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  1. i like the idea of the "refiner" and the working with a ranger(i want to work with a ranger)whaoooo this could be so newwwwww 4groups????warzone???statues for each group???conquer??? whaaaoooo NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL WAR
  2. warzone is much more intense upon reaching kotarava which is really not a pain in the ass(yeah i also walk 4 hrs somtimes but not anymore)there are 6teleports in all(mc and elf side)and one of them has the highest chance of reaching kotarava(ive been onto it for 4 days).thus,if one of the teleports is not getting to kota after 15-20mins of walk then take another one and dont even try that first one again.ive been able to reach kota easily that way(3-4x in 1hr once i find the best portal of the six) back to the war in kota THEY ALWAYS KILL YOU IF YOU ARE TOO CLOSE STAY IN GROUP AND RUN WHEN U SEE MANY OTHER FACTIONS AROUND(unless u can kill em all which i cant for im not strong) last thing there are way too many elfs pass kota
  3. hehe i like the update after the patch.....everything is going smoothly now.mc's/forsaken can even do bg without creating a war(saphirre)....not only balance in players outfits but also in quests like chainless. DEVS must have thought bout it deeply cos it really is helping(SWAMP) though i'd like it to be closed sometime later.
  4. ok ok ok okay!!!!!swant is not bad now i can buy good stuffs cheap!!! KOTARAVA is not that hard to get there one day i walke 4 hrs with no sight another i get there from t1 directly and another day i get there like 4x succesively(less than a hour) and another day i get 2 good picks(not so great)................ MY FINAL WORDS: 1.KOTARAVA IS STILL EASILY REACHEABLE(IS LUCK) 2.JUST REDUCE HYDRA HP 3.KEEP THE GIFTS AS THEY ARE 4.SWANP DID NOT REDUCE DROP RATE OF BOSS FARM(GOD ppl farmed 2 days without drop b4 swamp) 5.I STILL LIKE THE GAME AND IM WAITING FOR BETTER THINGS TO COME(though i'd like swamp to be closed for some time later on)
  5. they are many very very strong players,in fact so many i cant call out all their names(afro,ascetic,arron,zythus,mymelody.sixshadow...well i dont the elfs or maybe xmoonlightx) and while some of the best quit who is there to be called the best of the best???even arena rating wont show who the best is(some quit months ago and still at the same positon). is the best anyone with a perfectlly amp full lvl 18 set+doom weap??????? is the best anyone who can kill someone with the specs above????? the best to me is SNEAKYME.
  6. i like the way prettypinnay has a pic for all matters
  7. ......................................
  8. norlant nearly made me give up..............BUT I CANT LEAVE :'(
  9. im pretty sure a well used lvl 17set can overtake a lvl 18 set(dont comment too much on this :D ) no lvl 18 belt no lvl 18 rings(never saw one) no lvl 18 cloaks/cape(excpet for that "useless" conqueror....)so the lvl 17 still on page. now i like the fact that players are now leveling up:D :D :D :D :D :D..... thumbs up devs!!!!! now the cahnges: 1. 8 ppl in party. 2. new bosses with completely new drops(hehe gotta change the lvl 18 sets so soon :'( ) 3. new lvl cap so the OP's can go to the next arena lvl :[ 4. WAR WAR WAR................(some real fun)
  10. i remember the description of the swamp b4 update...factions using a common laguage and stuff, probably for common gain(picks/drops) now that most ppl got their dream acoutrement norland have no common language whatsoever :D the OP's should stay there(camp and kill opp faction) so we can complete chainless easily and dinalt blood and stellas and traders..................
  11. WAR war and WaR......... 8 ppl in party new bosses with completely new drops(back to farming)
  12. now that u mention it.i stopped playing with sound since that last update with music(too monotonous)and didnt set it back eversince. i will pay more attention to the sound now. BUT I STILL HATE THAT NEW LAND WHERE U HAVE TO DO IT ALONE CANT CHAT WHILE IN THERE COS U MAY GET KILLED BUY MOB OR OTHER FACTION. UCANT EVEN TAKE A FRIEND!!! i know things will change in the next months.......(wether to good or bad)
  13. more of a solo game now. i really dont find the game that fun anymore and once everyone(those wiling to die 100x for "luck") gets their full lvl 18set with doom weap OMFG...game is really going crap
  14. i've seen complains too and me myself im not a lucky one(missed 5picks)but some other ppl i know got good picks like bg gears,astral among others so im confident imma get some of these soon enough once i grasp the whole territory...............
  15. damn i just found out the update is out.....geez must be why it crahed on loading scrren. today is not the 8th for god sake I MADE PLANS, DAMNIT
  16. idk were to place it but right now anytime i start the game it crashes on loading the char selection menu(on pc)
  17. shit "COMMON LANGUAGE"? "PLAY WITH OTHER FACTION"? :wacko: this aint hapening!!!any red name is an attack. they are going to suffer to get that gear they want :spiteful:
  18. geez... some hate in the air. back to topic, im into it definately(im in FEAR and this is not a clan) to rape the elfs and show em who rules anytime. duck U RANGERWEED!!!!!
  19. i was rediredted from fear site to here and the fear clan is pretty cool,having had itself a relapse now it'as back and leader really doing what has to be done farming the great bosses,sharing the drops and helping questers at any lvl.DC was one of the first MC clan but most of the players dont show up now,it will be difficult to keep it alive. Join FEAR, u wont regeret it. there is still B2K:[
  20. ICE ur idea will push up the game so much.I just love it love it and love it.................and the MW idea is not bad so might be the highest KILLER:D God and with more ppl hunting one guy cause of the bounty??IT WILL BE SO FUN WHEN HE DIES and that will push players to make their char better so dev gets more money and we get more FUN:)
  21. i think u wont see WS for BB anytime soon.that RIM comp is very restricted and BB are kinda corporate phones. As for the Mc in SA it was available(SMS) for a while so as in Ghana(where i am)but didnt work so was cleared.ikd bout SA...
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