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  1. sasa

    Stun flawls.

    yeah u r 100% right ,,the only stun who fails alot and i mean aloooooooot and hard to use sometimes wont even go, or just go after sometime which is too late (like u stand still for a little time before it goes) and if enemy near u ,it makes it worse even if u want to move and stun probably will fail even at5/5 ...so it should be changed specially when the other characters can stun u too much with stuns that work every time and both from distance and no distannce needed ....so it should be changed to be AOE stun and works better but i hate to say it GM wont listen and it will stay the worst stun ever i hope i am wrong with this but 99%no
  2. sasa

    Stun flawls.

    the way charge works should be changed ,,only from distance and fails alot if enemy near u it is useless ..u run and use it doesnt exactly work cause hard to trigger it many times wont go on. so i think charge mechanism shoud change at least to work even if enemy is near u
  3. lol good for u elves ,anyway u can win all the wars u want ,many mcs got bored of it anyway and not joining anymore just like me and not joining tthe war cause it became really boring always 0:0 with ur flag more damaged then mcs and we won one war (thats when we were excited about the war) at least at us saphire idk about the other servers ,so u can enjoy ur wins with no opponent trying to def cause no one cares about winn ing some buff for some time
  4. please spare us the useless comments if u don't know how to respond
  5. at least we've got the guts to say the truth not just a little fairy tail,Mr Einstein
  6. believe me necromancer was the first class i ever played and still the main one for me thats why i am so frustrated about how necro was before and how is it now and i am playing necro more than 2 years now and i know this class better than anyone else and i know what i am talking about and many good players of necro think the same see other topics if u don't believe.... necros used to dominate warspear they were the best class ever good at fighting and support but now after the new skills came they destroyed the necro ,,,,,btw i never insulted anyone here
  7. lol so one person said necros are optimal and many many other players said necros r now a noob character in this game ,,,and you take it from only one player ,that is really a good way to judge a class in this game,,,,,, niceeeeeeee
  8. lol you don't have an answer to what GMIDDIS said so your are just giving a no meaning and no logical answers
  9. lol update yourself bro ,you are talking about necromancers before the update ,and before all these new skill came ,,now is different from before
  10. i can answer u with ur own words ( like i said i dont care anymore,btw if u check later posts i also cryied about necro that and that and i stoped u know why coz some thing NEVER change and i accept that,to save some nerves i stop playing this game .This game depends on money not on skill or ppls ),,,,,[/size] so u now contradict what u've said
  11. to all ignorants who say not 1 vs 1 game i say since new map came up 1vs1 is inevitable if u want to quest there cause many times there is one elf who tries to kill you...and u want necros to look the most optimal class with the best new skills in this game (which btw the worst and they r the ones who killed necros in this game ) ,now necro became a joke in game chat go and see by yourself,
  12. u don't need to search ,there is the one you are in now
  13. a retard is the one who try to deny the truth and the truth is that necros left behind
  14. so what u mean that necro is only a walking healing pot only,,if no party no quests in ayvondil if there is only one elf ,,,no party now = no quests an death,,,,about what u said druids has many stuns ,now priests can kill any fighting class in 3 sec when they move ,shamans can deal a very good dmg and the other classes too ...i am saying that necros were left way behind in this game
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