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  1. Congrats SithLords, SATPOLPP and HAVOC :drinks:
  2. Let me try and send a ticket with the link of this forum topic. :) Hope it would help...
  3. Arena Set + Doom with Cooldown = Good support in Arena
  4. Suggestion on Mini-Games. Something like Skirimish games where you could spawn/train your own mobs and attack the enemy's territory. Or... Something like a Survival Game-mode where you have to stay alive until the time-limit ends.
  5. Sorry. Incomplete Pic :give_rose:
  6. We we're not after the prize. :) We just wanted to prove something to US-Sapphire and simply, to everyone. And... we did. :drinks:
  7. 5 guilds helping? I strongly disagree. :) I won't argue if that's what you guys think. :) We all had other characters so its basically just 'us.' :) Anyway, Sithlords is doing a great this tourney. :good:
  8. What do you mean outside effects? Like for example, priest's shield/aura? :blush:
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