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  1. emm,no,i know it cant be balanced for everyone,someone gonna fail.but....you see,now its top1 vs top2,top3 vs top4,and so on.For example,if you take the college entrance exam, ten people take the exam, and the final result is the first, third, fifth, seventh, ninth won, do you think it's fair? i know admin want gvg wars to be more populated.if they really want that,i think give loser 1 more chance,or change to two randomly selected guilds from six guilds of equal strength,thats better. T.T now top1 guild always meet top2 guild,What should top2 guild do? Dissolve? Then bad things happen t
  2. idk if this suggestion is good,because I think the real problem is that gvg is 1vs1 fight.you see,for all the sports or games like Texas Hold 'em,there are 8-10 players competing and the top four are qualified.but this gvg is top1vs top2,top3 vs top4,top 5vs top6,and so on,so if people lose this time,next time, instead of thinking about how to be stronger, he's thinking about how to make himself weaker, to match the weaker enemy.if at first, it's a 4-6 guild 1round,and top2-top3 guild won,all the problems will be solved.but its a large work,you cant remake gvg map,yes?So you should make some c
  3. whats that mean....war buff is important if event is mc vs elf,but in many server ,the top two guilds are of the same faction....because their rival factions are all going to small guilds...
  4. hi dear admin,i want to talk about new gvg with you.i see admin change gvg rules many times.i know you want it more fair for everyone,but.....it looks like not fair.it has many reason....its about human nature,xd.you see,some people join strongest guild,and another people go to small guild avoid strongest guild,after gvg end,they go back.they dont think about how to fight and win.My guild is second largest elf guild in this server,and we didnt go to small guild,we try to fight,and very close to victory.but last week,third guild and fourth guild all join strongest guild.and we cant w
  5. raid boss chernobog should be strengthened.now 5people can kill him,too easy ,ok?He can recover 5000 hp now,change it to 10000,thats better
  6. hi,gm,i love this game,so i want to ask ,you test piercing atk?its really weak,without book,you can get 18% piercing,and now lv 30 weapon have 6.4 penetration,it means when u fight with boss who has 37.6% damage reduction,piercing is better,now all people have 30-35 penetration,thats means boss must have 67.6-72.6% damage reduction...yes i know ,if u fight with world boss, piercing looks like good ,but it just soso,not much stronger than normal weapon,and you know if player choose this weapon,we need offer much money to +10...if its not very strong,we dont need use it,now no one want to do dg.
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