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  1. He doesn't know how this skill works . It's like another day in forum let's cry bout a new mc class. Today chief tmrw dk then barb and so on
  2. Everything gets fixed but not the lag of Asian players. Been months with skill delays and game disconnecting at massive clash battles n fights. Hope developers know how we feel playing with lag like that
  3. @Holmes @Robin @Nolan @Cardinal@snorlax Any news on this matter like when it will be fixed . It's seems like a small bug but it can affect major events in game like Map 2 war ,castle fight and Merman . Damage is not too low to be ignored
  4. This thing has some flows if 1 side has 1000 active players and the opposite side has 400 active players . The more populated side will win this battle
  5. The spring ends soon and map will be removed with a reset . Hope Dear developers fix this bug with that reset and dnt hamper more war outcomes .
  6. Yes the merman gear with green aura let's mobs hit him harder which is PvP set ? Lmao
  7. 2x2 is a cheat mode category though . Lvl 28 party lvl 31 and demand arena and they will never meet lvl 31 + lvl 34 player who are in party . But the player who party 31 his ap will keep going up . It's not a fight mode spam but a hide mode spam . No idea if they will ever fix that like lvl 31 to lvl 34 only can party n demand higher or same and demand ( watever lvls are given in the category only those party together ) Will this ever be changed in the future @Dr Strange
  8. Reading this i understand that it has become like paladin fetter 1 tap area use but why no silence effect same as fetter ? Lvl 3 or above . Either give silence to thrashing as you make it same like paladin skill or remove silence from paladin fetter. @Dr Strange
  9. Wats the name of skill which is 6 hits ?
  10. Puddle for lock but wat bout other class wat can they do . M not the lock in the video I just get the video to report this stupid thing in arena . Isn't like 1 match but everytime trying to stall bd this thing . Why can't developers fix this n upgrade the server to a better one it is 2023 i understand if it was 2010 or 2015
  11. Been years bout this issue with bout position bug . Alot complaints have been made in the past bout how we get hit even not near to the enemy . This bug mess up alot of things in arena matches and it's abusable in arena. It's not our network issue coz happens with alot of people . It's coz the game server need to be updated to a better one . Will we ever see it fixed in the near future ? i will upload few videos below how' it mess up arena n vice versa VID_20230819123203.mp4 Record_2023-08-20-02-50-11_c919c9a1cd92b191011af9968d4bf81f.mp4 VID-20230820-WA0020.mp4 This is wat people mean by hamstring range 10 15 yards . Some would say relog n fix the position bug but u relog n ur dead in that match . Only warlocks can go stone n relog n back game. I hope it gets fixed someday @Nolan @Cardinal @snorlax @Dr Strange
  12. I will check bout it for position bug . But say if on same spot with target n can't pull but can't apply the debuff too ?
  13. Check all video . PvP mob 1 yard distance cud pull n apply debuff Bd 1 yard cant pull can't apply debuff
  14. Hi, I would like to report a bug with the death knight skill "Threads of darkness" The skill doesn't seem to be working when the enemy player is close to the Dk Since the skill has a debuff effect, the Dk is not able to use the skill to get the debuff on the enemy player . Sometimes the enemy player can't be pulled too Below videos are attached for reference VID-20230705-WA0001.mp4 Normal case In this video it can be seen that the debuff is applied on the mob and pull skill works But in below videos it can't be applied on a player if it's too near. VID-20230723-WA0036.mp4 Here when bd rush 1st rush normal pull work But 2nd rush pull not work Here can't pull the player and can't apply debuff VID-20230713-WA0002.mp4 Here after rush pull not work even have 1yard distance even away 1yard some tmes not work after rush. Always 2yard needed I would like developers to check it and try fix it in coming updates @Nolan @Cardinal @Dr Strange @snorlax
  15. @Nolan @LeeLoo @Dr Strange Did this thing change bout castle dg this year for the castle owners .
  16. Wow ballerina . Definitely a winner selected already. Gl for the contest
  17. This is real or some typo mistake ? @Holmes 500% of hp 500% of 10k = looks weird numbers
  18. i dint ask for the aoe damage to be nerfed bro .i only said bout the stun . It's the same as old mage stun . Damage is fine but aoe stun with dagger n auto hits is much fast. I myself found it out cos 2 seekers were using it to block n kill legions players at halowen dg door . Out = full stun by auto hits till dead And it's not combo just 1 2 skill press + auto attack only . I can post the video from the seeker side if needed
  19. As the rebalance is nearby I wud like to bring in the eye of developers a skill which helps the seeker to get extra damage in 1 yard aoe with eVry aoe hit while the skill is on. This extra damage from the skill while the seeker hits the aoe area in turn also can stun the area around him if the seeker has high percentage of stun + speed . As we know seekers can get 70% speed as well as use dagger this skill can be alot broken in GvGs Map 2 wars and other group fights . It resembles the stun like the old mage skill which was later fixed . I hope developers will fix this in the coming rebalance as it's still here to be done .below is a video how broken it can be . And no class in legion auto hit n stun a group like this @Nolan @Holmes @Hedfuc YouCut_20221215_205149745.mp4 YouCut_20221215_205149745.mp4
  20. @Dr Strange @LeeLoo @Cardinal @Hedfuc @snorlax When can we expect it to be fixed ? 2023 coming soon . Already 2 rebalance done soon if rebalance in new week. 1 skill 2 year + not fixed. U clearly see that it's annoying at Wars n gvgs and merman .
  21. Looking cute mini vampie . Gl for the contest . Te odio
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