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  1. hamzza chan nice it looks scary :-,
  2. that would be the boots o: bt it's covered
  3. waddup everyone i'm daffi (._.)/ and i hope You like my costume o: The Warrior of Glory It is named like that according to the history this armor holds , brave warriors fought to their last breath from all around the world of arinar. God Harad has decided to honour the warriors memory , making one single armor combined out of four armors of the most courageous warriors from each faction. He picked the parts which were melted into new plates for a new shiny armor and he forged into it some rare gemstones found in the mountains , saphire , ruby and one big bright emerald s
  4. looking furious mi liiike iit *-* nut bebe :3 (/._.)/
  5. whenever i try to login ws it says 'another connection using your profile was detected' and sometimes it keeps giving connecting the whole time.. why is that happening? i deleted the old file and uninstalled it but still it aint working it's the same problem on my phone and pc
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