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  1. I have been playing Warspear on iOS ever since it came out. The character I've played the most was a Mage (because I play mage in all MMORPGs) and today I am deleting Warspear for the main reason: AIRGRIND does NOT care about their players by keeping the classes balanced. Mages have been and are currently the WEAKEST class: We have no real stun or heal skills (most calsses have a heal and/or real stun skills) Due to jewelry MDefense update Mages damage is no longer existent (we are supposed to be the damage dealers) We stand no chance versus the healer class (their heals are equal to mage damage output) and now the melee class as well (ex: rogues elusive jump and poison = no kiting) Mages skills are USELESS/BROKEN: Illusory Chains do not work; all it does is push players away, yet still allowing them to attack and, or stun us (all other classes have real stuns that actually work) Time Warp is now useless due to new rogue skills and its 1 sec activation (it should be instant!) Stone Shatters stun DOES NOT WORK due to its low stun rate and stun time, even at lvl 5 Sun Armor is now a joke after it has been tweaked - completely USELESS skill Until AIRGRIND developers start taking the Mage class seriously, I strongly encourage all Mage players to STOP buying Miracle Coins and/or DELETING the game all together. Kristos - Mage lvl20 (quiting)
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