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  1. raid boss chernobog should be strengthened.now 5people can kill him,too easy ,ok?He can recover 5000 hp now,change it to 10000,thats better
  2. hi,gm,i love this game,so i want to ask ,you test piercing atk?its really weak,without book,you can get 18% piercing,and now lv 30 weapon have 6.4 penetration,it means when u fight with boss who has 37.6% damage reduction,piercing is better,now all people have 30-35 penetration,thats means boss must have 67.6-72.6% damage reduction...yes i know ,if u fight with world boss, piercing looks like good ,but it just soso,not much stronger than normal weapon,and you know if player choose this weapon,we need offer much money to +10...if its not very strong,we dont need use it,now no one want to do dg...its bad
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