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  1. Dear friends, My only account got blocked. I read the reasons why i could get a bann, But i cant find an answer Which says that i was acting against the rules. Please dont reply now with fcking answers like: send a ticket or something else. The gm never answer to me
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    Lol cool idea xD
  3. osmanli

    cya all..

    This Game sucks after The update. Elf got again much better Skills than mc, all Pros are now noob. Its poor The way how AIgrind trys to pull The Money of The Players out. I Play This Game for Fun and not to pay to have a Chance to be a good Hero. Cya all
  4. osmanli


    They should create Black and white ppl xd
  5. osmanli


    If you dont get The license for hero costumes, please make The Arena costumes in different colors, for example Blue or black
  6. osmanli


    I Hope This costumes will Come soon, i would love to Play my Hero in a captn america costume
  7. osmanli


    Dear Gm, We have Seen many costumes. Nice and ugly costumes, fancy and horrorble costumes. I love Warspear a i own 6costumes, but The most of them Are Old and boring. I was happy when i heard there is a New snorlar costume. But anyway. I think This Need a Change. What do You think about SUPER HERO costumes, for example Spiderman, Superman, Capt'n America, Hulk and other costumes, than You Can get in superhero's chest? The Arena costume in different colors will be also cool. Im a Big miracle coin user and if there is a Chance to get my favorite superhero's costume, it will be a Nice spendi
  8. The oldest i know Are hassn, sexpert& co. :D
  9. Lol The most Game Player not here named. Remember Asifdk, calaseller, turktim, fivenspi, and derpin
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  11. osmanli


    When does The update for Windows Phone come?
  12. Add plaqueman to The scammer list!!!! That ♥♥♥♥♥ scammed my lvl 17 Ranger :'(
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