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  1. According to the announcement, Sponsor Pay is supposed to give 2x rewards. However, logging on there, it doesn't seem like the offer is working (rewards look normal, not double).
  2. Menace Engage Retaliate Conquer Sustain
  3. Just killed marak twice after maintenance and quest is STILL broken! Devs this is extremely frustrating to get a lvl 14 dk there and waste pots for nothing. You need to mail fang to these players.
  4. I went with a balanced approach on my shaman and am really happy with it. Different sets of gear allows you to do well in any of the above situations: Damage: 4 Heal: 5 Quake: 3 Blind: 4
  5. Managed to catch dinalt with no elves. Solo'd him with potions on my level 14 dk. Immediately after I looted him, a lvl 15 mage walks up and I burst dmg kill him :)
  6. I don't post much, but had something pretty funny happen in Kotoravva today, so I had to share. I was on my lvl 19 shaman (Tarah), doing Captives quest. I'd gotten a couple, then logged out. This is the captive zone with the passive mobs, but has 1 aggressive hunter mob near each of the captives. I logged back in the top center area with the portal back to kotor inside the wall. I immediately see a lvl 20 paladin (named Ragemenyak or something like that) outside the wall, standing at the top left of the zone. So, he's got a shield and what looked like a +1 amped mace. I could kill him pretty easily (full lvl 18 vstorm, lvl 17 staff all +5 - +6), but I figure he's minding his own business getting his own captive, and I'm just waiting for mine, so no big deal. He heals himself a couple times, then grabs his captive when it pops up. Then suddenly, he pulls out a high amped labrys of sudden doom and two things occur to me: 1. He just had the mace out to boost his healing 2. He's about to try and kill me Now, I could run in the portal, but I had one captive left and I don't think I've ever run away from a paladin. So he charges around the wall and I put up heal, attack him and hit him with blind. This sends him off to the right, buying me a second. I hit him with another shot, skill shot, then my blind wears off and he starts coming back. JUST before he reaches me, I hit him with quake. This causes him to miss his stun, but now I'm trapped in the corner and he probably has 1/2 - 2/3rds health left. I decided to run past, knowing I'd take a volley of hits. He crits me at least with one of the shots (still stuck with quake), which took me to around 1/4-1/3 HP (ty violent storm for no hit points, but I wasn't expecting to be THIS low). So, I try to get some distance to heal a bit more by running to the top left, where he originally was. He charges again at me and I hit him and cast blind again. THIS TIME it sends him directly downward, right when the hunter mob was coming up. While I go to the lop left, he triggers the mobs and gets killed. I grab the last captive and leave. I was being nice and leaving you alone, but you came and attacked anyway. That's what you get :P
  7. Thanks for the great guide! Here are some notes from my experience: Quake appears to have been updated recently in regards to how it targets. It used to hit anyone in range of the initial cast (regardless if they moved away by the time the spell is activated). It was great because you could quake anyone running away from you in arena no matter how far away they are. Now it seems to hit only those in range at time of actual spell execution. Also, it's not mentioned above, but raising quake skill also raises damage inflicted to target. It appears to be moon damage + a set amount related to skill level. For example a lvl 2 shaman with no moon does 43 dmg on skill lvl 1 and 53 dmg with lvl 2. My 18 shaman with level 3 quake does moon + approx 80 dmg. Quake is quite useful with the recent popularity of 5v5 arena.
  8. Sorta off topic, but can we expect to see any more mcoin promotions soon - like 2x mcoins when purchasing?
  9. Lately, I've been logging out with my rogue and shm at the sea monster to periodically check if the farm is available. Today there was an incident there, so I wanted to post here to get some clarification. Now, I use two characters to farm, so I log in a shaman, heal rogue to tank, switch to rogue to use skills, and switch back repeatedly. I log in this afternoon at the sea monster and see that it is up and walking around, appearing to be available. So I log my shaman and quickly heal, then switch to my rogue to attack. At the same time a lvl 14 necro begins to attack it as well. Not knowing if he'd be waiting there I immediately back off to let him have it. After a minute it's clear that he's unable to solo the mob because he's running out of energy. I type that he should probably run and when he does, I gouge Sea Monster to make sure he can get away. At this point, there is no one at the boss, so I figure it's free to farm. So I begin as normal switching characters to quickly heal and skill attack to kill it. Just then a level 18 shaman with a similar name to the necro (obviously the same player) walks up and dequips his staff and starts underhealing me. I tell him to stop and frantically gouge and hide to get away. I figure he's upset that I have the farm now so he's forcing me to give it back. So I have to run, but I warn him I'm going to return the favor for what he did if he tries to steal it for himself. He does and I do, so he's also forced to back off. Fortunately, another shaman was there to witness this and offered to also heal my rogue so that he could prevent the guy from underhealing. So, I start the farm again, the lvl 18 attempts again to underheal, but he can't stop both of us from healing the rogue. Suddenly, he logs off (at which point I thought we'd won). Only, a minute later a lvl 10 DK with a very similar name walks up and starts trying to pull the Sea Monster away to force an evade. I quickly went to my rogue and gouged it to prevent this as well. He switches to his shaman to underheal, and I switch back to stop him. Finally, I kill the mob successfully, satisfied we stopped a troll from what he was trying to do. But then he starts yelling at me for stealing his farm. Apparently, he told me to stop and warned me he'd underheal me if I didn't. Now, again, I'm rapidly switching characters, so if he did say anything, I did not see a word of it. I explain this, but he continues berating me anyway and calling me a lair saying I did see his messages. Also, he accuses me of blocking his necro's heal, which I'm not sure what he means there. Still, I apologize and explain again I didn't see anything that he typed (assuming he's telling the truth), and told him the farm was his and logged off. Sorry I know that's a super long post, but I wanted to give the entire story. Now, here's MY question/point. If I come in to a farm and see a character attempting to farm it, but can't AND that character runs away, isn't it safe to assume that the farm is now available??? Regardless of what he may have claimed later about owning the farm, the only character present was the necro, who couldn't handle the farm and was forced to run. Besides not seeing his apparent messages, have I done anything else wrong? I even gave the farm back after all this.
  10. So my party is farming lake elemental tonight and an obvious elf spy Mztz lvl 2 shaman shows up. He starts underhealing me (tank) and there's nothing we can do to stop him. It wasn't until we managed to get two shamans into the party that we could stop him from doing this. With only one healer, though, there's nothing you can do to prevent someone from doing this. Ironically, this is the second time this has happened to me in two nights. Last night, a level 10 shaman Shamantize unequipped her staff and did the same thing on the Sea Monster. Again, nothing I could do about it. Clearly, the healing system needs to be fixed to prevent this from happening. The game should only use the highest level heal for the entire duration of that heal, instead of letting it be canceled for a lower heal. This way this abuse can stop.
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