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  1. I had quit this game for 2 yrs. Came this year for chieftain and heavily invested in it. Now I feel cheated , and I think I won't cone again to play untill they remain bais towards legion sides
  2. So now 4 secs from 6 secs? Good job Better make 1 sec / remove skill
  3. Mage can jump instant , range class anti stun and stun Chief no stun, run fast( but ppl has enough time to avoid or runaway( no instant jump like mage, pala, ) can't stun No PvP support for this class
  4. Chos pot not working , and can't cast rugged hide skill on others Make double press or long press skill to cast on oneself? Is it possible?
  5. A class with heavy gears with damage equal to /or more then rouge ,+ better croud controll, anti stun , run fast ranged stun. Actuall why is sentinel classes so easy to play and why legion has so complicated skill mechanics
  6. I still don't get why chief don't get a single stun? Even priest has 2 stun( disable) , necro has 1 stun If that's the case why pala feather need disable skill use? Just make them immobile enemy in use , why 2 heavy gears class on sentinel side aoe skills? While legion has only charmer
  7. Yes true Wish Chieftain can cast spritual purification on himself and let himself free from warspear universe
  8. Best tanking skill is stone skin of warden and it can be permanent and pala Then may be barb or dk idk Then mages shield Then may be chiefs Idk about rest class shields
  9. Can any one explain? Will spritual purification work on Stone body of lock And mantra of templer?
  10. I can already imagine tonns of misuse of mantra, Idk why always sentinel sides gets unfair advantage, They took advantage of heath burn when walking of priest, warden heal block, bd resist , seeker op aod dmg etc
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