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  1. Can u share vedio it will be great to have new ideas: ty
  2. As i can see curse of plage is 15% at 1/4
  3. Curse of plague this skill good only theoretically, in most if situations practically not possible
  4. aks

    Quest bug

    Sry my mistake quest Done After searching found another mirror in different cave
  5. aks

    Quest bug

    There is quest bug in union of silver mirror quest in t3 avyondil , in which we have to kill warrior shadder and break silver mirror. After completing task of breaking silver mirror it still 0/1 Pls see in to it I'm stuck at that quest
  6. Any pvp usage this skill?
  7. aks

    Zone of weakness

    What you guys think about this New skill? It's kinda usless in map2 mobs low magic def and also don't use skill I think instead of decreasing magic def ,this skill should do magic dmg to all in zone What u all think?
  8. At town since we are not neutral reputation necros are disturbing using casting posion shield on players Pls look in to that
  9. Yes block 25% max. Parry I don't know may be 30%
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