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  1. Hello Warspear Players! In this topic you will see some of the most popular and effective scamming. 1. ¤¤GM/Admin is chatting with you¤¤ I think that this is the most popular one.So a player with a name like Snorllax,Snorlly,Kuzmiitch etc. Is PM'ing you-"Hello there I am GM/Admin .We've found a bug in your account/We need your account to fix something" ~NEVER GIVE YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION TO ANYONE.~ 2.Account Trading I'm sure that you know this trick. "Hey dude do you want to trade our accounts" -You WILL be scammed. -You wont recieve any support because trading is against the EULA! 3.Full Bag Trick So you see that someone wants to bye something from you.After u start the exchange and you hit the button you will see that his bag iis full.After some more attempts he will put different amount of gold andin most cases you won't see that. ¤ALWAYS CHECK BEFORE COMPLETING EXCHANGE¤ 4.I am your old friend This is also effective scamm. A guy is PM'ing you that he is your old friend and when you believe him he is starting to ask for gold. 5.I am your Guild Leader Ex. A random player is PM'ing you that he is your guild leader. He asks you to invitee him in the guild or he wants gold from you. -If that happens tell him to enter with the acttual guild leader character. -I hope that this will help you.
  2. Ok,so I didnt get any response from my tickets for this. ~My Suggestion~ Delete all unactive level 1 characters.If you don't have this feature-Create it! ~Why you should?~ Because there are players that want to have a cool name or whatever and they see that the name is already taken by level 1 player that is UNACTIVE!
  3. EU-EMERALD is asian server? OMG i saw everything on this world. EU means Asia alright. ahhahahaha
  4. When you open the forum you can see the "Suggestions" section.
  5. Dont expect something by them.I sended them 10 emails and i got 0 respond.They are LAZY.
  6. the best choice is Bladedancer
  7. As I said my connection is fine.At the moment i get the Slow Net connection i try to open youtube and watch some videos and it's perfect
  8. Hello. So idk is this a bug.But when I enter in the game and I am getting the Slow internet connection. After restarting the game i get the same thing.The problem is that MY CONNECTION IS GOOD.WHAT IS THIS?THIS IS SO ANNOYING.HOW COULS WE PLAY WHEN THIS THING IS SO BUGGY OT IDK WHAT..THIS HAPPENS EVERY 5-10 MINUTES
  9. You sure?I'll give you another example: Shamans now have Lighting Shield and it do the same like in WoW and ahain shaman is the class that is using it
  10. Yeah the Assassins were cool.But this look cool too.Anyway I prefer the assassin.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbLgRTjJDek&feature=share&list=UUab4XjQLOiXLaK98TSv-JdA
  12. The long waited Costume is finnaly here. 1st place: Ruby Alligator 2nd place: Onyx Alligator 3rd place: Emerald Alligator Which one is your favourite.Which one is cooler? For me the best looking is the Emerald Alligator
  13. Hello dude. Welcome to Warspear-Online
  14. This is reward that you get in the end of the arena season.Ofcourse only the #1 will get it
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