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  1. Wowowowow goodluck!!!! Hat on the wrong side of the head though Dop I tell ur mom u on forum again
  2. Agreed, good thing we are poor and can't afford speed builds on barbs then hehe what does this relic do? any more details please?
  3. I wanted to make fun of you but then, devs already did that with the lock changes so no point anymore
  4. And maybe this time actually listen? Because you guys obviously didn’t read anything that was posted into the warlock topic. Or at least tell us to stop making locks because it will never get buffed so we know what to do?
  5. First of all, thank you for buffing the DoT skills of the warlock, the stun duration was a bit excessive that is true but let's talk the rest; I'm playing warlock almost since the day it was released, I am not by any means new to this class I'll attach few screenshots to prove my point and what I can say this class lacks is survivability. I seen you mentioned that you buffed the survival skills, let's talk about it: And those are which??? This skill is basically usless unless you have more than 20% accuracy. This is not a survival skill and before you jump on me and kill me because you can pair it with Grimoire bear in mind that Grimoire can be resisted by let's see oh yea basically anyone who got 20% resistance, not to metion classes that have resist skills (you know who I talk about). This skill was only used for the "bug" that allowed you to leave the combat state, after a warlock uses this skill the bladedancer for example will just pop resist and proceed to hamstring you and kill you within 3 seconds, please for the love of God just do a decent change and call it buff. How about the permanent stun from bd's rush skill? Or 12k hp paladin shield? Not to mention any class that has over 20% resist shit on warlock, why not actually do something to make the class more survivable, ok take some of the stuns I'm ok with that but don't take stuns duration away and "buff" the survivability skills which basically you need 3 hands to combo it and pray to God that it won't get resisted or dodged or blocked. Let's talk weakness zone: you nerfed it last patch, ok it was understandable it was too strong but nerf it again? just delete it please is usless now. But for all means leave the aoe stuns and silences at elf side as they are; no wait I got a better idea why don't you just buff them a bit? Oh wait.... my bad sorry already did. Let's go ahead and see what big buffs y'all brought to warlocks: Much needed changes, 2 energy will basically fix warlock's main problem, very nice buff. This is actually good*. *IF YOU PRAY HARD ENOUGH YOUR SKILLS WON'T RESIST TESTED IT MYSELF WORKS. Ok took me a while to write this didn't wanted at first but this is not acceptable. If you need ideas to balance classes hit me up glad to help to make this game actually playable.
  6. I think barbarians have better dps to be honest
  7. In the current situation, Warlocks are the most useless class in the entire game and you still nerf it more? Honestly you can't win versus any shaman or druid and you nerf PoE even more? Shadow sphere was useless in PvP even before, you could use it maximum 2 times, why nerf it even more? Empowering the skills for survival you say? Well let's see: -Stone body: you become immune for a period of time when the enemy BD can use the resist skill and stay next to you and hamstring and kill you. -Life exhaust: First of all it can be dodged, second of all you can not survive a BD combo even if it heals you 150%. Not to mention the healers. -No other defensive skill. You guys took care to kill this class when you introduced resistance bonus, before this class was all about skill timing and precision, nowadays if 1 skill is resisted you are dead. Oh yes, did I mentioned about the GOD DAMN POSITION BUG? Let's talk PvE Warlock then: To be relevant as PvE warlock you have 2 options: 1. Support warlock: Max the Grimoire and Zone of Weakness which you decided it was too strong and nerfed it. 2. DPS Warlock: max the PoE and Sphere which again you decided this class is too strong and you nerfed both of them. You have no defensive skill in PvE except maybe the Stone Body that is next to usless and the "brand new" Life exhaust skill that heals you a whooping 75% of the dealt damage, only if it work and not dodge tho . So thank you for digging the hole of warlocks 2 meters deeper, we love it! Sincerely, A noob warlock that plays this class for more than 6 years!
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