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  1. im barb player myself , and i agree with you , with new update 60% more healing potion will work with barb skill , my barb have 10k hp , ill heal myself 4k when i use this skill , we cant expect some simillar healing ability like warden for barb , because barb have lot more dmg skill , no dmg reduce penalty and have better pvp skills than warden if they want to add healing buff like warden for Barb , they should add huge penalty in his dmg , or else barb will be too overpowered (btw im also agree to add healing buff for barb in cost of his dmg , since mcs need good tank like warden too)
  2. deeply Agreed , we really need this since Explorers can take items
  3. nice idea , they can put it on mcoin shop
  4. dude , what about wars , with these overpowered guards , wars will be so harder
  5. saying stuff like adding new faction is easy , but for Aigrind its not easy. lot of programming , new skills , Balancing skills , if new classes dont be balance with other classes most players will complain to AIgrind but if they put effort on this , warspear will be lot more enjoyable with a whole new faction new story , new quest , new skills will be fun
  6. nice topic , that Guild tour reward change was very nice one , i hope Developers dont ignore this topic
  7. Kamisama

    1v1 Duel

    i think its really nice idea , like 1v1 duel with same class as yourself , and items on +0 or +10 (fair pvp ) both player will add same amount of gold and winner will get his gold and loser gold
  8. where is lvl 7 to 8 50% off discount ?
  9. Still not going to fix Piercing Attack ? its most noob stat in the game
  10. PLEASE CHANGE PIERCING ATTACK ITS SO TRASH Atleast change it to ignorig all enemy defence state ( like resilence or dk shield or warden fortifaction) its really useless right now bcoz its only for normal attack and chance is too low Since Pene is for all attacks amd always works and its better than piercing attack
  11. I think exchanging currency is not good idea coz all ppl will do dg from now and get cc from their guild which got rank and will change it for arena amd will be op without even going arena which will make ppl noob in pvp
  12. Hi , you are right piercing attack is useless I have hunter with piercing book (its 4% and i think its too low for a book) i have 21% piercing attack (31% if i use pot) and still For world bosses its not work better than pene Idk why but it seems world bosses like chernobog or lvl 16-32 bosses have resilence My hunter have 1200 dmg and when i attack bosses and when piercing attack works i will deal 970+ dmg Its trash state , pene is 1000000% better I love this game too and i ask gm please change this state to atleast ignore all enemy defence stat (like enemy resilence or dk shield or warden fortifaction) since its only 21-22% chance max to work and its only for normal attacks (pene work for all attacks and its only for normal ,lol) I think it will be good state if it ignore all enemy defence
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