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  1. :facepalm: N give me minus karma :facepalm:
  2. My paly try 2 day n not reach kotarawa :shok: :crazy: thats the most time needed for me To reach kotarawa Btw my friend know secret to reach kotarawa faster, when i still try to reach kotarawa My fiend reach it die n reach fast again,he reach it like almost 10x when me not once reach. Im not joke, its true story :shok:
  3. TO ALL MAGE USER : IT'S OUR TIME >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D >:D
  4. Di furum dl jg gpp klo msh sibuk :blush: Tp ttp di tunggu di game :blush:
  5. Elves rules at saphire ??? Thats only history now, Roguekilling everywhere, warlock shaman block bridge , many friends go to legion side Every server situation are same, For me still enjoy game, no buy mcoins, no expect anything from devs Enjoying every updates n play only for fun, For me fun at ws not means have strong hi amped gears n wep, i have fun with my own ways.
  6. Eheheh :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: Kapan cuti lagi :sorry: :sorry: :sorry:
  7. Clans at warspear firstborn history DnD clans by Zhark Knights Templars by Darthay
  8. Maz juztttttttttt :yahoo: Kangen e :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Kapan maen lagi :'( :'(
  9. Focus on quest and run But if all quest done :spiteful:
  10. Just 12k , my friend got scammed guiding glove by kingcool My friend want trade his guiding glove with whispher bracelets Then at trade kingcool give my friend polished bracelets n got scammed Because of similar image.
  11. Sorry , sad to say this but i think devs will do nothing if not related to mcoins stuff :'(
  12. Nothing change :unknw: Test fail sir :unknw:
  13. My lv 14 mage using lv 9 wep n gears :yahoo: N i ll raise my mage till lv 20 with lv 9 stuff :yahoo:
  14. Im skip this arena season, all my chars will not do arena except for Lv 14 ranger, just enjoy games while waiting for christmas event And ayvondil island which are near due to company income ;D
  15. Ok no one own pet except ranger as mioco says long time ago :blush:
  16. Ow its simply, unarmed afk callie join 5x5 arena for giving keizha easy win :facepalm: While callie still got arena poit from lose :facepalm: Nice trick :facepalm: And legal too :facepalm:
  17. You can win without doing this but why u doin this dirty trick :facepalm:
  18. U allready add my priest at your friendlist :friends: Ill help if hav time :friends:
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