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  1. Ahaha just like the early post of our clan before...many haters against our clan's name critisizing it.. Why not make your own instead of making nonsense comments lol.. hehe ty keiz:-) but we need followers din..in the future. Many things are being considered before the decision was made. Thank you :-) By the way..meron sana ko idea for all sapphire clans hehe..in some point may mapagkakasundoang activities or something like that. Lol haha open for any suggestions :-) just pm me here in forum Pati narin sa lahat ng filipino dito..hehe kht minsan man lng may palaro or any activities na gaganapin. Lol alam ko bored na bored na karamihan satin. Hehe
  2. kung mkapagsalita to parang kilala mo na ung cnasabi mong "MOST SKINHEADS" ah.. nakaCAPS LOCK pa talga, parang may katibayang dala dala :crazy: kung may pera at ginamit mo pambili ng mcoin, pwede na bang tawaging "MCOIN HACKING" un? pakilagay nga muna utak mo sa ulo mo, wag sa pwet, baka mangamoy at di mo na magagamit ng maayos. post mo nga screen shot/pruweba mo pang support jan sa mga cnasabi mo. baka hanggang bintang ka lang. ikaw ang mahilig gumawa ng kwento "MOST SKINHEADS OF ELF US-SAPPHIRE ARE BANNED BECAUSE OF MCOIN HACKING"..
  3. [move]UPCOMING EVENT[/move] Warspear Sapphire server is soon to have an Upcoming Event. :drinks: Open for all Filipino elf players. :drinks: :aggressive: Levels 13-14, 15-18, & 19-20. :aggressive:
  4. ~BladeDancer~ ~Ranger~ ~Druid~ Xmoonlight Sprytblood Lvinz Nepz Absynthe Pusss Mightythor Bellato Xephyr Scyhtez Hartzel Faithealer Protodeath Markcuz Marcuz Jerby Rpuss Ajav Harass Idolkiller Drtrue Xurgellesx Pummy Xsun Francblade Saintkilah Khenn :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol:
  5. yaayy!!! :yahoo: lets do this again everday :facepalm: :spiteful: .. coz i think 60% of players are already bored.. :( :clapping: and some had quit..some play other game..
  6. Sprytblood

    WAR DAYs

    Oh.. we didn't start it mcs did :blush: :search: but elves finished it 8) :rofl: :diablo: :clapping: this is exactly what "WAR" Spear means :clapping: :yahoo: :drinks: :diablo: :blush:
  7. ok i wont quit :blush: i just need to get stronger :pleasantry: ..so we can rock the boat out of mcs butt :dirol: :diablo: :clapping: monmon :give_rose: :yahoo: :blush:
  8. hahaha sa 25 pa kayo dapat bumati ;D :tease: :blush:
  9. Feb. 25 B-day ko :pleasantry: :drinks: :dirol: :blush: 8) mamimigay ako items sa mga magp.pm o greet sakin.. :friends: ;D
  10. Feb. 25 B-day ko :drinks: :tease: :dirol: :blush: mamimigay ako items ;D kng cnu mag.p.pm greet sakin..
  11. bat away? :unknw: :shok: symbian ba ang N97? ask mo sa support team. ::) :good:
  12. hahaha tama :clapping: :good: :aggressive:
  13. Kapatid ka pala ni vice ganda? :shok: :lol: :rofl: :wacko: :crazy: nagpapatawa kapa :clapping: :facepalm: :wacko: :tease:
  14. 8) MABUHAY MGA PINOY ;D ~ELF~ Sprytblood Bellato Scythez Francblade Saintkilah Xmoonlight Hartzel Capslock Xxpinoyxx Xephyr Nepz Teamo Creampuff Ajav Khaizerdan Eisha Smofa Whererelic Faithealer Panget Absynthe Xyishx Harass Jerby Khenn Yvaine Thricks Jaerold Markcuz Harass Yola Mightythor Ruissa Albularyo Xnea Callie Daga Dmarzo Smof koza ~MC~ Sprytbllod Xxsssxx Cocohunter Estrangero Smofii Sapusomo Tokuchi Marzs Hartz Enlightened Qua Weedforall Zeinaa Whererelik Filter Sakuragih Marsz Razorback Yhangskie robskieful Uragonz Srhhealer Killerhawk Warboy Breakers Still need to be updated... pm me
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