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  1. And If You Lose...? ...definitely means no gift for players? And hope the 5pics of Chest is not the same surprise chest that even 5 sets of it give players Junks?
  2. You bd users will never be satisfied until they nerfe your class. RUSH to catch up with evading casters and HAMSTRING them while they cant use skill or moved, SAP to reduce healers heal and damage, SONIC for ranged high damage, STEEL SHIELD to make low dmg dealers to reconsider their char, now COUNTER ATTACK that can easily debilitate offensive classes. Yet you are not satisfied. Maybe Devs should limit bds to Clothe armors and u will be glad (opposite).
  3. Devs should add 1 extra slot to the equipments slots into which we can equip additional items with stats that will boost movement speed, increase max hp, boost dmg, boost accuracy, and some other stuffs...
  4. Is the Moderator still viewing this topic? Cos i dont seem to notice their response. Well, Secret link make druids in party invincible. When i did arena a few days ago (5vs5 lv24 arena) we fought for some time and at last 2druids were left alive and 2shaman+1deathknight. They kept on spaming secret link and forest song and they killed us. The secret link heal figures are too high and the speed of the healing too fast for a class with already high heal. Shaman's ancestors hand is no match for secret link. Even during pvp in pvp-cave, some druids get in party with another person in the cave in order to use the skill during fight. How on earth will the opponent ever win. So if useable on minion, druids with minion will rule the whole maps... Im not saying this skill should be nerfed but let shaman get something worth spending skills on. If any shaman dares to spend skill on ancestors hand, other skills will be weak and no benefit to derive from ignorant ancestors.
  5. Crit chance should be restored for lightning shield. Mcs need skills that are beneficial to party members. Etc. Well let's stop complaining, Mcs really Enjoy losing Arena, And Elves love Flawless victory (5 men standing). Is that not cool?
  6. No slot to place halloween skills. Lol. Who will ignore his main skill and put snow skills in the slots. Well let me guess, necromancer players and some other mcs chars with decoration skills can do it. Maybe paladins can sacrifice their first expert skill too. This is a bit off topic though. But why does party containing druids in arena seem invincible? Someone hp is 100+ and u try to make your last hit, only to see his health rising +1500+1500+1500 each second. Sometimes hp rise to 3k+ at once. But shaman accestors hands would disappear in a short sec. Bds keep wearing that sheild yet your 0 attack on them seems to reflect deadly dmg at your with counter attack... Lol
  7. Full of shit. Why did you state that ur necro (retired) if u still play it and av fun? You dont play necro anymore bcos u notice it sucks. I guess u r just posting shit to pass time... You were saying its just RPG? So why is a cave set aside for pvp puppose?, why do we av two opposing factions? Why do we have Arena?
  8. Full of (shit). Maybe the last time u played was 2010. You are brobably an Elf coming to pose and vomit shit here... No necro player would say its good the way it is now.
  9. How can some bulls keep saying game is not for 1vs1. Then they should make the game an offline game so we dont have to come across other players while doing quests. Or we have to call for help in world chat everytime we get ambushed? Just bcos game is not for 1vs1? And there should be an explanation for giving most Mcs chars some expert skills they cant be willing to waste there money. While Elves are exceedingly happy to buy theirs fully which is exactly why they have advantage in arena... Shaman ancestors hands and druid secret link skills are not equivalent in any way... Now that there is automatic party formation in arena, almost all druids av the skill and they spam it in arena making them almost invicible at times. But only 1 out of 40 shamans av ancestors hands skill cos its useless. Automatic party in Arena is of no benefit for Mcs in anyway since we have no skills that assist party members unlike most elves chars that buff heals and damage of allies in party. High level arena Randoms, Mcs win only 1 out of 10 fights in most cases. Only Top Guilds Party win pretty well. And everybody can not be in top guild. The Game is becoming bullshit anyway. Its just a pity for those spending Alot of Real Money on it.
  10. Hello Roland/Peter.. Pls Can you tell how the skill cooldown of shaman really works? Cos in my testings i noticed its not really working in relation to percentage. That is, For instance :::: My shaman already have 5% cooldown on gears. I bought the 'Tribes Ritual skill'. And i made it lv4 which gives me 30% more cooldown for a period of time. Making my total cooldown 35% when active. PROBLEM::: A skill with 15secs cooldown should become 15-(15x35%) =15-(5.25) =9.75secs (approximately 9.8secs) Instead of that, the skill cooldown shows(11.1secs) when active. Why is it not giving the right cooldown? Could it be a bug? Bcos i bought that skill hoping to get something significant. And im a kind of person who test whatever i acquire thoroughly before using. NOTE:::: It happens to all other skills too during the period. And the misappropriation only occurs when the Skill is used (bcos the initial 5% i had on gear worked correctly). Despite that our expert skills does not benefit from it due to their long cooldown time. Pls i'd be expecting response...
  11. You talk like a great noob. Those shaman skills takes like forever to cooldown.. While druids skills can be spammed repeatedly in no time... If u think shaman is better than druid. Feel free to create shaman. All chars are there at your disposal. *z* If druids get another long stun for new skill, how do u expect necromancer players to survive?, dont greedy guys.
  12. Its really difficult for a fool to fetch meaning out of anything. So i guess you are one..
  13. Druid's forest song is better than this skill. Druids do get high success rate even if not lv4. With higher range and duration. And druids use it more often than necro. Panic is just another noob skill ( but intelligently masked) for necro users... Since they have been expecting good skill for a long time, they would accept panic, afterall its better than fateful connection in 1*1 fight.... Forest song holds enemies in place, which is preferable in most cases. While, Panic might make the enemies run in the same direction u r running to, the fear gets off quickly and the enemy stuns you (does that make any difference from not using the panic at all?) Panic needs lesser cooldown, more range, and more effect duration. If it wasn't OP for druids then it wont be a problem for necro either.
  14. So priests Redemption Skill heals 311 per tick? omg thats even more than shaman heals. Despite priests already have a normal heal of 900+ with buffs, And Shield? Well...
  15. The New Skill is just an additional burst damage skill for Druids. You don't want it to deal 1000 DMG, trust me. Likewise, you don't want it to stun for 4secs at lv4, believe me. And I'm sure you won't find it very interesting spamming 2 different DMG skills with 7secs cool down during fights. Or let us just assume u are the opponent and a druid is doing that to you.
  16. Stop saying what u dont know (most players raise opinions blindly). Go and use necro now in 1*1 or 2*2 against bds,rangers,priests, druids, palad. Then post the video. In fact, i dont think u(as a necro) would put all ur skill points on a nightmare skill while ur dmg skill remain at lv1 and it takes ages to even kill a single mob. And in most cases, you cant even stack you poison bcos u will get stuned before u complete the deadly eye cycle, while other classes stack their dot damages with a single skill strike. Imagine yourself using a char before making judgements.
  17. just 8secs at lv4?. So lv1 would be what? Thats not even enough to heal twice. If im not getting it wrong, after 8secs the buff disappears and cooldowns return to normal? Then lightning shield and totem wont get any benefit from it. I heard bds return 700+ dmg as counter attack.... Well
  18. EPIC PASSIVE Skill Suggestion For Shaman and Druid. Enough active skills. @@SHAMAN RAGE OF THE MOUNTAIN SPIRITS --Every basic attack(excluding skills) by the shaman has a 'chance' to impress the loyal spirits of Mountain Clans to initiate a spiritual debuff on the target for that attack alone. The target will lose some percentages of his magical defence only for that lucky attack to deal extra damage. -- minus 10% magic def at lv1. Minus 5% more magic def per level up. @@DRUID FAVOUR OF DARK FOREST ENTS --For Every skilled Attack on the Druid, there is a chance that the Dark Ents will spawn into action, Rooting down the attackers thus preventing them from using any other skill for the next 1.2 seconds --low chances of activation. Chances increase with level. --plus 0.3secs per level. I'll think of some for other classes.
  19. omg! what r u saying? "dk is stun they stop use skill dark circle...” Rubbish!!. Besides the fact that ur english is not comprehensive, what u r talking about isn't clear, its more like u r sad and crying. Well forgive my rudeness...
  20. Necromancer Got an area fear that will be cancelled by priest area heal skill. Because the priest skill will cancel-out all negative effects. So many flaws in the overall game setting, though they wont admit it... Maybe they should just turn the game to PvE offline game. So there would be no need for neither PvP nor balancing of factions... If the devs are finding it difficult to arrive at reasonable decisions on the game. They should seek sugestions... ...instead of messing things up. Note:: You can as well ban me from forum like u always did. I dont care cos i dont play... The fact is u hate to hear the truth...
  21. whats wrong... ...Several healing buffs for elves healers... Necro's got area fear skill that will possibly last 3secs and will even break when target get any hit. Only those who really use necro knows how ridiculous it is in 1 on 1 fight with other enemies. Now with more damage skills for other players, Necromancer's hp will quickly drop below 4% when they have to wait to regenerate hp before they can heal/shield. (there is not even rings for healers with health regeneration stat). Necro has to keep running around until it regen 150hp (16 regen every 5secs if in a fight). Think of it devs... In fact, I have seen where a noob lv18 Bladedancer was chasing a lv22 necro around in swamp trying to hunt him down.(What he would never try with a shaman). I couldn't stop laughing.... "Long story short”, Devs have mercy on necromancers. Is it a crime to be a dark healer?
  22. Silliness. And two necros will always be found together? You'd better read posts well before responding. Best disable thats is a complete waste when mobs or other enemies are around the necro's target... ...even in arena other players will definitely hit it off the target giving him the ultimate chance to hit the necro before it heals. Making nightmare lv5 means sacrificing revelant skill points for a useless skill which even costs ridiculously high mana to cast...
  23. I think ur so-called devs are having a hard time modifying necromancy skills for necromancer. So they back up their mistake by saying Necro is merely for support. We all know that there is no teamwork in warspear. Pple do things their own way. So if the necro is caught one on one in a fight, it has to start calling for help in world chat? Well, i hope the fourth expert skill will favour necromancer. Moreover, Nightmare skill should be modified to work like blind/fear...
  24. Hey ROLAND, there is an issue that as being going on for a long time, which in my opinion, i think is a bug in the game. But no one seems to be talking about it. Some Casters AoE 'tap and drop' skills (e.g earth quake, dark circle, time warp, etc) which are described to be used from 5yards often turn into 1yard skill during fight. For instance, if a shaman tries to cast earth quake during fight, he will automatically move to the exact point where he droped the skill before casting. This occurence wastes an extra 3secs++ before using the skill. And trying to click off ur target before casting will likewise waste about 2secs++. This is not fair and had being happening for years now. I hope u can fix this little problenm along with this update/fixes today.... For the happiness of the players
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