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  1. +1, totally agree, just like my rogue just with double axes
  2. Dont cry bro, Be proud of the siths being the first lv5 guild in US!
  3. I do bro, but dont have much time to. Have you checked my profile?
  4. No I don't, but would love to learn with gitar someday. What's your favorite color?
  5. Seems like you failed bro.. made such a big post thought
  6. Actually only 21-24 lvls dont have quests at t1-t3. I check my 20lvls have quests there. So you lying about lv14-20 P.s you changed the topic and message few secs ago.. lmao
  7. Actually not everyone ganking, there are many wise people, im talking about Ayvondyl area. Agree that those no quests at t1-t3 sucks.. feeling the pain myself, but as someone said, we got easy quests at Ayvondyl, so we have nothing to worry about.
  8. Will NEVER happen.. forget it
  9. You should be happy that dews told you all about the real time.. At first was 1hour, 2hour and everyone was complaining that they took too long.. So be proud of them, its the progress
  10. Omg cant you just wait a little longer? They fixing the problem..
  11. Going to the 12th class at the moment, gonna finish school Milk or kefir?
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