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  1. my list Shaman :ultimecia,sorceressz Barb :zythus, machote Roque :afro,manley Warlock :shadowtear Dk :deatknight Necro :kiyomi Ranger :reu,analyze Bd :kawaru,pliskin druid :poley,saffo Priest :idk Mage :idk Paladin :thorr
  2. wew reu wht happend .so sad great ranger like u leave game.good luck bro.
  3. Anakpanah is my old friend since ws 07. he from indo not philipines. Goodluck anakpanah.
  4. desy patah


    Omg u n xeli old frnd.wow Xeli share acc wit u but u call her scamer n lesbo. Wow Fyi jen. Xeli phne me n she sad n crying coz u always chasing her for lov U angry on her coz She refused ur love.omg xeli normal not lesbo like u. She sad coz u always say please merry me whole days.she wont merry u lol coz she normal. I know why u angry on me. U jelous n u tnink me take xeli frm u lol. Lmfao im normal. Love make u crazy jen.xeli told me u make tatto on ur arm "i love u celina". Omg Dnt worry jen im not take xeli frm u. she Step away frm u coz she afraid.xeli told me u will kill her frnd if xeli stil play warspear .so she decide leave game and let u play all xeli char aslong u not chasing her. Lov make u crazy jen. Good luck
  5. desy patah


    hmm interesting topic. 1.who are u? Why u so mad on my pt 2.wht u main char? 3.did my pt scam u? Ur not my ex pt member and i never farm with u before 4.me n xeli lesbi?tht rude. My home indo n xeli india.how we be lesbi.fyi im pragnent n my baby will born next february.im normal not lesbo 5.bout migke. All pt member agree kick mikge for some reason. Ask eri.erika.cobrax.hitkaze did i scam them. They farm wit me. If my pt members scamer. Im ready got permanent ban.im ready gm investigate my acc. Its just game jeny u shud enjoy .btw why u not make pt n farm.ty . Im busy preparing for my baby.and im busy cure my tumor. Hope god gv time to me. I want see my baby born before i dead. If u want i can delete my all char if ths make u happy. My real life so beatiful thn ths game Dnt worry jena i wij leave game whn my baby born. Later i focus take care my baby. For all my frnd in ths game. Tysm for uall support.god bless uall.
  6. Zzz i saw u kill many mc during quest zzz
  7. My frnd so frustation coz cant buy coin by sms (indonesia).now he left game :cray: :cray: :cray: :bad:
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