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  1. Easy to said, but when you are like me with a stuff amp +5 to +7, no one accept to do dg 28 with me and all +10 players remain between them.
  2. Thanks a lot for your rapid and effective update about dg
  3. Yes i undertand that ice ring and amulet are really good items so thats why they make dg harder then haloween, so i think they should put an easier difficulty but where you cant drop those accesories
  4. The fact is that you have alot of resistance that can avoid cc and life steal is so good on pala +10, and everyboby do not have these stuff. And I watch the video, except the tips with the tiger I learn nothing more who can help me to clear dg ( I already try with all these tips and using 2 stam )
  5. Dg lvl 24 is too hard, no one in US server clear it. Even when we had a party with full enchant +7 mini we failed it after we kill the last ice queen, there is just too much mobs who appear
  6. My new video, thanks for watching
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