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  1. PvP. Player vs Player If u see the video, you see, player vs player. No matter what is used. Well there could be a discussion about the minion thingy but well, i didn't use one, nor pots.
  2. Hello guys, I made videos playing druid Niennor. It's a strong druid and took long time to make.. I fought vs another druid named sleepercel, he had better stats. (mdef-dmg) But skills > dmg. I also fought vs a full +10 rogue from the well known guild AoA, poor guy even tried to pot/minions. Enjoy the video!
  3. Why do people even care lol.. Go send it to support and if it's true they'll do something.
  4. Why not ending the arena 1 week ago, so you got 3 months time to make the changes.. You said in a reply you guys don't even have the concept ready, so when you have it, it still takes weeks/months to make it, and see if it even works... I'd say, end the season now, make a new season for the other ring, and have a fresh start when the cape arrives.
  5. I maybe have a way to kill it, need to test it, Julie this is my last post for today, I am not really a forum kind of person, and I do remember you ~ a bit. Pm me in game, I am usually on Kalibow/Niennor, if you want to have a talk.
  6. Roland is also a troll... But what i dont understand is the mobs hitting the gm members, only 80, while in game they hit 400+/- Hassn highest defensive barb with 10k def, gets 300 hitted...
  7. Is it possible to kill the Raid boss Elm with 1 party? So there has to be a strategy?
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