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  1. What? How do you get craft licences then? I haven't crafted at all so this may be a stupid question
  2. Are you planning on crafting weapons? For a free user it might be a waste of money or a great change to get strong gear! If you craft you probably should only level one profession (99% sure it's staffs then?)
  3. Also that's why expert skills were originally developed. The fact that you can get all the class expert skills at the same time kinda screws the idea of "customization" though
  4. In pvp the worst class is barbarian. Bad stuns but good dmg/def The best class is probably druid or shaman In farm/pve the worst class is maybe warlock. No defense skills against bosses and low def The best class is probably druid or shaman In dungeon the worst class is mage. Aoe skills makes them agro all mobs and die if healers aren't awake The best class is probably druid or shaman Conclusion: Druids and shamans are op
  5. So far these skills have been obvious, but here's some kinda useful skills that you shouldn't level: Life exhaust - Lock Chop - Barb Deadly eye - Necro At least I think these are kinda useless to level
  6. I personally still think they are the most useful char on arena. With high dmg and best crowd control in game, they own most enemies unless it's a bd with 800dmg. Against bd's casters are just screwed. Of course you can always kite
  7. The "rules" for 1v1 aren't anything official. I might say jump on rogue is not fair cos rogue is a melee class, thus it shouldn't be used on rogue pvp. Still it doesn't make it a rule which can't be broken.
  8. I know he doesn't play anymore, nor is he lvl10 but; Who remembers Ithanbr? The dk who owned lvl20 bd's without potions nor scrolls?
  9. When on arena, some environments affect you (Volcano dmg for example). Players are also part of the game environment. Using the environment to your advantage is part of the game, thus I think secret link is part of the druid gameplay, even on 1v1
  10. Or use some of your gold to amp the lvl17 arena weapon you will buy
  11. ninjamato


    Does that mean they can't be important?
  12. ninjamato


    "Important"? xD Nowadays there's a bunch of new "important" players
  13. Or you could tap the little icon that appears on top of hot bar when you choose a skill, but don't have a target to use it on But yeah this is really good idea
  14. In some rpg's the priest class can use maces and shields... Just an idea if these weapons will make it to the game;)
  15. And you could challenge other guilds? Think about AoA challenging anyone. Who in their right mind would accept such suicide letter? Yeah it would be worse than capturing territories, literally no balance
  16. You could write a whole essay on that xD Also If you can't beat them, join them
  17. Yeah why not. I had the idea with heavy belts with magic dmg. I think these could come out in the same update
  18. I love the way you only refer to mc skills being nerfed. Tornado got nerfed So did banner Counter attack? You guessed it Or invigorating stream? I really dont see any good aoe dmgs on elf besides mage And that's how it should be. If you say rush is an aoe stun, you might as well call poison shield a dmg skill Redemption doesn't really save lives, although it is useful Sonic boom and hail? Are you kidding me Elves are not op. Please understand
  19. Well I became an elf because I don't want to be a soulles demon nor a thug freezing in the north
  20. My first ever look into ws was like 5 years ago, but I didn't really know how to play. i chose the bd class because of reasons. 3 years later I started again due to my friend, who started playing. Then I chose rogue and atm i play bd/warlock. After all these years I'd say I prefer elves
  21. I don't see a real reason? Full support palas lack dmg and stun
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