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  1. U must go to your app store and try to update it. If, for some reason, u cant do this, u can go to game site and donwload it again. There's a red link on the top left corner here on forum wich directs u to the download section in game site. Don't forget to register your account, if u don't want to lose your characters.
  2. The repairs were only at second hand, i saw in trade chat sets for 8k-10k too. But even in trade crystals and runes follow almost the same price. :cray: I was looking for crystal for one hand sword this week, and offered 40k at dealer or 20k in trade. I went like this :wacko: . All i wish is the normal prices again. :blush:
  3. I think everyone noticed that 2-3 months ago, crystals and runes usually cost from 2.5 till 5 or 6k. Suddenly ( this means ' i dont know why'), these things had an great increase in their prices, runes like defence and resilience used to cost 3, 3.5k and now cost 4; 5; even 6k. Crystals too, some even doubled its price or are overpriced (wtf?). I remember that dexterity was some of the few whom used to cost 5 or 6k. Now i already saw them costing 8 to 10k, and one hand sword crystals costing 15k and 40k. :shok: Repairs increased a bit too, but theres an explanation to all of this? :unknw:
  4. This idea is simple; its just a guild forum page, like we have there on forum but with some basic modifications. 1. It will be online, so you dont have to open internet pages do see guild forum. 2. As i see, the guild forum is open, so anyone, even from out of the guilds can read posts from guild or from other guilds. This in-game forum is closed only for guild members, and some posts can only be seen by some rank, like heir or explorer. Whats the point with this? Basically you got privacy and more range, cause you could plan attacks, dungeons, hunts... without talking to guild chat, because sometimes someone might not be online, but could know if theres any plan like: "Hunting lab, X day, X hour". And you could add polls too, like: "Who should be kicked from guild: X player or Y player". Aaaand, you could choose a topic rank, for this i will explain using the example above. Poll: "Who should be kicked". Rank to see:Heir ( so newbies explorers dont see this poll.) Its similar to a headquarter, but online and private. If you find anything missing or wrong feel free to reply. Hope u all enjoy it. :blush:
  5. Nice event, i'm ELF-oric... got it? Anyway, except for the bugs, i already suffered being alone against two players in arena.
  6. This one ive already got it :lol: But Ty anyway, ive already seen questions like how to block too.
  7. So block is a "dodge", but not reduced only? Niiiiice :lol:
  8. This may/will sound idiot but whats the difference between Block and Parry? :unknw: I mean, if parry cancels melee attacks, and dodge cancels both ranged and melee, what is up to block do? :unknw: Ty for answers . :yahoo:
  9. I think that if its to post skills based/copied from Wow, then lets play Wow.
  10. Marafiga


    Ive received this private message, but not followed it. On december 16th. He's a 14th level ranger (ive checked with another character). From EU-Emerald Sorry for turned image.
  11. Dont forget that its a phone game mainly, and 10 skills is too much. And having 5, 10, 15 or over nine thousand skills will not make casters stop spamming. Casters are casters and this is what they do. What must be changed is the skill system, for skills tree, or skills by studying... as said before on this post .
  12. Deltaman, Just an idea to control this post. We should determinate an limit to the number of skills to each class, for example, more 3 passives and 3 actives, because i was thinking, based on the skill tree model and the max level actually (20), even if you earn more skill points, distribbute the skills trough only 20 levels and not beeing OP its difficult, even knowing Ayvondil release is suppose to take the max level to 30 ( i think they will put 20-24 next update, and after take to 30 in other update). This way, isn't better choose few skills but the best suggestions? Or if the skills are not added, but evolved, like this: Ranger: Power Shot: At level 3 it deal normal damage + 45% approximately If you reach a certeain level, you can "evolve" into: Double Shot: You shoot 2 arrows dealing normal damage + 25% to one target, but if you or your party are threatened by more than one enemy, you hit two targets (one arrow/target, dealing the same normal dmg+ 25%). Or, instead of reaching a certain level, you reach the skill level 5, but i let this to you decide. :lol:
  13. Yea, for this ill work for other skills and try to connect them.
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