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  1. On 12/23/2018 at 8:54 PM, Morgana said:

    When x2 tournaments are up we spam non-stop because it gives the most benefit when it comes to gp and drops but during normal weeks we only achieve the required gp which is 10k at the most. The rest of the time we split between real life duties and free time for playing. That's called time management. 

    You don't go either to sleep then, do you? :on-jail-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

    Every single person should manage his time but clear for example all Pelion quests a player needs around 1 hour only if it is lucky but when there are three parties and farmers all together... My goodness, maybe the player should give up. 

    Another example, I have two hours of my time to play this game. I have to take in consideration that I have to find a party (Warden are somewhat of legendary because you don't know where they are (Liidert's wisdom pearls)) then start to quest and clear all hoping that everything goes well! 

    Many of my friends have left the game because they have found impossible earning little of gold to buy some items. 

    I agree about the time manager amd everybody should have but if that means find farmers everywhere because they want as much gold as possible slowing your quests to do, well according to my own opinion it is quite hard go on in the game unless you don't play it for several hours every day. 

    Ps: It's just an opinion and nothing else. I come in peace and I hope to have explained well (I'm still trying to improve my english. If there are some mistakes, sorry! 😉 )

  2. @Morgana 

    Good for them, I don't know neither @Gladiator nor his guild but over-powered people hunts bosses without permit to questers to do their own quests and because of long time respawn we have to wait so long for a single quest. 

    Work hard to grow up an hero standing 27/24h and 9/7 days in front a game screen for 4 years it's not my own business but we are tired when everytime we beg the farmer to let the questers kill the boss... 

    We want earn gold too and we aren't lazy, we have a real life too and in this way we can't complete all quests because of little time to dedicate to the game. 

    I'd like that developers decrease the respawn time to five minutes of all baits and bosses (Ayvo and Pelion) to let questers to do their own quests in peace. 

    Thank you 😄

    Ps: I'm not the leader of "Noob and Weak" but when I play the game everyday I read a lot of messages so this is the time to report here. 

  3. 15 hours ago, Aкasha said:

    :penalty:  Hey noob! Watch out your vocabulary!!


    hohoho.. just kidding ..note that tasteless words won't make you look cool here. A smart move is reading our Community Rules, and if you know who you're addressing to and wants to use such words, please tag this friend, avoiding discomfort to the players with a different opinion from yours. Welcome and Merry Christmas! 😊

    Is there any dislike button to use? :roar:

  4. 3 hours ago, Morgana said:

    The things is that not only players who buy mcoins are good enough to complete difficult dungeons... Gladiator and quite a few other people reached +9/+10 just by working their butts off. I met Glad when I was a noob +6 Pala 4 years ago, now he is +10 and hasn't spent a coin on Miracle Coins.

    Speaking from my point of view as player now, not as mod 😄

    If you put in enough work and effort everyone is able to do well. Unfortunately, a lot of people think that things will come easy if they just keep on complaining. Therefore, I definitely support Gladiator's idea. 


    I'm not agree with Glad, sorry. 

    I'm not a mcoin user and I don't have an over-powered hero. 

    Words like lazy in this context is unfair because people like to play a game and they don't consider it a job like many of them do (I still don't know how people stay in front of a game for 2 hours consecutively).

    Replying my opinion with "If this game is too much for you..." is an old phrase that makes angry not only me :cereal_man:


  5. On 12/19/2018 at 4:59 PM, alhaxab said:



    Great job for this future event ! But i think dg 28 are really hard, for "NORMAL" difficulty :

    - Mobs has a lot of stun skills

    - The previous area before the boss has too many mobs

    - The last boss cooldown is high


    In my mind, a team of +9 players can complete it with 1 stam without death.



    Yeah, I'm quite disappointed too. 

    This isn't a normal level dungeon but a mythical one for over powered heroes. 

    Indeed many people are planning to go techno or nadir because it gives more guild points too. 

    Please make this dungeon more easier (not just a little) with less mobs with stuns to prevent easy deaths. 

    This should be an happy event for all people and not for only few. 

    Thank you :wind:

  6. 18 hours ago, Dahuyu said:

    The seeker is pretty rubbish at PVP,but it's very strong in PVE


    Most of my friends have given up playing seeker,hopefully GM will strengthen the seeker

    Is it the same for a level 10 one too?

  7. 19 hours ago, Joelozd said:

    yo también tengo un seeker desde hace mas de un año lvl 28 y lo que es seguro es que fácilmente pierde contra otros :imdead:

    algún día Quizás, si asi los Gm lo desean y verdaderamente me gustaria :nonono: el seeker sera mejor :kawaii:

    Yo lo espero por vosotros tambien 😉

  8. 17 minutes ago, Kaesarz said:
    it's great that you like the seeker ..:greedy:
    the only bad thing is that the seeker is still easily dominated by other classes
    and so far I have not seen anyone use the new skill of increasing CD:sad1:


    Well, at begin I thought to max out it but I already have three of my good equipped heroes lvl28 and I wouldn't like to spend more gold for another hero. 

    However I'll use it only for fun like arena and dungeons.

    I'm looking towards to see it good amplified (+7 each equip) and enchanted ready to break the first map even if it'll be hard to. 

    This Seeker will be a sort of Liidert's mini version :haha:

  9. Probablemente sì, aunque creo que jugarè con seeker porquè ya he ponido el gran relic por el auto attacco , porquè ya es de nivel 10 y creo què serà divertido 😉

  10. Hello everybody! :flying-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

    For fun I've made a Seeker and bought the great relic that consumes less mana on the auto attack skill (I don't remember the name). 

    I keep it level 10 and I have all equips with % hp, a pair of kris, an horror amulet with hp amd I'll make cloak and rings. 

    My seeker shield is 5/5 (+35% of attack if it reach 10 points) and damage skill 3/5. 

    My question is: Is it good for both pvp and pve if well amplified (around +7)? 

    Some of my friends adviced me that ranger is better because it has stun and Seekers don't. 

    Thank you in advance! 

  11. 10 hours ago, Jackb said:

    respect is earned, not given. 

    You know bro that sometimes people don't know what's the meaning of it but at the same time we can't pretend it from them. 

    I told you once in the game that I don't care if you are rich with a over powered hero, I may respect you and you may do the same to me... I don't know what do you think about me or about other people. 

    However I can't respect people who insult others for the wellness of a player or for something wrong during arena battles, quests.... 


  12. I'm not surpriced to see this kind of situation where people argue for a game. I'm one of the popular player because I don't have +10 equipments and I'm poor and I can't spam dungeons because other players spend their own time there. 

    Yes, I'm a bit jealous to see always same people get rewards (like Jackb 😛) and I don't but this is a game and there is no reason to complain. 

    Once I did it but my friend (Babosis 🙂 ) told me that I should have faith and don't expect anything: this is my advice for you all. 

    The last but not the least, respect moderators because it's not their fault if you don't get a troll costume (I don't like it) and be happy to play a game with other people!


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