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  1. Dear dev and forum admin ,game will update soon,so i think maybe u can fix bd skill bug this time?u see bd counterattck skill,dev make that skill cant crit,but when u open light mermen skill,counterattck will cover that 100% chance crit hit...thats too bad..u open buff but in fact its debuff..maybe let counterattck can crit better? or let it cant cover 100%crit chance hit.
  2. first of all,i think it isnt a question of balance,its more like a bug in a game.maybe charmer less,so dev think it doesnt matter?when u trigger rage buff, summoner can get 100% crit chance,btw in this game crit chance max is just 50%,and u can have 4 dog with 100% crit chance.all this sounds ridiculous,what more absurd is,i still see many ppl say plz buff charmer. I am serious,this skill should be changed to a dmg skill,summon at the same time of damage.and now rage cirt relic can work better,let ur skill dmg 100% cirt,like other hero skill.
  3. There is such a game class. He has only three damaging skills (actually two), and one of them is the most garbage skill in the whole game (yes, sonic boom). However, the developers still give him dmg talent....Are they afraid that his puncture attack will destroy the balance of the game? Maybe, but if they treated charmer cheif seeker ranger hunter like bd, game will be much more balanced There is such a game class that he plays PVE with a little dmg and a little tank, but in a sense, it means that he can't be a good tank and good dmg... There is such a profession that some people always say that he is op in PVP, but in fact he is not very strong in 1v1. In War or GVG, he's just a sandbag. in the arena If you have him in your team, you will win more easily change pala or ranger... In fact, except for only three damage skills, BD's design concept is very good. His PvE and PvP skills are separated, which means that if you choose PVE, your PVP must not be strong, and vice versa.Question is other class,many classes ,their buff skill have 2 kind of attack attributes,like speed+penetration,cirt dmg +cirt chance,phy+cirt chance ,and more.As a result, many classes can have perfect skills build,pve and pvp all good.I hope dev change it,1 atk buff+1 support buff/1 def buff better. so what i want to say is, plz give bd aoe skill or cirt chance buff or let skill <sap><mark of the blade>have phy dmg,and Enhance skill<sonic boom>
  4. He has seriously affected the PVE balance of elf. Except Ranger, any other career is like a joke.no need healer no need tank,he even has the most powerful range damage in the whole game. Now I'd like to say my suggestion:1.Modify skill《Sun power》 :similar to barbarians and chiefs,increases critical hit chance when you use a dagger / increases critical damage when you use a two handed weapon,2.Modify skill《attack instinct》and skill《Inspiration》:delete attack speed in inspiration,balance skill《attack instinct》,increases attack speed when you use a dagger/ when you use two handed weapons, your auto attacks and skills can cause range damage.Let me explain why I made the above suggestions.Look at seeker around you,all dagger,Two handed weapons are like a joke. ITs time to change. At the same time, the basic skills of seeker are tooooooooo op,most of them build skill 15555,and 4/4 Sun power. There should be a balance between basic skills and expert skills. If dev modify it according to my idea,Seeker player will think more about adding points to their skills ,more shield and phy or more move speed and stun or more atk speed
  5. internet bad and i click wrong equipment....,plz change it ,if player cant use it ,they couldn't buy,thats better...or player can sell it and give coin back to them...
  6. for paladin,its easy to change,just can SIL 5 people,for war ,paladin didnt imba now,and still can do arena,but stuiped gm just make paladin become dead hero
  7. I cant understand why paladin nerfs so much,many people play paladin? he is too strong to nerfs?i am a new paladin player,i amply it three week ago,now i want to u give back my charge money,and just go to delete my acc,ok?dear gm
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