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  1. hamzza chan nice it looks scary :-,
  2. that would be the boots o: bt it's covered
  3. waddup everyone i'm daffi (._.)/ and i hope You like my costume o: The Warrior of Glory It is named like that according to the history this armor holds , brave warriors fought to their last breath from all around the world of arinar. God Harad has decided to honour the warriors memory , making one single armor combined out of four armors of the most courageous warriors from each faction. He picked the parts which were melted into new plates for a new shiny armor and he forged into it some rare gemstones found in the mountains , saphire , ruby and one big bright emerald stone in the middle of the armor representing the life of arinar. Gold fragments were added to the shoulders , the chest and the waist for its admirable precious look while the cloths underneath it were made of the finest fabric dyed in red color that symbolize many powerful things like war, strength and love.. And at last a black cloak like the dark night was added to the armor to show its power for within this armor, glorious victories and brave tales passed down between generations until this day. The armor awaits for the brave and loyal ones to their people to step into it , those who can be truely called the warriors of glory. ________________ Thank you for reading (^-^)/ (._.)> http://m.imgur.com/uFjggNG
  4. looking furious mi liiike iit *-* nut bebe :3 (/._.)/
  5. whenever i try to login ws it says 'another connection using your profile was detected' and sometimes it keeps giving connecting the whole time.. why is that happening? i deleted the old file and uninstalled it but still it aint working it's the same problem on my phone and pc
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