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  1. Aaaand its still not closed?
  2. OMG you really came back?! So long waited for this time 3 years... since you quit and went to play other mmorpg... Few weeks ago we were discusting with Volex about you xD Our legendary sneaky came back
  3. Everyone complaining about so many things, shouting.. while im relaxed watching anime..
  4. I still dont understand whats the difference between how it was and how it will be
  5. Hardweed


    What about MC then?
  6. Balance in the game.. you mean give stronger expert skills to mountain clan? Agree
  7. Congratz, btw how many times have you changed the name of the guild?
  8. Yeah thats really interesting situation.. Well Absalom have very big ego and you can blame him but You cant tell that all Sithlords are bad. Few weeks ago we made a small deal with Xxdeaathxx and we trusted each other even when he didnt know me before, he is the person you can really trust, all his guild helped me to get my new axes. We ended our deal succesfully and we can call each other friends from now on. What im trying to say that not all members of the Sithlords are so bad as everyone saying, they blaming them only coz they cant beat them. Thats my opinion. Well talking about what absalom did is unforgivable and unbelievable but facts are real so its only pity for me that it happend to you...
  9. I guess with the photo everything is ok, coz we can see Warspear Online logo. Just I dont think that they will accept it coz you sent the day when contest is already over. Goodluck
  10. Sadly but I agree with him ↑. What you saying absalom is ducking ridiculous. I know its your opinion but its just You saying that arena spammers spam ticks all the day with pots and only loses and still have higher rank than YOU? How? Sithlords mostly winning in 5x5 with pot, what im saying that you guys make really much ap and you still complain about poor people gaining ap for loses.. Why the hell? If they are lower amped and cant win against pros, what they should do? Only spam ticks with ap pots and at least from losses get their ap for gears they need. Buddy you should breath fresh air and think a little what the hell are you talking about
  11. Your english pretty bad.. couldnt understand whats the point. What do you want to say?
  12. Hardweed


    Just in time as always bro xD
  13. Even laser died with 0 dmg dealed
  14. Im not a fan nor hater of necros but I dont agree with any of your ideas zakuty. That ally or mob ressurection would be too op, like someone said what would be if 5 necros would go to 5v5? They would keep ressurecting each other. That transfusion also kinda dumb, for example you would have 100hp left and your enemy 2000 in pvp, you would get his all hp and kill him immidiately.. thats kinda not fair to win the battle only with one skill.. I would agree with hp drain, something like life steal just a skill. Like priests have mana drain.
  15. 19lv 1h axe from 0 to +5 - 1set 2nd axe from 0 to +3 - 1 set
  16. Ok then im leaving this thread and let others to have fun. Feel free to delete this post as well.. I hate you dude.. You really know that you deleted my last post with no reason and i proven it just you dont want to give up and keep saying the same. Ok rules are rules Have fun. Btw you always saying im posting with profanity.. Make ss next time of my post and put it here to prove that I used profanity edit: i shouldnt have to bother showing you what you posted, as admins can clearly see it themselves if they find it necessary to even look -jswaaz
  17. Ak-47 Question: Sunny or rainy day? Jswaaz 》Lmao, i havent done anything wrong and only my posts keeps deleting..-.- I just normally like other answered questions and asked mine.. You said posts dont fit the topic. Is there some kind of instructions what questions are allowed to ask?! NO, there isnt. So whats the point to delete them? Im free to post anything like others do. This thread is for fun and here comes silly moderator who have to show how great he is and how he can do what fits himself.. I dont understand you dude.. nothing here is profanity, so dont expect it to be removed next time you post words WITH profanity it will be removed, as i have had the pleasure of having to remove pretty much 90% of your posts due to your immaturity everything i said is according to rules, you want to point out im breaking the rules? ok, go ahead. -jswaaz
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