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  1. When you get that feelin' you need se*ual healin'
  2. Zdteeeeeee Guy is back :yahoo:
  3. Sell Costumes EU EMERALD: GREENCH BLUE NURSE Uniform PM me here or in Game. ( See my Signature ) SOLD OUT !!!
  4. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: As long as Devs accept this.....
  5. LOL, Arent you the one who wantetd to join ABC???? After we didnt accept you you went to AoA. Be carefull what you say!!!! Sure AoA is a strong guild. But you all can kiss my pink Unicorn.
  6. Spam 5x5 against own AFK Team. And you praise them like they did hard work :bad: Why dont make a own server for AoA :facepalm:
  7. YEAH Gratz Devs for your Blindness. Take a look at Square Enix what they do witch Cheaters
  8. luleee


    Diese novice Ausrüstung kann man mit Echtgeld oder von einem anderen Spieler kaufen. ( ca 20.000 Gold ) Die gibts nur im Miracle Shop zu kaufen. Manche verkaufens dann beim Dealer. Als Lvl 1hast Du bestimmt noch nicht die Menge an Gold.
  9. Would be fun to go 5x5 arena ( shouldnt be a Problem in EU ) SNOWBALLS EVERYWERE :yahoo:
  10. Invite to what???? Birthdayparty??? Groups.x??? Drama???
  11. havnt seen godsp for months but he was a good shaman
  12. When was the last Time you didn't see cazapollos run in Arena???? Always goes with 3 Casters in 3x3 and when he is alone he just run and spam circles till you get caught :bad: He isn't a bad Lock but i don't respect him.
  13. I agree with Shitley. We spend much time, Gold and real Money for the Tournament.And all we get is Crap :cray: Lighning Spirit - Change it to Swamp Hermit because that Spirit just sucks ( Blinds and reset Targets ) CC - well thats a nice thing to recieve Caskets - 99,9999 % just Crap Signs - Good Idea BUT!!!!! increase the amount for the Winners because it is cheaper to buy the signs and caskets instead of winning them.
  14. :shok: i cant believe this. Done it over 60 Times and only one Cape to a pt member
  15. I'm missing the " Update :yahoo: " posts.
  16. Nope, Catalonia is not in Marvel Guild. He is Crossfit aka Catalonia Lock from ABC Guild.
  17. Gestern gings noch, heute nicht mehr :sorry:
  18. SAD what happened to you guys. I realized it the day it happened. I checked Guild Info and saw that dominators Members are 10/30. Also that Ebonny always pm'ed me to inv in ABC Guild.... Never replied him/her because i dont know him/her really.
  19. These Ranged skills are really annoying for Meeles. C'mon devs, nobody said to remove them but make sure that future Skills will make it more fair in PVP/Arena. ( These Snowballs are a way in the right direction, make it permanent and change it to -throw Knifes- )
  20. Because they are weak and cant hunt in Laby to get drops to sell them, so they do dirty work for dirty gold at first island :lol:
  21. Lol, i got this cape and use it on my Barb because the Mana Regen :blush:
  22. Dont give MC usere the fault of the higher Prices. The Problem are the NON-MC Users that buy MC items cheap from Player and want to make Profit. Some think they become rich if they sell these Items. And if they get a nice Drop they think Hassn makes them Millionare.
  23. Its me again. Found new Bug at equipment. Im the headles rider...... muahahahahahahahhhhh :diablo:
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