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  1. PvP [ Player(s)VsPlayer(s) ] does not only mean 1vs1 , it can also be many players against many players
  2. Yea thus indirectly saying this suggestion cant be implemented. But the same "bet" system for 2*2 , 3*3 and 5*5 can be given a thought. Ofc it will require some kind of ticket to do so costing some mcoins, or how else u gonna make money from it. Also make it without time restrictions so people who want to do 1on1 in this way dont have to worry due to the unending healer class battles these days. And u guys will be still free to say "this game is not for 1on1 pvp" .
  3. this game mechanics are too unbalanced for 1on1
  4. hmm maybe u are in guild which gives u extra def buff? it can affect the calculation
  5. Yes the higher the def the more it is increased by , so that means the Percentage remains constant for each level. If u calculate the percent of the diff between with and without EP then i see its coming 8% always at lvl1. So i wanted to know what is percent increase for other lvls if anybody knows
  6. Well that topic also says 3% at lvl 1. As i said i just checked and its coming 8% at lvl 1 earth protect
  7. Can anybody tell how much percent of our original magic def get added after we use earth protect at every level? Its not 3,4,5,6,7% per level anymore i think cause am getting 8% at lvl 1 earth protect.
  8. If u want to get +9-10 without paying real money to Aigrind then ofc u should not expect to get that in 2-3days worth of gold farming and as far as income of Aigrind is concerned , i wont be surprised if in 1 more year the no. of players playing the game is reduced to 2M with this AMPtoPlay system This game is unique cause it can be played on mobile as well as pc , but contents also matter equally. Already watching many quitting and searching better mobile/pc mmo games. Less people who play = Less people who pay
  9. Actually i already see many players in world chats ready to spend lakhs of gold on signs and ending up into getting none in their hands. Idk if they are no lifers or spent real money or just "lucky" to get that gold but this item will probably help to make use of that gold
  10. The item may break but wont be lost nor will the amplification value of the item decrease
  11. As the recent update has made the use of Signs necessity to stay in the race in this game, I would like to suggest adding a new item corresponding to it. Features of the new item : It will be available in Shops (NPC's) in exchange of gold. (Idk how much. Maybe 1.5-2k per pc.) It will function same as signs but wont be as effective as signs (difference in success percentage) They can be bought in sets (To avoid boredom) Signs of impershability being only mcoin shop item is hard to get by players who don't buy mcoins or those who don't have facility in their country to buy them. Alot players got gold to buy them but not as much number of players who sell it. They are sold at non-reasonable prices even on signs discount days due to its high demand. It wastes alot of time to find a seller and many times frustrating to players at the end of the day. And if i am not wrong Signs is the one of the reasons why many players have started to dislike this game. So that's all i got, if anybody got any other suggestions regarding this please do share.
  12. yea i know can parry only melee attacks and saw parrying attacks on my shaman also with just parry enchant in cloak. Never saw a ranger do so and really is strange how can someone parry attack with a bow :D
  13. Thats wierd then, i had stacked good parry on my lvl 14 once but never saw doing any . Can u maybe show me a pic ? :) Would be nice
  14. The exp pot lasts 12 hrs and Yes u will need to do daily and swamps quests to lvl up if all your yellow (main) quests are done. Best way to lvl up fast is gather all daily quests for 3-4 days and report them at once using the exp pot. Good luck
  15. So simply put , a person having 3000 magic defence will get more heal then a person having 1000 magic defence from same magic damage? OR no , now i see u meant magic defence makes u require less heal but all bosses don't do magic attack so 210 heal from +5 still wont be sufficient unless if u have a +9-10 tanker ,who of course wont go with a +5 in labs now
  16. U shud post this topic here : Guilds
  17. Second one is evilest and best , no doubts :snorlax: Great design Pullsar and equally nice modifications from WS team wud like to see how it looks in pixelated form
  18. @loveable - Maybe he meant that he not only speaks turkish but also english. ironic huh? @osmanli - u shud try sa-pearl server
  19. Stop ur horses . whats the hurry Only lvl4 is available till now , lets wait and watch what developers have in their minds first . Maybe we get 80-100gp per quest later on without buffs
  20. Maybe also change the name of the game to peacespear then....lol
  21. Yea lolz , idk these bbcodes here seem bit diffferent then other forums maybe . shows different in preview
  22. This, if they ever make only 18+ ;D
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