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  1. Congrats SithLords, SATPOLPP and HAVOC :drinks:
  2. Let me try and send a ticket with the link of this forum topic. :) Hope it would help...
  3. Arena Set + Doom with Cooldown = Good support in Arena
  4. Suggestion on Mini-Games. Something like Skirimish games where you could spawn/train your own mobs and attack the enemy's territory. Or... Something like a Survival Game-mode where you have to stay alive until the time-limit ends.
  5. Sorry. Incomplete Pic :give_rose:
  6. We we're not after the prize. :) We just wanted to prove something to US-Sapphire and simply, to everyone. And... we did. :drinks:
  7. 5 guilds helping? I strongly disagree. :) I won't argue if that's what you guys think. :) We all had other characters so its basically just 'us.' :) Anyway, Sithlords is doing a great this tourney. :good:
  8. What do you mean outside effects? Like for example, priest's shield/aura? :blush:
  9. :drinks: Nice transition for ElixirPh. After ranking 3rd on their first tourney, they were able to get the first rank on their second tourney and even earned more than 1M GP. First time in US-Sapphire history for a guild to earn 1m gp if I am not mistaken. :drinks: Really a Pinoy pride. :drinks:
  10. Mine too :( +6 Stick of Sudden Doom with Ice Staff skin. Great Charm Magic Staff and Great Charm Dodge Personal I've already spent 200 sign pcs and still don't have the luck to get it to +7. What more for +8? :( I did it 40 signs one day and 160 signs the other day = 200 signs :( Is there like a best time and place to amp? Issalerit, lvl20 Priest | ElixirPh | US-Sapphire
  11. Congrats Perni and ABN! :drinks: -Issalerit, lvl20 Priest - ElixirPh
  12. Sithlords made 975k gp. Guild lvl 4. :friends: ElixirPh Lvl3, we made 1m Gp. :dirol: A US-Sapphire history. :drinks:
  13. "Where your treasure is, there will be your heart also." ;)
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