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  1. Was suggseted by Klonasx. Bronius first time cheak befor posting ^^ But its a good idea.
  2. U guys got out of the point Im not asking to buff the heal Im asking to make that 40k u spent useful just by makeing it useable on minions :/
  3. Btw.. this is kinda good for gm cuz minions would be buyed more from mshop and arena shop
  4. Can you ask a full question? cuz I dont get what ur asking?
  5. So ya every druid knows secret link is usless if you are alone like in swamps and e.t.c. And I know it would be imposible to make it solo use. But why not make it useble on minions? So yes, Im kinda suggesting to make Secret Link Usable on minions What do you think?
  6. Druid is better for arena cuz of its root/lightning and bugs skill good forfarming if you have secret link skill
  7. This skill would be op but you can ONLY use it then ur party member is near you... Its useless if ur alone...
  8. Well kinda new here but r0nald Replais very fast wanna thank him for that
  9. Simplelt


    Well its in October 31 will update match the real date?
  10. Simplelt


    So hey guys then's the Hellowen update? any one know?
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