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  1. Now hi amp player can heal more than low amp player :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Mata lo sowek :facepalm:
  2. Seeker stamina elixir still at sale, where the dungeon ? :unknw:
  3. this is what i do this year 1. Go to forum, read info 2. Update game cache 3. Login warspear 4. Go to horror circuss 5. close game, back to play other game. Thanks devs, u doing great works this time, hope u earn Alot of $$$ ::) thanks to preventing me to waste more My time into your game ::)
  4. Permisi, kulonuwun Numpang nyundul mas ;D
  5. Even we at diferent side, if u came to elf side Every chat u do ll ended with smile :) good bye friend, u ll be at my memory forever :cray: :cray: :cray:
  6. Gak jadi e , mbak enjel gk mw ol lgi :cray: Niat latihan jadi guild leader di game laen ehhh... Malah sukses guild e jdi gk bsa ninggalin guild q Bye warspear sek wae lah :clapping:
  7. Betadin level piro kang :yahoo:
  8. Woeeeee pada kemanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  9. Lucky gak lucky pokoke sundul :yahoo: Maklum rawa mania ;D
  10. Mw bangkitkan kmbali nooby tan >:D Leader sudah terpilih :yahoo:
  11. Im playing priest because im a gamer not an atheist 8)
  12. Put in ignore list, problem solved :wacko:
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