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  1. ahahahahahahahaahhaahaha dieeeeee fckng runner :rofl: :rofl: . this update is a really shit stealth is a joke :facepalm:
  2. @genius can says how many time waiting????? >:D the admins dont post is more interested. The :pleasantry: other :pleasantry: forum :facepalm:
  3. dont worry stealth dont is excuse for lose. The rogues never lose with one ranger! !!! 8) forever rogue ;D
  4. stealth loses ....this is for the f..kng elfs talk talk and cry about this :facepalm:
  5. :facepalm: :boreeeeeeeeeeeddd dont discussion. More the best is rogue but rangers have bleasing. !!! :yahoo: servers starts next year :rofl:
  6. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: how time waiting for play? Last update 2 days .maybe this is new world record of the news updates :facepalm: . No notice from admins. Is not hard says approximately time remaining ...... :cray: im waiting a post of anyone admin ::)
  7. shut up and spam in topic only for you. My name is pueppi im noob cryer, lier and the rogues owned me.. :facepalm: this is a good name for u topic leave here :spiteful:
  8. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: puenoob topic of update not is for speak in german and talk with other player in :pleasantry: german :pleasantry: stop lie and stop cry people dont like u .u are the best noob of druids :facepalm: but u like. Lie and dont have :pleasantry: eggs :pleasantry: :rofl: :rofl: for 1 vs 1 with me or my friend shaman spanish maybe u like more spanish .u die more fast crybaby crybaby crybaby like this? :facepalm: haha sorry spam but. Im angryyy with the fkng noob lier
  9. :facepalm: really u are stupid :facepalm: first im notin animated second u like create problems why u are. Owned from rogues dont lie more third u the ducking noob im arrived. My limit dont duck more in forum and stop create problems u saying im coming in group for kill u ? Sorry but no im not elf i dont need massive people and block doors etc etc etc stop cry stip lie and stop spam forum stupid noob
  10. What? What is this? Hide me? But if it was not animated ...... you are a liar and do not know and to invent against rogues .... incredible, was not animated .... ban this noob is lier and try to create problems
  11. Too bad that do not play in emerald :rofl: haha I would kill them all one by one :spiteful:
  12. espanish94


    Lol :facepalm: is my friend.....is newbie in forum and dont speak english. Hahaha is spamer. :rofl:
  13. Good this suggestion save the game and increased more players nice idea but admins dont see this. Prefer win money :facepalm: a double option gold, crimson for change miracles is a impossible think......but ... :)
  14. spam?? U are the spamer 20.post in one day lol and like see u name in last post . Jairoz u are . Bd noob hahaha dont play why die and come to forum for cry and says people oh yes good nice. First go to play and up levels after lose time. Here :bad:
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