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  1. Meloku

    About Evasion :)

    I thought since lvl 1 adds 1% and lvl 2 adds 2%, then lvl 3 should add 3%... In other words lvl3 should be 1%+2%+3% = 6% more dodge If lvl 2 adds 2% and lvl 3 add 1%, i think its a bug or a mistake from the devs...
  2. Meloku

    About Evasion :)

    I have 25.4% dodge without skill. With level 2 evasion i had 28.4 (+3%), then i used book of oblivion to raise evasion to level 3 and i only got 29.4?????? Only 1% more? I expected 30%+ no less. What a wasted book of oblivion... :mega_shok:
  3. I have a good Paladin with high amped lvl 18 set but i find really hard to kill ranged classes unless they are very weak. Sometimes I cant even touch them because of the high failure rate of Fetters of Justice. I really think Paladin skills need a revision to give them more balance. Some of Paladin problems in my opinion: 1) In previous update Paladin attack was reduced. Lesser FOJ dot damage and 1h weapon speed increased from 2.1 to 2.4. 2) FOJ fails a lot and do little damage even though i have 123 astral. 3) Damage reduction of FOJ is very little. In line with Paladin's style of having big defense and being a supportive class I would suggest some improvements in order of priority: 1) Modify Aura skill. In addition to increase healing, it would be nice if Aura could prevent a Paladin of being stunned, scared, blinded, etc. That will give us more chance to at least "reach" a ranged class. 2) Make FOJ 100% effective as it should be and increase dot damage. 3) Increase power of heal skill.
  4. I have a fairly good Paladin with lvl 18 set and mace with +7 to +9 amplify. But as many of u already said we suck with ranged classes. I think the devs should give pallys a more balanced environment like: 1) Returning higher damage to FOJ. 2) Give better skills. Maybe Aura can also give additional defense or make Paladin be untargeteable by skills. 3) Higher heal. 4) Returning 1h weapon attack speed to 2.1
  5. I am also having crashes when i link an item in the chat...
  6. As you said after improving my armor considerably, damage lowered by 1 point. Thanks for the info. Sent from my GT-I9000B using Tapatalk
  7. i just did a test. fully equipped my defense is 326. I fought a wolf which did me 30 damage per attack. Afterwards I took off my helmet, armor and belt and my defense became 186. i fought a wolf again and received 30 damage per attack as well. Why is that? Armor is just decorative? Sent from my GT-I9000B using Tapatalk
  8. Hi I am a level 7 ranger. As I improved my armor I noticed that the damage I received from different enemies did not reduce. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
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