUDE , i played ws since 2012 and i have all classes at max lvl and max gears , you are just ignoring the fact that elfs are stronger . mages shield will block only 1 attack , yeah ... but they will get shield every 2 skill uses and x2 buffed ranger can kill shaman before the shaman even heal itself
  2. warlocks are god with their stuns , but very low dmg , (also stun wont work with pool of darkness) and about those paper bds you told me i saw a 70% bd which was killing kronus solo charmer as dmg ? charmer wolf is targeting random opponent , its not in control of charmer im playing in mc side and every hunter i saw dealt more dmg than rogue , even if huntes had lower dmg than rogue and you are joking about hunter dealing more dmg than ranger in 1 target ? right ? every old ws player i know and i asked , said ranger deal more dmg than hunter in single target ... and my point for commenting this was telling Admins to pay more attention to mc side pve in pvp , mcs are much stronger than elfs (not 1v1)
  3. VERY NICE, you made mcs weaker and elfs stronger again hunter was weaker than ranger already , and now its very very weaker 🙂 you gave ranger lot of dmg while mcs dont have pve dmger really mages = dealing lot of dmgs with their AOE skills Ranger = Dealing lot of dmg with their Skills on 1 target (ranger dmg increase skill will increase more dmg than hunter) BD = everyone know what is 70% speed bd with 40% normal dmg increase 🙂 Seeker = high pene , high crit , and now ... more dmg NOW LETS SEE what mcs have there Warlock = TOTAL TRASH IN PVE Hunter = gets out of mana very fast , and dont have op skill like Ranger Blessing , which have chance of doing extra dmg from every hit Rogue = REALLY? , i think rogue is made only for pvp , not pve elfs also have 4 dmg and mcs have 3 they can do any dg easy with their OP warden and rangers while poor Dks will die easy with Healer in their parties 🙂
  4. PLEASE JUST FIX CD OF FEAR SKILL OF BOSS its sometimes after 20 sec and sometimes after 5 sec
  5. +10 full shaman +10 full dk +10 hunter +10 rogue +10 necromancer and we all died in just 5 sec the boss use priest skill and fear at same time what can we do ? its sometime possible to kill only if he dont use Fear skill every 5 second
  6. thanks for making impossible to kill boss lvl 32 Aigrind
  7. DG 32 after bird stage is bugged for android player! please fix it!
  8. HALLOWEEN PLEASE ! its already 28 October , lol all other games already announced halloween event , and yet nothing in warspear
  9. and also please reduce the chance of using it for mobs , its like when you fight a single enemy , they will use that skill and then you will go to another enemy and they will use that skill again on you right after last one ends and so on untill you die i cant even do anything
  10. I BEG YOU to please reduce Movement speed of character when mobs using that skill like shaman Blast skill i have 100% Move speed and when they use it on me ill move around with 150% speed
  11. Guardian of the Deep Sea Water Elemental description in forum said these minions heal player or its ally
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