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  1. Hi @Reivenorik, Many players are disapointed about dg 28 in EU-Emerald. - Mobs has a lot of stun skills - The Teleport Area take a lot of time - The previous area before the boss has too many mobs - The last boss cooldown is high If we dont go with full +9/10 players, we ll die and complete in 2 stams. Please fix it, many players +4/7 has already give up and think this is not an happy event. Regards
  2. Hi, Great job for this future event ! But i think dg 28 are really hard, for "NORMAL" difficulty : - Mobs has a lot of stun skills - The previous area before the boss has too many mobs - The last boss cooldown is high In my mind, a team of +9 players can complete it with 1 stam without death. Regards
  3. Hi team, Thanks for Horror event. But after server restart, we get a bug from hard bg tower boss. it is spamming blind skill, without cooldown. Can you fix that The realm is eu-emerald, at mc side. Regards
  4. Hi, If the bear dies, u must activate the lever again at left, like when u enter the area. There is no need to heal the bear, better heal yourself and attack the mobs who hit the bear
  5. Hi, On test server, all dg levels are normal difficulty. It s easy to complete with 1 stam. This is the way : -1st area : attack only mirrors when tank aggro mobs, one of them (random) open the gate - 2nd area : All attack boss (Siren) - 3rd area : All attack the boss (Slug) except tank who run and keep apply aggro - 4th area : Tanks must use aggro to mobs at top & bottom when the bear is moving to the right. - 5th area : bring boss (Swawn) near the flower, which heal it. Then attack there. - 6th area : The last boss... Stay away from clouds when they appear, because they deal dmgs. Beware to Boss, it has aoe silence skill. Regards
  6. Hi Devs, You should increase boss respawn at Ayvondil (Ponti, Satraps, ...). With update many guilds will rush to kill them. Regards
  7. Hi All, When test server on ? xD We ve not tested this important release and you want update Regards
  8. Hello, Thats nice. Can you tell us more about these points : - the costs to enter in castle (stam, arena tics, nothing or something else) - the rewards Regards
  9. Hi guys, Please add relics & craft resources in Norlant quest rewards Regards
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