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  1. See i think that's the reason the game is ruined/unstable atm. It was good of you guys bringing these back to back max lvl cap updates but while you guys were doing that you forgot to accompany it with the ammo that it needed to be good. Did you really expect from players to go lvl 24 and amp those lower level equips when it is certain that sooner or later higher equips will come, god knows when? That's where you guys really really messed up. Everybody had already waited 2 years for the new cap. 1-2 more months for making the suitable equips and then releasing the updates would have made it much much better.
  2. What does this mean exactly? for eg. If a character levels up from 20 to 21 then its arena rating will get reset?
  3. Felt the same. Was left against a BD and a druid in arena with druid having around 500hp, suddenly he starts to hyperheal (604 234 604 234) , gets back his 3.2k Hp and toast me easy. Was using +6 staff i guess from the 234 normal heal.
  4. Wasn't the requirement lvl 17-18? Well... who cares, good for me
  5. HaHa was just continuing it. Sorry if your barbaric mind didn't get it.
  6. Yea, players above lvl 20 are not getting anything from chest in normal dungeon of BG tower. I guess bug
  7. We need new faction >> Al-Qaeda Races >> Suicide bombers Suicide bombers Suicide bombers O.T. -> i like the rogue skill, also the modification as Egoist suggested. Maybe a skill for barb called "Berserk" where he goes wild and cant get any damage from opponent for next 5-10 secs, not depending on amp but only time. Wanted to add that they cant be stunned by any skill in that time but well idk sounds way OP ;D
  8. I killed Crimson Conqueror after the resent maintenance and he still does not give drop. Plz look into it again guys. Killed Grim sweeper and it dropped Chains to every member of party while Crimson Conqueror doesn't give drop to anyone.
  9. It was not allowed to get more then 25% resilience before , but now u can as with new arena equips it can be surpassed easy.
  10. He was being sarcastic i think, all those names got rank 1 by doing arena with themselves as "there were not many demands in 2*2" and they were desperate. Arena rating does not mean a Shit as 90% ppl do arena randoms and other 10% are +10 ppl going in parties who reck them. Speacially for EU - 50% arena is done with themselves Anyway i agree with this suggestion.
  11. Just see the ULTIMATE DEFENSE of bd. Absorbing 1k damage and cooldown in only 18 secs. I think devs forgot to give them 1k instant heal also :mega_shok:
  12. Yea that "only 1 person gets drop" sucks. It does Matk so is easy if a shaman(healer) tanks it while his partner(dps) kills those mobs and boss occationally. Does arround 155 attack with 3.3k Mdef. I did it with 1 rogue.
  13. Need some correction in the dialogue or the actual needed number. i hope its 3
  14. Same problem here. It crashes before even starting. Then have to force close it.
  15. Wow didnt knew about this table at the Warspear Casino.
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