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  1. Wen do we get the inpunity chest ? I completed all the tasks can you let me kn please ty
  2. No hard feelings I thought you was someone alse
  3. Enjoy much respect for the other team great players as well
  4. https://youtu.be/1sS3VSXBfDY Here’s a video so you can be more mad
  5. Many of us play at all hrs of the day 9 hrs will not make no difference to most of us I think it’s a great idea I think if nothing it’s done about it more and more will leave please merge 90% of us want that ty
  6. This is getting insanely bad bd never nerf wats goin on ? Devs man stop playing bd should try other chars to if you bring counter back we’res rouge reflexes???!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Funny this devs I’m 100% sure they use elf’s look at bds not a single nerf only buff I’m fine with this game
  8. Ok I left the game right before update came back to and to find out bd has a resist skill with very little cd my question is why ? A tank a high damage full speed parry dodge skill are we really foreals with this now resist I don’t aprove it it’s crazy must be nerf you can’t even get close to them
  9. No iso for iPhone link for tests ??? Only pc and androids
  10. Swag a crap quit complaining you kn your laughing your ass off of mcs rite now thinking
  11. You can wait 2 more year maybe you get one ty for your cop I’ll see you in two years mean while sit and relax and watch the show my fella friend att devs Hi Julie fktrump here
  12. I agree bro it crazy I was hoping for a stun skill or a control skill or a shield but nope I wait for so long I’m done waiting I just realized this will never change I’m dropping the towel I give up I decided I’m quitting for good my main 2 chars dk and rouge rip no way they can ever catch up we paper and you right even before we try to use any attack already been control or stun we are the paper punching bags and I’m done I don’t like it
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