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  1. It does make your target blind, unable to use skills for a few secs plus 5 yards range. Fire totem that deals massive amount of damage and heal totem heals more than 500 per sec, what else do you want? Shaman is an OP class, if you think it needs one more stun then you should delete your shaman and make a bd, bd requires zero skills to play, all you have to do it is hamstring.
  2. Don't spend points on parry, there are better skills.
  3. Gets bored in every relationships What do you love about yourself?
  4. Screenshot is related to guild discount event as she levelled up her guild.
  5. She's married now, move on.
  6. What if I told you Dozy and I can beat fastear and we didn't copy him? and I play on phone.
  7. Lmao first of all this isn't Miss Universe, this is Warspears.Second of all there are more professional judges on Miss Universe show than there would be on Warspears and they look at many different factors to choose the winner. So you really can't compare those Judges to your game team. Having the winners judge by those particular individual would be biased.
  8. Lol no, gm shouldn't choose the winner. People should choose the winner through voting or Facebook likes.
  9. I'd say nastika because she used to gank me and I love to die.
  10. Btw necromancer, warlock and dk can cycle stuns/combo too so stop hating on druids :3 Get smart.
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