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  1. Come on update. Here update update. Be a good little update... and update for daddy🤑.
  2. Nvm, I just had to login on another device, fixed my issue. HNY
  3. I purchased the $9.99 mcoin package through Google Play, received confirmation in email for purchase, but have not received my mcoins. Wtf WS give me what I payed for or refund my money asap.
  4. When trying to upgrade the Dull Jade Medallion to Polished Jade Medallion pressing start button opens Dull Jade Medallion specs page. Tried everything I could, but will not allow me to craft Polished Jade Medallion. Plz fix
  5. Welcome from an toon, that's new to forum.
  6. :mega_shok: bKluesky (blue-sky)> is a title used meaning you'll always have to look up to me, love it or leave it, you gotta respect my C's.... that is the reason for the urbKan spelling, ya figg-a-deal me. :crazy:
  7. i jux wanna play :aggressive:
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