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  1. http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/9.1.3-test/warspear.exe pc link http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/9.1.3-test/warspear-newsdk.apk android link
  2. Honestly i think this is fair dmg , its true that the skill deals 7200 if crit all dmgs (which you can crit all dmgs if you have the relic with rage ) BUT it will deal the magical dmg over 8 second (4800), and it will deal the physical bleeding over 12 sec , so first bleeding is in 12 sec , second bleeding in 14 , third in 16 and forth in 18 (2400 in total ) , so 7200 dmg over 18 sec(only if you have rage on you + relic all this 18 sec) , well i think the dmg is pretty fair.
  3. yeah they should atleast remove Rat minion passive on Mermen trial
  4. the idea is great , they said they added chieftain to fill the Damage Balance between mc and elf but i dont see any dmg Balance in pve , Balde Dancer and seeker can have real high dps in Riad bosses , and with the recent update that increased attack delay of bow and cbow , full attack speed bd can deal more dmg than even ranger , just by doing nothing XD using only att speed skill , idk if you realized or no but bd Basic attack skill at 5/5 deal less dmg than bd normal attacks with pob , its more looks like every bd normal attacks is skill, 40% bouns to normal attack is just too mu
  5. you mean remove the skill and get the book again ? Aigrind do that ? Hah , no i dont think so ...
  6. 4/4 this skill is 30% of character magical power each second for 8 sec , ARE YOU SERIOUS ? THIS CLASS IS SUPPOSED TO FILL THE DPS WE DIDNT HAD IN MC SIDE dk skill deal 250% of character magic power for 14 sec every 2 sec , so a dps class dealing very very lower dmg than tank class LUUUUL
  7. Bruh , you already can remove expert skill Just buy an expert skill , go to your expert skills tab , click menu >>> click add expert skill >> choose skill >>> replace it with the skill you dont want
  8. hmmm , Priest have shield Druid have shield seeker have shield bd have shield warden have shield pala have shield mage have shield Templar have shield and now mc side Necro have shield idk if we can even count Ansector hand as shield , but shaman have a little garbage shield which absorb like 70-80 dmg XD XD
  9. (increases he critical parameter ,) also this class already have expert skill which gives him crit % , or maybe you mean it will increase Critical Dmg instead of the Chance
  10. and this Bleeding Negative Effect will deal Physical dmg ? Because as far as i know bleeding deals physical dmg
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