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  1. I uninstalled and installed back on but yet no item on sale there’s nothing many having same issue but I think only affected some people I’m one of them ty
  2. Not mad nor screaming is a text excuse my righting but I’m not American but can you at least take a look on this I have over 4m in my bag for days wat ever I put nothing sells I really see mcs are low in population maybe with a open market to sell between mcs & elf’s not a bad idea ? Or can you explain why cannot be done ? It’s the only thing I’m asking
  3. Ok let’s talk about this problem So not sure wats goin on butttt time to make some changes to this been goin problem I said it before & I’ll say it now OPEN MARKET !!!!! Between mcs & ELFS FOR COIN BUYERS HAS BECOME A HUGE PROBLEM NOTHING SELLS IN MC SIDE WATS THE POINT OF BUYING COIN IF NO ONE BUYS ANYTHING I HAVENT EVEN SELL THE THING FROM LAST EVEN YOU GUYS ALREADY HAVE ANOTHER EVENT & please don’t give me that I can make gold killing monsters ok!!!! IM NOT GOIN TO SPEND MY ALL DAY HUNTER MONSTER FOR 20k ITS NONSENSE WEN YALL KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE TO AMP YOU GUYS CHANGES HAVE ONLY MAKE THIS GAME BACKWARDS WITH AT LEAST OPEN MARKET IF MCS POPULARITY OS LOW WE CAN ALWAYS SELL TO ELFS LIKE y’all really need to do something or say 200 dollars goodbye every week cuz I’ll never buy coins trellis fix problem Orr I’ll just quit I’m sure other games will love my money like fortnite
  4. Yes my question is why healers allow to use 40% casle pot in arena Druid healing 560 with pot plus great 3 people couldn’t kill him all hitting same time he’s lv 22 other pt 10+ all dmg give us 40% dmg tooo !!!!
  5. I understand your point but why is now like this ? Never had this problem before tho also have elf friends do you know elf’s use castle to transfer huge amounts of gold true castle from mc side to elf’s side why ? Cuz mc popularity it’s so low not enough buyer everything cheap in mc side only thing to do it’s sell to elf’s so then later transfer gold to elf side I think popularity in mc it’s low not the only one saying this many say same thing why cuz everyone ether play bd or Druid I have a friend been a mc for a long time now playing bd only my point of view no disrespect I think will be nice to share item with elf’s in market like open market so this will help if popularity it’s bigger or less and everyone wins if you think about it’s allow but only for top guild why not allow it for everyone ??only my suggestion thank you
  6. Morgana 10k ? What’s 10k in game? Nothing ,,,,,,,,you saying if luck
  7. ok ima Talk little about gold flow on mc not sure what it is but it is so hard to sell any items or miracle coins item ether you sell to almost nothing or no one buy anything for days same people dropping in dg but not enough buyers I’m thinking has to do with population I’m starting to think why buy coins if you can’t even get your coins worth to be sold
  8. There no mc the can keep up with the Druid or eblade dancer stop !!!!! I spend A lot of money on mc side for what !!? To not be able to go again elf’s I spend to win not to be a noob I’m not goin to elf’s side to make a new char rather quit bull how you guys took rouge reflexes out well nerf cuz you guys nerf bd counter attack to almost not even a lot was only to shut mcs mouth how funny you bring back counter attack but never bring back reflexes how there were not sure how you test you chars but rouge it’s bellow any other char diff to low they die fast you nerf dk I get it you guys try to make money by nerfting so people goesmakes other chars to spend then it’s a never end story is it goin to be like this forever only nerfting mcs I never seen elf’s to get nerf all Gm most are elf’s that’s funny I’m tired do something about it
  9. 3% dmg out 900 = to 27 967 = 28 or 29 i only get 25
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