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  1. Holmes said that there is a problem with the skill and that they're looking for a way to fix it so this topic doesnt need any more offtopic comments
  2. flag is only 1 entity, player minions and npcs are many more Topic of the post "Paladin banner at war cause lag in the server" and if it was about damage it wouldn't have to be in support section, it should be in suggestions or class discussion
  3. I agree with Gladiator about this topic going offtopic towards banner and its damage instead of why its causing lag so this topic might be locked soon
  4. that also sounds like a player problem. Why should they nerf skills just because one server has imbalanced players amounts
  5. yeah this works now that devs have added option to turn numbers off
  6. that is simply because the game needs to display so many numbers and so just as many calculations at the same time the same happened with halloween puppeteer boss, if you used aoe skills when mobs spawned sometimes the game would just crash because it overflowed
  7. you need to wait until apple approves the newest game version to their game store
  8. what do you mean Exceptional defense: "Increases the effect strength of the players' basic defense skills acting on the character by 10% when the character is in combat with the monsters of the Mini boss, Boss and Raid boss classes in the underwater territory. How would shields affect this
  9. they will bring it back in some form eventually there were complaints about guild leadership being transferred automatically and guilds being scammed because of it so that might be why they removed that feature
  10. so you use blue bulbs where red ones should be used and then can't get more blue ones?
  11. if you just change weapons and keep it in your bag the skin stays on that weapon
  12. Jcbreff


    Sounds like your ability to trades has been automatically disabled You need to send a ticket to support team but they will be back from holiday on january 10th so you will have to wait
  13. Those statistics include all servers, not just Emerald
  14. No its not against rules to steal chests or bosses
  15. Jcbreff

    News bug

    are you on mobile or pc because atleast on android mobile it does work when i check the box, click next, log into game and then restart the game i dont see those news that i checked
  16. I'll be keeping an eye on those skeletons from bone totem and whose corpse fo they spawn from
  17. It has been by explained by devs/admins that transferring your character to different server is "technically impossible" which is the same as merging two servers as atleast some characters would have to be transferred
  18. I hear druid is pretty good at stunlocking the enemy in pvp at high level and has one of if not the strongest heals in the game Charmer is the tankiest of these classes because it can wear heavy armor and it along with warlock got complaints before aboit being broken but that has happened with almost every class Warlock and mage are both considered damagers but mage is more of an aoe damager while warlock is more for grouped enemy fights Shaman is pretty similar to druid As for necros and priests idk about them in proper pvp but in pve they can get damage buff skill and revival skill, in addition to heals and shields, which are all crucial in pve
  19. So this is what you bragged about and then almost died to fouetar Also all this work and still 0
  20. Doesnt this work with any class you "main" really
  21. Are you sure you're killing blue lighters of your own level The quest requirements should be like this and after getting 8 of both from blue and red lighters you should get 2 items which you just put to trees And gold stars go to 3rd tree and you need 4 of them from krakatuks
  22. doing all dailies except the pvp ones should give a bit over 200 so doing all daily quests daily for a week should get you to 1500 points are you sure you did dungeons of your own level? yeah its not technically hard but kinda grindy
  23. You can use citadel steward if you just get 1500 individual points for tournament, it doesn't matter whether your side wins or loses but by winning the tournament you gain access to npc that can teleport you to dungeon entrances and glass cave bosses
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