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  1. Yes that I'm talk no usefull skill . that skill I think only for dummy fight ( warlock vs dummy. Passive skill only that time usefull) Thank you very Much developer for so valuable ever use / or we no use for that skill help you . just a waste bagbag noob Also they add shadow sphare power manager system ( energy get low _ ur damage become noon again . yes I know warlock is total make to be noob , I don't know why created that . On mc side i see warlock have hug DMG so I pick that char but it become most noob char / ranger batter good body armor + kill shot w
  2. Rune reflects destroy skill effect wow ( dev really wanna warlock noob then . why you guys build skill like this . it just a shame to see this noob skill n poor . warlock too slow attack /not like bladedancer , ranger or mage ( kill other in one or two shot / warlock so slow wow ) great work. Developers wanna see warlock noob n nothing Passive skill :- power of relaxation . if warlock get hurt it becomes useless ( rune reflects this new type game no sence ) Suggestion if warlock get. Hurt he lose effect of power of relaxation 10% DMG ( skill study base on 2/4 ) ,turn into increa
  3. Really warlock they wanna noon then . why they give us noon far batter without skill . Power of relaxation most of noob / reflection rune. Destroyed power of do©k relaxation most noob passive skill .
  4. Cooldown easy to continue stun first attck with hex after dark circle . get stun keep powerful attack start now . after over hex stun again use dark circle to stun . now enemy no more alive . total stun second is 15 that a lot too kill any. Tank user
  5. Warlock new skill should "sonic speed attack" just like mage have already . secondary suggestion is my warlock expert skill have is life steal experts skill 50% return HP half of every attack hit .
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