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  1. lmao neelam good shammY HAHAHA . Nice jk
  2. prices wil increase job or no job. Just dat wit job u hav a source of earning gold. Also it wil make game more intresting. Plz do ask ur self wat u do al day wen u r level 20. U just grumble n ultimatly quit bcoz dere is nthg to do. Doing same quest again and again and geting exp when ur level stays same has no point. U can just sit in town. Chat etc why waste on repair then. C ask every1 and ask urself wat u do. Job is entirely different frm ur dailies. Its more vast n hav a huge possiblity. Nw to be frank wit u or wil u nt do job to earn gold if it were to be introduced. Plz to look at bright side. Doing a job wont bore any1 its always fresh. Im tryg to make game intresting. But if u thinj its usles. Den plz do suggest wat a level 20 player do. Plz if ur answer is negative do giv me ur suggestion. Idc abt prices going up or down when i have a source of earning gold.. I hope i hav made myself clear
  3. thanks a lot 4 ur time guys. I wil lik to point out dat helper doesnt recieve gold 4m questor but 4m game itself rewards. And its preety exciting .i find many low levels cryg 4 help and many ppl do help them. Help wil be more intresting when u gt rewarded 4 it
  4. i wil be extremly glad if ppl post their ideas .after al u guys r al playing too. Plz suggest ur bright ideas
  5. prices hav already increasd. And mainly due to market. Just to increase average price of an item ppl for example put 1 repair scrol at 11k. Which automaticaly makes a genuine player put da avg price. Its basicaly scaming. U can check wat i said any day.gold is hard earnd 2 hours worth effort lands avg of 2k gold .if u farm solo for spheres. Job system wit make it easier 4 ppl w/o mcoin facility a relief. N nt on dat job system includes a vast range of activity. Which wil make dis boring game intresting. Every1s status says dat dey r bored or r nt playing nw. Job system givs ur effort da pay. Eg, staying in tavern for two hour wil earn a player 150 0 gold. In dis way more ppl wil be engaged in activity.nw a level 20 player is idel. He wil atleast utilize his time. And trust me al wil lik it . Another example as i hav already mentiond that player wit get gold 4 helping questor. Such jobs can be attachd to quest such dat only when quest is complete helper wil recieve reward depending on da quests difficulty.n number of people helped at a given time. Request can be made via dealer where requestor may os may nt be askd for a smal fee.
  6. yea yea nw u guys should suggest removing dat skil wit another skil lik kik my self skil
  7. now a days earning gold has become quite a headach. When u get good drp u fight tooth n nail to get da fair price. Markets hav gone crazy 1 repair 11k omg . Farmg lost its shine. N ppl who sel mshop items making gold lik miser.quest giv just enough 4 repair. Plz its time now to introduce job system in game. Some rpg games already hav dese job system of earning gold. These jobs dnt giv exp points . In these a player spends certain amount of time doing work as he/she chooses frm avaliable option. For example , subzero player has earned 10k gold for killing 100 wild boars or player patahhati has earned 15k gold for helping 15 different people. Etc. Jobs lik these and as such helps nt only player himself but also others.low levels in such system wil get helpd even before they can ask. I hope others can giv more suggestion
  8. :) my shammy most elf dnt kil . Hehe . Some even come to mc side n talk to me.but some elf do kil w/o reason . ^^ i keep then in my mind
  9. elmtime

    Norland Swamps

    i havnt been able 2 reach kolavv past 2 days :D
  10. bottomline .its dead boring...
  11. sadly updates after update hav been made but none actualy did highlight why we play the game. Al new additions hav be by crude means attached to story. New wepons and new boss made older ones seem lame. Wat is da point of geting a doom if i hav no use but to show of. Noobs n pros are alike. Those who may say we complain but why nt quit,the answer is simple ,there is no other game for symbian.its just a humble suggestion to improve game on basis of its story mode. It fact dat ol rpg games must earn to exist. Team members of game dev doing fine on dat. But plz dnt 4get a game w/o a proper story isnt a game. There is no point of playing if there isnt an end. To those pros who show of at trade chat their +10 : ur equips r as usles as u r when u scream abt how good ur .to so cald noobs: pros r as bad as u r. Ps: dnt cry when u read. Game is lik dat
  12. elmtime


    jenny u mes wit ma sis u mes wit me. U scaming ppl. Go make ur own perma party n make ur own shit party. Lets c how u fair. Go get lif chick.
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