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  1. OP is a fag meme? Are you twelve?
  2. Pretentious garbage full of pedo fanservice and too deep for you supernatural themes. Also a lot of kanji jokes which are lost in translation. I have no idea what makes it good. But it is.
  3. Azebu

    Sulla vs Azebu

    We live in an age when majority of internet is hugbox, and people are taught to be excellent to each other. So any deviation from the "norm" is immediatelly looked down upon, it's easy to lose friends and status by saying something not from usual regurgirated mainstream agenda. Some people just can't see fun in being excrement to each other. I blame feminism.
  4. Azebu

    Sulla vs Azebu

    This, it's just silly banter. Nothing to worry about. Well, at least until you fall foul of him. I don't mind more statistics in my favor.
  5. Oh. Of happenings. Check the page source too. http://www.kizumonogatari-movie.com
  6. Since when is that shit a negative term? "I like that shit" is a correct term. Or, "the shit", which means the best.
  7. I didn't catch that typo indeed. I can't just die yet. I'm all out of vacation days.
  8. You know why necroposting is bad? Because most people from back them are dead by now.
  9. The only person that should be reported is YOU! The bullying to the point of quitting needs to be stopped. Bullying is NOT cool.
  10. Sulla claims yet another life. When will developers stop him?
  11. It's shit. I only smear my friends in shit.
  12. This is very short-sighted look on the issue. You can't sweep it under the rug. You can't, especially, be selfish and ask for special treatment just on your own server when others have to deal with the same thing.
  13. So it used to be an item, that was dummied out, and then made into test item?
  14. The fun part is how most of the developer items have translated names. Even though not to be seen in public, they still put an effort. About the weapon, sulla is right. It might seem ridiculous, but items with huge boosts to one stat are common in some games, and allow for fun, gimmicky builds. And I hope this game gets more of those.
  15. Maybe instead use FFXIV Party Making system. It's basically a list of groups (that made themselves visible on that list), with what they want to do (instance, PvP, etc), and classes of party members, and empty spots that can be configured to search for role (for example, only healers will be able to enter on slot 4). It can be clicked to view more info, a description written by party leader, and party leader's name, and quick "message leader" button. It even has an option to choose languages accepted.
  16. What's stopping you from using world chat to find party members? Party finder made WoW worse.
  17. If it's stupid then there is no need to explain. You don't argue with idiots. Ever.
  18. But I have a girlfriend already.
  19. But you can't be Kodo-kun if you're Shitzo. Multiple accounts are bannable offense. So is different font sizing in the middle of sentence. Some dudes are out for blood here, you could be next. Though I'll have to update that one pasta now.
  20. Who is this meme jim Who is this joke bloke Who is this banter hunter
  21. What happened to that dog?
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