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  1. i have a question. Did the event can be started multiple times on same day or not?
  2. "Irselnort - mini bosses. Up to 20th level (Inclusively)." I am lvl23, no more drops at maraksha, ghostwalker,kratt,genie, for me?
  3. I hope that the release post will have a description about these new events .-. i dont understand it on test server
  4. Which you skill buy first? Link skill cant be used without a party, but can i with a minion? My char is lvl18 3/5 lightning 5/5 heal and 5/5 barskin. I'm undecided. waterball skill is damage and stun if use lightning. But link is good for dungeons, arena, bosses w/ party(but cant use for my self). I will lvl up someday, but now, which one you suggest me?
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