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  1. who do u think is the best druid on Sapphire? :) the top 3 best ive seen are icekiller, wolfatk, xephyr and lvinz :drinks:
  2. Lost weapon, lost gold. Whats next? I would hate to log on only to find i need to buy my way to lvl 18 :shok:
  3. No. U can lose or break ur gear eitherway with or without the sign. It happened to me
  4. how to lvl up faster- do the quests/dailiies that give out the most experience first joining parties is madatory, everyone in the game needs to join a party at some point since some bosses are too hard to kill alone :blush: pvp/ arena is were u compete with other players close to ur lvl group and find out whos the strongest. it helps u develop ur 1 on 1 skills and strategies as well. make sure u have good gear before competing so u have better chance to winl :good: farming- some bosses in the game( genie, granite guard, markasha etc.) give out drops everytime u beat them BUT its solely based on luck so u might need to kill them plenty of time to get them ;D good luck! :drinks:
  5. obtaining a cc or arena weapon or gear is hard enough, losing them and having to start all over again using a noob weapon is harder and it costs alot of money, due to the cost of arena tickets :(.. on top of that, using the sign of imperishability does NOT guarantee success and we lose our weapons anyway and just wasted money buying it :facepalm: can u pls make it to were amplification failure only results to item broken or -1 atleast? i hope u listen to this simple request. good day to u all :)
  6. my druid jus got hit with a 1014! 2x by a barb in arena and have yet to win a battle against any ranger...i rarely lost a fight before update, im now 0-7 :shok:
  7. first of all, losing weapons when amplification fails seems a bit harsh. it took me forever to get my winding scepter and its now gone, its hard to win arena battles using a noob staff :cray: and it says on update that " Shaman and Druid: healing skills performance increased." my heal went from 220 to 200 :facepalm: :facepalm:
  8. i can do 864! on a jerboa but idk how to take a pic :(
  9. "ranger, Druid, shaman can easy draw match against a melee, blind > earthquake > run on barb / rogue / bd, ranger can scatter > trap > run, druid can root and run, all can draw the match, rogues are just better at escaping then other classes. they should lose points when draw or lose, now everybody is a winner." thats a great idea. everyone is gonna be forced to fight, that way the stronger player win the arena and not the better runner ;D cheers :drinks:
  10. bstee76

    Rogue skill setup

    the most common skill setup for rogues seems to be gouge+5, stealth+5 and chicken out+10, specially in arena :rofl:
  11. admin or anyone, can u please make it to were the last player in the arena with more health wins? im tired of rogues gouging me and using stealth when their about to die and hide until the fight is over so it ends up becoming a draw :(
  12. another bug i found was my teammate and i (lvl 17, 15) fought a lvl 18, 16 and after we won we only got +38 ponts each but when they won the 2nd time they got +45 :facepalm:
  13. lighting+5, heal+5 root/shield/bee+3 = typical. pros: very versatile. cons: u need good gear to be very effective. lighting+5, root+5, bee/shield +3 = war mage. pros: great setup for arena, 1 on 1. cons: bad for party since most need druid for healers heal+5, shield+5, bee+3= healer mage. pros: perfect for party(farming). cons: bad for 1 on 1 battles or arena since ur atk will be very low.
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