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  1. There are 6 new dungeons in the Snow Boundary. The guards are strong, but you can use runes to obtain passage to the main dungeon boss. The reward will not disappoint! What do u mean by "runes" ?
  2. I think that we should be able to use it from one lvl or make cheaper to lvl up from 1 to 2 lvl because it would be easier to gather guild points as we could withdraw quest items at moments that guildmates are not online...maybe lvling up of warehouse should be increased the space of it unless it is unlimited...it is hard to level up a guild without the power of sharing things without mates online...
  3. nah i believe elfs are the best at pvp... compare bladedancer vs barbarian: reduce dmg to one but much dmg-reduce dmg to all but little dmg bleed with silence and hold to one-separate skill so u can brake the combo druid vs shaman: root holds u and silence u-earthquake dmg u and holds u(no silence) bees like bleed but helps to decrease the heal of enemy- fear that just make him run for a time while it can be useless in enemies with buff heal.. ranger and rogues no point to compare...2 full damage players with critical chance and equip playing the most important role...
  4. someone told that druids are op against rogues...ok they have an advantage cause they have bees so stealth skill wont be available but think of the start of fighting...i dont know how many people can understand that rogues are players with much critical and damage and druids have buff heal and light armor...in other words a rogue can kill so easy a druid...elfs dont cry...i cant understand why dev team has made map in circles...its really annoying when people do quests and suddenly a warlock and a shaman start to kill and evade with these stuns and fear...when we fight at arena i believe the c
  5. ok what about priests tears?they hit u not aoe but with chance..barbarians too decrease dmg of an area..mages chains they just throw u away..they don't silence or damage u..warlock's skill have silence stun and poison in one area and shaman stun with damage...dont forget about fear cause warlock and shaman have fear skill which make the enemy useless in a combat...sorry but i don't think that some chains and tears would be good against warlocks and shamans skill....stun + fear = invincible.
  6. everyone thinks that the problem is the dmg but think about it...before sd equips show up there were 15 lvl arena,bg and 17 lvl abyss..bg and abyss were good for bosses only because they have not critical and resilence instead of arena swords which was good for arena with resilence and critical..in other words it can be some changes but each weapon has it owns use...u cant compare everything with dmg... ::)
  7. maybe your mega bytes have ended...it will show perfect but the internet will be too slow cause some companies offer free slow internet after your mb ends..so check if u have mb available..
  8. TYM0R0S

    quest bug

    it is not your fault..thank u for help:)
  9. TYM0R0S

    quest bug

    still nothing....ok i think its better to send a ticket..
  10. thats really dangerous to change the first name...game members may have they changes saved but a scammer can scamm u more easily than before...there may be a global notification but all players dont play the same time...it would be nice to place a new name but at exchanges at least we should use our original names...on the other hand if u are careful u wont be scammed.. ::)
  11. if we could buy miracle coins with gold from game then i believe things could be better... 1st sometimes we need miracle items and although we have gold to buy it no one have miracle coins or selling it at normal price. 2nd All miracle items would have a steady price...At first signs set costed 40k after the first discounts they costed 30k and now its around 20-27k.. 3rd It would help very at exchanges....for example someone who is selling longbow +6 he wants 100k or 5 set signs while he will sell them 25k each and not 20k as we can sell (100k = 5 set signs which's costs 20 each) I am
  12. i am really confused...i understand what u want to say but it needs hard programming all these things... :dirol:
  13. well as i understand u want to make mobs drop 100% the items that the quest needs...its not a bad idea at all.But i think that other people asked that too...I hope to do something about it because this is a way that you can level up faster and not breaking your weapons without reason..
  14. TYM0R0S

    Beta Server

    well....beta server could have many uses....why not we can use +10 equips there and all for free...if u wanna find the best way to play your char u will have to spend many gold and much money...so we can try them all there....its not a bad idea..moderator have beta servers for finding bugs i suppose not for finding the best combination of items for the players... ::) +1 to beta server.
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