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  1. Hello. I catched djcrazy and his other lvl 20 char! I have some screenshots. He said on djcrazy that he sells his acc for 10k. I payed 10k to his ranger and then he wanted a signs. I payed one sign because he wanted it for the password. I just wanted to catch him. Later he wanted to get my id to check if i have no more money or signs! PLEASE BAN THIS GUY!
  2. Good day. I am a lvl 18 pala and i have bought a: Divne def helmet, gloves, and shoes. All +3. And i saw i have round about 3k defence. But, i had a berengars armor for lvl 15. I used my BERENGARS helmet, div shoes and divine gloves now And i had more defence. How can that be? It is only a berengar chestplate and a berengar helmet.. and i ger more def instead of bonus from my divine armor. What did i wrong? :(
  3. The problem is i think they dont read the tickets.. idk.. i had problems too and my brother aswell.. and they do not reply.. maybe i try it a last one.. but thank you :)
  4. Dear players and warspear-team, Me raveboy play the game a long time. I found good friends and keep contact on whatsapp. But my best friend is Ducky! I always played with him since i started the game as a pala. And he too. I had exams in school etc and wasnt able to play that much.. but he did it, he became lvl 20. And i supoorted him with armour axes and much more.. i really spend over 500k for him cause he is my best friend.. he always called me daddy and i called him son :( And we played played and played.. One day he said he isnt able to log into his acc. He tried it on the next day.. login fail.. email or password wrong?! But why.. cant be.. now, he has no accand one day there was anozherAnother person playing on his acc? How?? He never gave his password etc.. never!!! He is always crying and asking me for help.. noe i thought ask in forum.. :) He knows some exact items and armour he had.. But not all.. if you could help me pls comment.. it would be the best thing you could do for me and for him.. i can tell you his exact items.. maybe.. and level.. etc.. pls help me :( Raveboy :( ♥
  5. Thx! It worked!! Im happy cause i got a messag from snorlax
  6. I only uninstall this app via play store.. i cant i think.. Are we able to buy mcoins via google play in some days? :/
  7. Look up! I didnt realized to use quotes.. sorry :[
  8. I can buy them only with paypal, sms, giftcode and other Methode, but not with google play.. thats the error :(
  9. What kind of error do you have? I want to buy mcoins. And if i go to Mshop -> Buy Mcoins -> i can only buy them with paypal, sms, gift code and other Methode.. but no google play? :/ thats the error!
  10. I wanna buy mcoins with google play card but i cant.. last time i could buy them. Now i cant.. why? :(
  11. Hello. My name is raveboy. I am the leader of the guild Headlights! We are lvl 2 since a few hours ago! Our guild has 4 heirs! 4 + 1 = 5. Including me, we hope to have a look on our guild: what happened there? Are the guys active? Nice to each other? Etc.. We want you to join our guild! Thats why I write this text. We invite all guys who are active + nice to each other and guys who can speak english! German is ok aswell. ( bin deutsch :) ) Heirs: - Fatboslim - Eqlipse - Dirtyfox -TheCore guild! 3 times 3rd In guild tournament! - Kannagi What we need?: We need active guys! We need guys who are able to get 500gp a week! We need people who help other members if they need help! We need guys of lvl 12+ ( maybe if you are really active, of lvl 2+ ;) ) Guys who are able to donate gold to our storage! We want to study skills like knowledge, arena or defence skills! So thats why we need the gold - Buy unity signs and gold for the skill studying aswell! Big dream is to be in the top 3 of the tournament or be lvl 3 with this guild! If you want to join our nice guild, write a comment or add me in Warspear and pm me if I am online! We ask all members where they live and how old they are. Rules: Be nice! NO discrimination! NO racism! Dont steal from guild! There are sometimes little awards for members who got 1000gp or more! Check our guild message for news! I ( we ) hope you guys know the headlights guild. We want to be a big guild with active and nice guys! We also have a whatsapp group! If you are member, ask me or the heirs for inv! Bye, Raveboy ( Paladin lvl 16 )
  12. Hello. My Guildd Headlights is close to lvl 2. I have 30 usigns and 80k gold. Now I want to ask if I study the exp skill, do I have to use every time usigns and gp from guild or only one time? :/ cause I dont understand :D.. thx :)
  13. Thx. I have one 150% pot. Ill do all daily quests and use the pot. So i get more xp.. :[
  14. I want to be Lvl 20.. dp i have to do only dail and swamps if there are no main quets? Any tips and tricks?? Thanks :)
  15. We need 12K gp for lvl 2! And i need active, really avtive guys.. pm Ingame or commemt down! Thanks :)
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