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  1. OBS: Warlock is a class with weak defense, instead from multiples update with nerf class, could use relics and others resources to avoid it.
  2. Good evening. Well as expected of every event, again Warlock can't use a good relic both for PvE as PVP. I'm aware about this relic is enable when use a buff skill and Warlock ''doesn't have it'', would like to leave my suggestion. Life Exhaust is a skill in which it give the user a buff...... like with ''Healing Spirit'' (Shaman skill), ''Warrior Healing'' (Charmer Skill), ''Healing Dew'' (Druid Skill). According to this believe in which Warlock could use it too. Right?
  3. Goodddd afternoonnnnn, well, i need to know how many runs for unlock nocturna event?
  4. Etea wasnt sharing account, all calling him in whatsapp...
  5. well, when im dmding arena it happens, but muyan demand is fast (just win pt) Video_31-03-2018_19-48-26.avi
  6. Gabriel Lopes


    this was the support decision, but I want to know about the muyan that uses 6 different acc and will spam arena
  7. But exact moment than he is logging all other account log too.. When we try to block, he move one at a time..
  8. Yes. they are just afk with multiple account and using muyan for capture seal... Impossible, when he log all other account logging too, same time.
  9. Gabriel Lopes

    Auto bot

    Hi, Good afternoon. Dear adm, a player is suspect of use auto bot for try to dispute arena ranking, according ruler of ws is prohibited it. I will wait fast solution, thanks you
  10. ok, ty for help... gay jc and higgi too
  11. but for calculate %, first u calculate a %. Example: u say 500 normal dmg without buff... 500 .5% (% ring ) = 2500 : 100 = 25... 525 dmg with ring, 525 . 10% (guild buff) = 5250 : 100 about 52 ... 525 + 52 = 577 dmg with ring and guild. 577 . 25% (power of relaxation) = 14425 :100 about 144... 577 + 144 = 721 dmg with guild, ring and power of relaxation..
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