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  1. @Holmes any news on when this will be actually fixed . It's abused in every map 2 war merman n chaos . The bug report been around 6 months . Isn't it too long just for a bug
  2. @Holmesany news when it will be fixed been 6 months
  3. U urself kNow how much the damage Numbers are .if u want I can make video u putting banner to chip of the flag per ls n put here n the lag which happens just when banner is put . I put 3 videos t5 t4 t3 how just banner was put on the flag n the lag happened at that moment. Cant just say lag happens with other skills too . Accident dnt happen just with 1 skill in 3 Videos . Also not my video only . Multiple video for the banner while u deny it's not banner issue which causes lag
  4. Mages new fire damage sKill 4/4 = 12x dot ( let me get the damage per dot on dummy )damage I can make video Swooping army = 5 hits Yes it can be carried with 30 40 Templars waiting at war. Previously banner damage was split n there was no issue . Now after update just palas attack flag n win the war + the lag coz the banner .
  5. Banner vs death knight curse damage on flag After last time bug fix death knight curse doesnt do anymore damage on flag or pylons or castle gates But on the other hand banner now modified with high damage hits flag pylons castle gates
  6. @Nolanwill we get any replies bout this topic or this topic is gonna be ignored like Templar skill bug with blessing which was reported 6 months ago n nothing has been done yet . In both cases there is video proof submitted
  7. Can dk. Curse hit flag ? + ur Numbers bout damage are wrong n also why dnt u tell developers that banner usage causes lag in the server it cause it benefit sentinel side . U only report bug if it's related with legion side . Sentinel side bug u keep abuse without report. Although u got a post of mentor.look above videos how banner causes lag.
  8. Can dk. Curse hit flag ? + ur Numbers bout banner damage are wrong n also why dnt u tell developers that banner usage causes lag in the server .only because it benefit sentinel side . U only report bug if it's related with legion side . Sentinel side bug u keep abuse without report. Although u got a post of mentor .
  9. Dear developers there is a bug with paladin banner right now which causes lag for the server for the moment when the banner is used during the map 2 wars making people just stand while banner is doing damage to the flag . I hope this is fixed as soon as possible . Also a solo banner usage is doing 7k 8k damage on the flag per lifescroll revive usage which is same as death knight curse bfre on the map 2 war flag but now since the death knight curse dnt do any damage on the flag the banner sHud be made same mechanism . There are only paladin's coMing to attack the flag with banner by spamming lifescrolls which makes the war only in sentinel side favour . Hope banner lag is fixed soon bfre next war . Below are videos of t5 t4 and t3 lag only happens when banner hits players + the flag @Holmes @Nolan @LeeLoo @Cardinal @snorlax @Hedfuc YouCut_20220110_162530641.mp4 YouCut_20220110_162847787.mp4 YouCut_20220110_163117182.mp4
  10. @Nolan @snorlax @[email protected] alot rebalances of skills n also damage reflections changes . Will we see this bug fix too in this update .been months with no changes just for 1 bug . It's being abused at wars merman and other gvgs. Dk curse was fixed in just 1 week while Templar still abusing it ..they come under guild blessing n push people from middle spot ( it's not the mantra skill of Templar).post was made in July n it's December now . 5 months is alot of time I guess
  11. U sure ? In a war if u place a orb in middle n people from left side walk to middle they get pushed same counts from ride side same counts from down it will keep pushing 8 people each time . U can test it at hall if discord. Lock circle effect just 8 people n it will not effect any more people . But orb templer is abit different it will push people over n over again until it is off . Say it's 8 people per time push but till the orb goes off it will keep pushing . Lock circle dnt work like that.
  12. Lock stun circle stuns only 8 people . whereas a Templar orb can push around 27 people or more the sKill that needs nerf is the orb not the stun circle . Also chiefs they nerfed in 1 year people talk bout BDS from over years yet they dnt nerf it coz it's the most played char in elf side n gives them a gud business. They dnt listen to players they just do wats gud for business
  13. Here they lower time and saved 40k gold of people . No sense to buy it anymore haha
  14. The resist time needs to be extended for chieftian. They already have 0 control and besides that they can't can't even use the control relics.resist at 4/4 shud last atleast 12 secs since it has 0 control skills + relics
  15. This 3 important relics chieftian can't use . I hope it's resist duration will be increased as it dnt have control skills + control relics
  16. Pls increase the resist time of chieftian. This class has basically no control compared to other classes 6 second resist at 4/4 is not enough to survive without 0 control. It also can't use many control relics like other class
  17. Nice update preview .Just 1 question will there be any fixes to Guild blessing skill in which under the effect of blessing skills mages n paladin's can damage the enemy vs them ( can damage flag pylon and castle door and thrones )too just by using jump and banner . This bug is frequently used in Irselnort wars n GVGs . I hope there is a fix bfre the snow update n coming few fixes of templer n chieftains . Hope Guild blessing will be fixed soon n fast as dk skill was fixed in a short duration . Ty @Holmes @Peony
  18. Since no stun skill was added for chieftian I tHink the resist shud be 100% chance to work same like blade dancers spirit of resistance else it's too easy to die vs other control classes
  19. . Give pala shield to bd bd rush with 3 resist on .keep on attacking try break 10k hp shield.
  20. Resist and need shield too . Mc side only necro have shield . Elf side evry other class have shield
  21. yes shaman heal dnt make any sense . But druid healing doesn't even make more sense . New druid heal skill much broken . Magic Pala heal 7k crit n sacred shield on 24/7 . Check the below video rogue vs druid where druid dint even use new skill or barrier and still rogue can't kill the druid. N people cry bout shaman
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